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File:Zamboanga city fort pilar.jpg|Fort Pilar
File:Zamboanga city fort pilar.jpg|Fort Pilar
File:Paso treehouse1.jpg|Pasonanca Tree House
File:Paso treehouse1.jpg|Pasonanca Tree House
File:Plaza Pershing 1.jpg|Plaza Pershing 12/7/12
File:Plaza Pershing.jpg|Plaza Pershing 12/7/12

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Tourists Attractions, Landmarks, Parks and Historic Buildings of Zamboanga City, Philippines

  • Fort Pilar - The early 1500s brought along the Spaniards and their Catholic religion into the Philippine Islands, in search of spices and riches. The Spanish's recorded presence in Jambangan can be dated as far back as November 1596, when a small Spanish settlement and garrison was established in the port of La Caldera, the present-day Caldera Bay area barrio called Recodo, located about fifteen miles north-east of present downtown Zamboanga City. Read On
  • Paseo Del Mar - Paseo del Mar is within the barangay of Zone IV and is only about 100 feet from Fort Pilar.
  • Pasonanca Park - Pasonanca is also famous for it's beautiful park. It has 3 public pools. It boasts an Olympic size swimming pool, a natural flowing pool and a children's pool with water slides. There are also lots of picnic areas. Read On
  • Cawa Cawa Blvd. - With constant cleaning this beach can be a great weekend getaway for swimming and picnic.
  • Boy Scout Camp
  • Girl Scout Camp