Tumaga Por Centro, Zamboanga City, Philippines 792

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Zamboanga City Properties: House and Lot, 792 Tumaga Por Centro, Zamboanga City, Philippines

  • Title is clean. No encumbrances. No mortgage.
  • Lot size = 3,759 Square Meters
    • Current Market value of raw land alone is at 4,000.00 pesos per square meter.
  • Price: 17,500,000.00 pesos - package deal!
  • Modern House and lot. Ranch Style
  • 2,000 square foot home. 5 bedrooms (master Suite included). 3 bathrooms. Laundry Room.
  • Ceiling Fans in all rooms, including kitchen and living room.
  • Marble-chip floors; Insulated roof; fireproof ceiling.
  • Outside dirty kitchen also with bathroom. Garage.
  • Security Gate: 14 feet wide; 27 foot wide and 75 feet long cement driveway.
  • Cement Wall: minimum of 8 feet above ground all around the property.
  • Guest House: 3 bedrooms + bathroom. Attached to outside kitchen .
  • Storage Building 24ft by 30ft with mezzanine 8x30
  • Lean-to Building with GI-sheet roof 12ft x 44ft
  • Deep Well - 85 feet deep with 4" metal casing
    • Good potable (drinking) water.
  • 500 gallon Water tank on a steel 16ft tower.
  • 10 mango trees - 6 varieties; Two star-apple trees; 3 nangka trees; 5 guava trees; 4 coconut trees; 3 avocado trees; Ilang-Ilang trees.
  • 200 feet of road frontage.
  • Contact Name: Frank Maletsky
  • Contact Email: frank@maletsky.com

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