The ultimate Solution for the Islamic political problem (ARMM, NCMF, and Bangsamoro) in the Philippines

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As long as Islam in the Philippines remain under the umbrella of the Philippine government (unitary or federalism), the Muslims will never bend to the will of the Philippine law. All Muslims know this: Islam is the priority. Their religion comes first. Nothing should stand in the way.

The Muslims continue to categorize themselves as indigenous peoples which they are not. Muslims are not indigenous people. They continue to classify themselves as an ethnicity, which they are not. They are even re-writing history claiming that they are the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan. The indigenous people were.

Since the inception of the ARMM (Autonomous region in muslim mindanao) and even with the additional bonus of the NCMF (national commission on muslim filipinos), the Muslims continued to be unhappy, relenting, wanting and rebellious. They continue to want more. Why? They want to have their own government.

The Muslims already have the ARMM (composing of 5 provinces), so why do they still push for the Bangsamoro? The ARMM already has autonomy, right? So why are they still insisting on the BBL? Here is why. The ARMM can't impose sharia law in all the 5 provinces. The Philippine government prevents them from doing so. This makes the Muslims upset. What is this autonomy good for if shariah does not rule? The muslims want sharia to govern them and not the laws of the Philippines. Hence, they introduced the Bangsamoro basic law in 2007 which fortunately the supreme court ruled as unconstitutional in 2008. This prompted the Bangsamoro to come up with another strategy. To make the Bangsamoro valid in the constitution, 12 senators (14th congress) introduced the federal form of government, guaranteeing the Bangsamoro a state.

The ARMM is only a Republic Act and therefore it can be revoked or repealed. But if the ARMM becomes the Bangsamoro State in a federal form of government, it will be permanent. The Philippines can no longer take it away from them.

In this scenario, the Muslims would have stepped up from the ARMM (an autonomy without sharia) to Bangsamoro with sharia.

So now you assume that giving them the Bangsamoro state under Federalism will make the Muslims happy. Temporarily it will. Just like when the ARMM was given to them. Why will they be unhappy and want more you ask? One reason: The Quran. It dictates and tells them to have their own government and not to be under the rule of the infidels. With the Bangsamoro state within the Philippine Federal government, the Bangsamoro will still remain under the rules of the Philippines. Under the infidels. Within the Bangsamoro state, they may enforce Sharia law. But overall the state still have to report to the Federal government. This will continue to be a thorn on the Bangsamoro state. The Bangsamoro will still have to bow down to the will of the Federal government. This violates the Quran.

There will be disagreements between the Bangsamoro state and the Federal government. If these disagreements continue to be unresolved because most likely they will be religious in nature, the bangsamoro will ultimately turn tails and secede from the Philippine government to form their own country or maybe align themselves with the Islamic country of Malaysia. Since Malaysia has been involved with the Bangsamoro negotiations since 2007.

Why not just nip this at the bud. Let the Bangsamoro have their own country (independent) or a state aligned with Malaysia a federal government upholding the religion of Islam. Unlike the Philippines where all religions are equal. No favoritism.

Since the Muslim Leaders refuse to live in harmony with the other religions of the Philippines. And since Islam wants an autonomy of their own. Let them buy out their domain. Terms can be negotiated.

The Bangsamoro can have the provinces of Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. The bangsamoro can have their own country without any support from the Philippines and it won't be part of the Philippines.

As long as the ARMM is under the umbrella of the Philippines, the Muslims will forever be in a quest for a state of their own within an Islamic Country. That wish will never happen under the umbrella of the Philippines.

The negotiation will work because the Philippines will no longer spend the billions of pesos every year in sustaining the ARMM. The Philippines will make it work because they will negotiate for the participation in the harvest of the mineral rights of Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

This will be a win-win situation.

The Philippines will finally have its "separation and church and state" held inviolable. No more underhanded deals with Islam.

The Philippines can then revoke or repeal the NCMF (national commission on muslim filipinos). Then all the millions of pesos per year (nearly a billion pesos per year) can be redirected towards the NCIP (national commission on indigenous peoples) a non-religious government organization. The indigenous people will have stewardship over the ancestral lands and managed by the NCIP.

The Muslims in the Philippines must then live in harmony with the other religions. Those who don't can always leave. No more favoritism. No more NCMF no more ARMM. All the MILF and MNLF camps dismantled. No more Sharia law. No civil codes for any specific religions. One nation. One flag. The only law to follow is the law of the nation.