Who is GOD?

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God exists. He created the universe and everything in it. He is the past, present and future. He is infinite. God is in and outside of TIME, SPACE, MATTER, FORCE, GRAVITY and DIMENSIONS. Beyond positive or negative. He created perfection. All of God's creation is wrapped around Time. God is Time and Freewill.

He created Randomness and Free-will which are the catalysts in all of his creations. These two make the universe a very interesting and fascinating place. There is always something to look forward to. The past is the truth. The truth can't be changed. Randomness and Free will is about the future, and it can be manipulated but not seen, only imagined, planned or hoped for.

Religions portray God in many ways. One way is FEAR. Another is LOVE. That he is a jealous and controlling God. These are all qualities of a human leader which the creators of religions and ideologies gave God.

Did man know immediately that God exists? No! Man in his corporeal state is not fully joined with the spirit world and therefore lacks the clarity. Only those who have cycled from spirit to corporeal and back understood God more than anyone else. Man needed to experience God's creation to realize that God exists. Humanity's perception of God came in many ways. God is our creator.

Our emotions (positive and negative) not our intelligence made us first realize that there is God. The experiences of joy, happiness, laughter, prosperity, relaxation, bravery, love, compassion, kindness, sadness, anger, loss, anxiety, stress, fear, yearning, hope, guilt, greed, deprivation, vanity and hate helped us to be aware of someone superior to humans. These experiences made humans realize that there's something or someone out there that is beyond the powers of humans. When an individual accomplishes something that is beyond his personal capacity as he knows it, he then realizes a power from beyond has helped him.

When we see others suffer, we feel compassion. We get this sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. The instinctive kindness and mercy pours out from our hearts. When humans feel the ill effects of the negativeness in life, he began to question his own existence. Fear of deprivation sets in. He begins to justify his fears by asking questions like: What am I doing here? What is life? In times of prosperity and happiness, man doesn’t even have second thoughts about the “woes” of life.

God's plan is simple. He created us. We are to take this gift of Life and live to be prosperous and happy, to love and to share our abundance and be accountable for our thoughts, words, and deeds.

Since time immemorial, man accepted God and also denied the existence of God. There are more who accept vs those who reject. The common denominator in most of those who reject God is that they have accepted God before then somehow because of deprivation, selfishness, vanity or confusion, they have concluded that God does not exist.

Even atheist believe in love, yet they can't explain love. Love is not a simple reaction. Love transcends. Atheists believe in this but can't explain it. Yet they conveniently deny God. Every single one of them maintain the DENIAL LOGIC.

Many books were and are still being written about the non-existence of God and some of the authors became famous specially in the atheistic realm. These books were written based on the writings of religions. To them religion is the foundation of God. Wrong! God is the foundation of religions. Religions were invented by inspired humans for humans to belong to a group, to a community where they can share the same concept of loving and sharing, the same concept of who the supreme being (God) is.

The target or main topic of religion is always the after life. However, bear in mind that there is no religion in the spirit world. Religion is only for the living. Created by the living to benefit the living organization.