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Below are links to pages with names of people who need wiki pages. Here is a name page you can follow Rony Lavega Molina.

  • Steps to follow:
    1. Click on the "red" link.
    2. Insert the template that you can copy from the category list from A to Z
    3. Replace the "Firstname Lastname" with the correct name.
    4. Replace the "Lastname" in the category:Lastname with the correct last name.
    5. Below the "about" section insert the elected title of the individual and the LGU he/she represents and for what term.
    6. The LGU is the title page of the barangay, municipality, city, province or institution.
    7. Save the page
    8. After saving the page check the bottom of the page where the category for the last name shows. If the last name is colored red, then you must click on it. You will be sent to a blank category page.
    9. Whatever the first letter of the last name is, that's what you enter in the blank area. However, it must be as a template code. E.G. if the last name is Maletsky, you must enter {{m}}