University of Southern Mindanao, Kabacan, Cotobato, Project B.O.S.S.

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  • March 07-09, 2016

God's intervention in this mission was really greatly manifested. We have a schedule in other place but due to hot issues on politics it was deferred and we had already some 30 patients listed with RMN Cotobato. i wrote CRMC, but couldn't be accommodated at that time. Then a twist of fate happened. Dr. Aurito Ampong called, and asked me if I would consider other hospitals. Wow! i was thrilled! Yes of course was my reply. He mentioned USM having a hospital and he'll refer me top his brother in law a director of Philippine Carabao Institute. I exclaimed! What has the PCI got to do with cleft? He said he's your brod and PCI is inside USM. I hurriedly asked him for the name of his brother in law, and VIOLA! One thing led to another. Brod. Benjamin John Basilio readily connected me to the President of USM, his chapter mate Bro. Francisco Garcia. The cooperation manifested by these two worthy brethren led to the involvement of APO BETA THETA ALAS & APOKASA. Kudos to the members & the Presidents, Bro. Bem Cabrera & Cedric Mantawil. The number of patients unexpectedly was 57, 32 were successfully operated, and because of urgency in Manila the docs has to leave the following day so a next month mission was arranged.

  • April 17-20, 2016

As promised we returned to cater to those first batch left and the new ones that came. Again the complete cooperation of the first stakeholders and the new ones was beyond words to describe. Many thanks again to the chief of hospital Dr. Deodatu Garcia, and to his staff. Of the 40 who came, 36 were successfully operated. The combination of the two successive missions left numerous cleft palate to be operated so we scheduled an AUGUST 17-20, 2016 mission. We coordinated with Governor Emmyloy Taliño Mendoza of Cotobato, for a province wide mission. To this writing, we're awaiting till the election is over for the confirmation of Gov. Mendoza.