Zamboanga City Medical Center

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ZCMC is located in a 3.75 hectare lot in Dr. D. Evangelista St., Sta. Catalina Road, Zone III, Zamboanga City Zamboanga City. It serves as a referral hospital for the residents of 98 barangays with a total population of 723,611 and an annual growth rate of 2.55%. In addition, the hospital facilities provide health care to the residents of other nearby towns and provinces such as Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga Sibugay.


The Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC) was first established by the City’s Civil Government in 1918. Known before as Zamboanga General Hospital, the original structure included two Pavilions and the services limited to health education and medical treatment for contagious diseases. Thirteen years later a number of pavilions were constructed including the X-Ray and Laboratory Departments. The obstetrical Department at the same time, was already recognized as a Special Unit.

The operations of the hospital were disrupted when Japanese Imperial Forces occupied Zamboanga City in 1942. It was then that the hospital was converted into a military headquarters and its health services transferred to another mission hospital –The Brent Hospital- which provided medical and health services to civilian and military personnel.

Normal operations resumed after the end of World War II in 1945. The hospital was in ruin and the prospect of rehabilitation was dim as there were other immediate priorities. It was only through the coordinated efforts of the community and the local government that made possible the reconstruction of the hospital’s facilities, subsequently restoring the provision of medical services.

It was in 1962 when the hospital was designated as a Training Center for Region VII, afterwhich it was named Zamboanga Regional and Training Hospital afterwhich it was designated as the Zamboanga Regional Hospital.

Pursuant to Republic Act 7272 dated March 24, 1992, this hospital which was formerly known as Zamboanga Regional Hospital, a 200-bed capacity hospital, was converted into a Medical Center and was authorized to operate as a 250-bed capacity. Through this mandate, Zamboanga City Medical Center became the principal hospital facility of Zamboanga Peninsula. ZCMC is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health (DOH) which is the authorized body to organize the management and administration of the hospital.

Geographical Scope & Catchment Area

The bulk of patients attended by the ZCMC come from within the 150 kilometer-radius, comprising of 98 barangays, which presently has a total population of 723,611. there are also patients coming from other parts of Region IX like Zamboanga del Norte, Zambonga Sibugay, Sulu, Basilan and Tawi-Tawi.

One can reach Zamboanga City either by land, air or by sea, except for Basilan where the only means is by sea, while in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, one can travel to and from Zamboanga city either by air or by sea.

The accessibility of ZCMC to the catchment areas in terms of distance, time travel and availability of public transportation contributes to the increased demand for its services.

Vision and Mission

A serving and dedicated health care institution that contributes to a healthy and empowered populace in Zamboanga Peninsula.

To provide quality health care responsive to the people of Zamboanga Peninsula.


General: To provide the people of Zamboanga Peninsula and its neighboring provinces the best quality of integrated health care, through the highest level of specialty services, training and research.


  1. To deliver a full range of excellent health care services to the people of Zamboanga Peninsula;
  2. To train and develop medical and para medical professionals and other health workers to serve the community;
  3. To institutionalize and maintain continued financial and economic viability of the hospital pursuant to its role as the lead hospital in Zamboanga Peninsula;

Affiliating Schools