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B.O.S.S. Brotherhood Operation Sweet Smile
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All your donations will go to project BOSS.
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How it Started

Bro Frank,

Dec of 2010 our group APO-SOZA-ALAS was having a feeding program in brgy Tagulo, Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines)Tagulo in the municipality of Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur. When I noticed a girl who I thought was playing with her soup, cause it was bubbling turned out to be a harelip child. I don't know what drove me into offering her a free operation, and when the next guy heard it he too a harelip child requested that he be included.

Being an ex-Rotarian I knew whom to approach and it was brod James Makasiar. He said no problem but I need to have more harelip patients. He recommended that I talked to the Rotarians here for a team up. Their response was encouraging, but later fizzled out for they don't have the funds. My group got dismayed and didn't want to pursue the project any more. My determination to have those two kids operated, drove me to just request the group to look for other patients, and I'll do the rests. When the lists was getting longer I then had the local doctors, surgeons and anesthesiologists into the loop by having a MOA with them. Everything was okay for the use of the provincial hospital only to be told that there was a hold order coming from no less than the governor. One of the doctors gave me a tip that I tap the regional hospital and gave me a contact person for a foundation doing such services.

March 02, 2011 we launched the project in the office of Mayor Ireneo Glepa of Molave. Had it announced by the RMN radio. Had the ABC president involved by informing the brgy captains of such a project. Tap the churches also to disseminate the info.

The chief of hospital of Margosatubig Regional Hospital, Dr.Richard B. Sison was so accommodating that he immediately agreed that the project be held in their hospital plus we will house and feed the volunteers. The foundation is Maharlika Charity Foundation Dr. Benedict Edward P. Valdez is also a Mason. They swiftly moved and was here in Pagadian to have site inspection after a week only of communicating. I was handed a proposal wherein we would put up a counterpart amounting to 90K. I almost fell off my chair, and politely told them that our group is a newly formed group and that we can't afford. Maybe my honesty and being frank with them, is what Dr. Valdez saw that he said we just give him at least 40 patients and they would come back to do the operation.

The 40 patients requested was more than doubled, it was 102 harelip patients that arrived, and had the chief of hospital exclaimed My God what a forsaken place is this!! 76 were successfully operated. In token we awarded the Doctors, nurses & staff of MCFI w/certificate of appreciation & t/shirts, right after the dinner and fellowship followed. The funds came from my solicitation and not a single centavo was used from the coffers of the association.

Impressed by the outcome Dr. Valdez invited me to assist them in Marawi and make it as our project. I said we could do it. I tapped then bro Rash Arimao, who later got lost and could not be contacted anymore. Brod Ali Andig being the Vice Chairman of I'MAPO, I had him involved and he likewise tapped his Alma mater Beta Upsilon. This project was huge involving Cataract, Hernia, Dental Extraction, Cystic removal & Harelip. The participation of the LGU was needed so I talked to bro Gov. Bombit Adiong who did not hesitate. MCFI has been doing this kind of mission for 38 yrs. We were lucky enough that he got me into the loop. I made it as a project of I'MAPO, but again not a single centavo from the association was used. I then termed it as Project B.O.S.S Brotherhood Operation for Sights & Smiles for it involved Cataract, if only Harelip then it will be Sweet Smile. Oct last year it was done.

It was time for a repeat in Zamboanga del Sur, same venue and this time 52 arrived & 40 were operated last Nov. Dr. Valdez again asked me to join him in Tacloban,I tapped sis Cielo Martinez, a judge. She saw the high impact of this project that she said she will tap the AA, it was Delta Phi who bravely accepted the challenge with only 3 weeks notice and it was in Dec. It was a momentous event for the Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center was made a Cleft Center by MCFI. There was a turnover ceremony & press conference and I'MAPO & the local AA was involved. The Director of DOH in Region VIII even commented in his speech. How I wish there is an Integrated Visayas Alpha Phi Omega, to have brought the project in their area, instead of Integrated Mindanao Alpha Phi Omega, and he thank us for bringing the project in Region VIII.

All the four missions where financed by donations and the local AA involved. From June to Dec last year I'MAPO with MCFI operated 180 harelip patients aside from the other operations that was shown in the video. MCFI is funded by Smile Train Philippines.

Come April 16-20 it will be in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat this mission includes Cataract, Hernia,Squint and Harelip. The delegation of MCFI will reach 50 at least. April 26-30 will be a repeat in Marawi but for Harelip only,

May 6 will commence in Surigao followed in May 25 in Balaiangao MisOcc.June 25 will be in Gingoog City and July 16 in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur.

There you are bro as briefly as it could get..

Thanks a lot, regards & God bless.



How did Zamboanga.com get involved?

Frank Maletsky has been toying with the idea of having a grand bicycle tour of the Peninsula of Zamboanga. A bicycle race that will start in Zamboanga City and proceed up the northern coastal roads of Zamboanga del Norte to Dapitan City then cross over down to Zamboanga del Sur in Pagadian City, then proceed on down via Ipil, Sibugay and end right back in Zamboanga City. He even created a webpage for Tour de Zamboanga back in July 24, 2010‎ just to kick the idea around.

Back in March of 2012 Frank and Bel were talking about project boss and how Bel was getting the money for the project. Bel had a facebook account for BOSS and I convinced him that he also needed a wiki page. So on March 30, 2012, a webpage within zamboanga.com was created for Project BOSS: B.O.S.S. Brotherhood Operation Sweet Smile

June of 2012 Frank flew to the Philippines to finish other business transactions. Bel and Frank discussed the idea of Project BOSS again.

Here is the message mail history: After that last email, Bel and Frank met with Mayor Samuel Sy Co of Pagadian City on the 5th of July.

From: frank Maletsky <franklin_maletsky@yahoo.com> To: Gabriel Yenko <gabriel_yenko@yahoo.com> Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2012 12:22 PM Subject: Re: Tour de Zamboanga: Bicycle race for B.O.S.S.

Where are you now? Can we meet?

From: Gabriel Yenko <gabriel_yenko@yahoo.com> To: frank Maletsky <franklin_maletsky@yahoo.com> Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2012 12:14 PM Subject: Re: Tour de Zamboanga: Bicycle race for B.O.S.S.

We would only need to tap the Jalosjos for they are seeking seats in all the Zamboanga Peninsula, I could sound off Cong. Cesar Jalosjos already. You might as well take me with you on your trip.


From: frank Maletsky <franklin_maletsky@yahoo.com> To: Gabriel Yenko <gabriel_yenko@yahoo.com> Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2012 12:02 PM Subject: Re: Tour de Zamboanga: Bicycle race for B.O.S.S.

professional cyclers need at least 6 months of preparation. By the time they get wind of this they will barely have the 6 months to prepare. Basically what I am saying we have to get this out in the open for 2013 and start promoting ASAP.

First with the government bodies for permits and security.

From: Gabriel Yenko <gabriel_yenko@yahoo.com> To: frank Maletsky <franklin_maletsky@yahoo.com> Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2012 11:42 AM Subject: Re: Tour de Zamboanga: Bicycle race for B.O.S.S.

Dear Brod Frank,

Of course with a big YES...

Thanks a lot, regards & God bless.

Bel T. Yenko cp 09209501925

From: frank Maletsky <franklin_maletsky@yahoo.com> To: Gabriel Yenko <gabriel_yenko@yahoo.com> Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2012 11:27 AM Subject: Re: Tour de Zamboanga: Bicycle race for B.O.S.S.


So do you want to pursue this "Tour de Zamboanga"? I will work with you. All proceeds go to B.O.S.S.

From: Gabriel Yenko <gabriel_yenko@yahoo.com> To: frank Maletsky <franklin_maletsky@yahoo.com> Cc: I'M APO <Integrated_Mindanao_APO@yahoogroups.com>; APO-SOZA-ALAS <apo-soza-alas@yahoogroups.com> Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2012 10:57 AM Subject: Re: Tour de Zamboanga: Bicycle race for B.O.S.S.

Brod Frank,

Yeah we think alike! for way back 2004 when we were putting up I'MAPO it was my desire that we handle a TOUR de MINDANAO to generate funds to start the APO house. Well as history will tell it was just a dream. Like my dream now to have the Project B.O.S.S made into a foundation, I'm also studying of having a MOTOCROSS here in Pagadian or somewhere in Zamboanga del Sur. But I need some hands to turn the dream into reality.

So when to we have the repeat of the Kita-Kits? I texted you at the last # you gave but got no reply.

Thanks so much for your support, regards & God bless.



From: frank Maletsky <franklin_maletsky@yahoo.com> To: Gabriel Yenko <gabriel_yenko@yahoo.com> Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2012 10:18 AM Subject: Tour de Zamboanga: Bycycle race for B.O.S.S.


Here is an idea that I have been pushing around since 2010.

Tour de Zambooanga for charitable purposes.

I just published the idea back then and even made schedules that never came to be. It was just there to propagate the internet in case it will ever be put to use. Here is the link: http://www.zamboanga.com/z/index.php?title=Tour_de_Zamboanga

That is an idea that you can use and put to work in 2013 for Project B.O.S.S.

Election is in May and you can make this happen before the election. Sure enough the candidates will support the cause.

Let me know what you think Brod.