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2009 Revival of Beta nu

Dear Beta Nu Brothers and Sisters,

Fraternal Greetings to all!

The following Half brothers and Sisters of our Chapter are now on the final stage of the Observation Period:

Batch 2006

  1. Joshua Comaingking
  2. Adolfo Gaguan
  3. Jino Lim
  4. Peter Sescon

Batch 2009

  1. Oliver Alforte
  2. Francis Alminar
  3. Carlo Argana
  4. Charles Cabaron
  5. Lawrence Empeynado
  6. Gia Enriquez
  7. Kevin Enriquez
  8. Paulter Estive
  9. Joanna Mas
  10. Gerald de la Peña
  11. Dionisio Teodoro
  12. Johnery Toribio

All 16 have successfully completed all requirements as follows:

  1. Passed the written Observation Period exams administered by Bro. Rogelio "Bulilit" Buenvenida today November 7, 2009
  2. Completed the Rover Scouting on Oct 29, 2009 under the supervision of BSP
  3. Submitted a list containing at least 16 prospective recruits (actual list is 24) for the 2nd semester of School Year 2009-10
  4. Passed Academic grades partially submitted by Sis Guy Buenvenida. (Sis Guy Buenvenida has committed to obtain the other grades before the Rituals)
  5. Certificate of Completion (hard copy) to be submitted to the Commission on Membership (to be submitted first hour on Monday.

With this notice, I am now receiving up to Wednesday, November 11, 2009 (96 hours) any and all objections that would derail the formal acceptance of the above applicants to be full pledged members of Alpha Phi Omega Beta Nu Chapter scheduled for November 14, 2009 at 7 pm, Cecile's Pension House, Tumaga, Zamboanga City.

Dinner fee is P150 per head. As agreed during the meeting held tonight at Cafe Saco, Pasonanca, the affair will be open to brothers/sisters and their spouses and guests. Attire is Strictly Business Casual, except for the Ritual Team and Applicants who will be in Barong Tagalog.

Also by this notice, the following are the Ritual Team members:

  1. Bro Eddie Cruz
  2. Bro. Rogelio Buenvenida
  3. Bro. Roger Mijares
  4. Bro. Polie Enriquez
  5. Bro. Wilberto Yap
  6. Sis. Marivic Paalisbo
  7. Sis. Guy Buenvenida
  8. Bro. James Makasiar

Alternate members:

  1. Bro Danny Usman
  2. Bro Willy Manlangit
  3. Sis Marivic Paalisbo

Thank you very much to one and all for your unselfish support in the revival of our Chapter.

Ariba el APO. Ariba el Beta Nu.

May we always be,

James Makasiar
1981 10109
Acting Prime Chancellor

Beta Nu 40th Anniversary

Announcement to All Beta Nu Alumni, Affiliate Members and all Members of APO.

The Beta Nu Chapter (Ateneo De Zamboanga University) will celebrate its 40th Founding Anniversary in Zamboanga City. Details follow:

Date  : October 9, 2009
Venue  : The Baron, Garden Orchid Hotel, Zamboanga City
Time  : 6 PM
Fee  : P500
Attire : Barong Tagalog or Business Suit
Contact person: Bro. Eddie Cruz

                            GSIS Zamboanga Branch
                            Cell no. 0917 723 0733
                            Email Add: ecruz4622@yahoo. com

Our guest of honor is NP Bro. Mel Adriano. The other National Officers who will have its National Executive Council meeting in Zamboanga City are also invited.

Our Chapter was organized by Bro. Dr. Ferdinand G. Florendo and is the 5th Chapter organized in Mindanao.

Our anniversary celebration also coincides with the annual celebration of Fiesta Pilar. This is the biggest fiesta that the City celebrates. In this regard, since it may be difficult to get hotel reservations by late September, several brothers and sisters are willing to host homestay in their respective residences. Please notify us for any assistance from our end.

Muchas gracias.

Bro James Makasiar
1981 10109

History of APO Beta Nu from Claro's View Part II

Claro wife 2009.JPG

From: "Claro Cartagena" <>
Sent: Monday, July 20, 2009 8:56 AM
Subject: re: History of APO Beta Nu from Claro's View - Cont'd

Well, here is another product of some downtime, an installment of a series of memory recollections that we can use to knit together the past of Beta Nu. Rogelio Buenvenida wrote me that the name was not Georgina Mijares but rather Bernadette Mijares on the history write-up that I did earlier for APO Beta Nu history. Well, Georgina Pantaleon and Bernadette Mijares always hang out together and they almost were of the same height and demeanor. I'm sure they both studied at MSU in Lanao during their first year of college and decided to move to Ateneo to take up nursing - together. They also were initiated and admitted into APO - together. So, it was easy to make that mistake after 36 years. Anyway, Lanao was really nice. I did stay there for two days to meet with management of a missionary school to discuss a UNICEF fund ed project in 1975. I saw MSU and I was impressed with the location and weather, and wondered why Bernie and Jojo left that school for Ateneo. While in Marawi, Lanao, I stayed in a hotel where I met a movie crew who was involved in filming a portion of Apocalypse Now directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and Martin Sheen was the star actor. This was in the summer of 1975. If you happen to see that movie, some of the water scene I'm sure was filmed in Lake Lanao. The weather near Lake Lanao was cooler than Tagaytay but a little warmer than Baguio.

Well, I didn't mention about the APO house which was a shed in the back of Ateneo where we used to hang out. Ateneo built it. And we christened it the APO House. I think it was made of bamboo and nipa and it sure was a place to take refuge from tropical heat. There were countless of hours of informal meetings, either early in the afternoon or late in the evening. We just about claimed that area for APO use for the duration of my stay at the Ateneo.

One particular Saturday, while meeting at a classroom inside Ateneo, it was an APO meeting, a Philippine Marine officer and thee soldiers came inside the campus while holding pictures of students to be arrested. They were showing a bunch of pictures to everyone they saw. One of the pictures belonged to Gil Illustrisimo. I think he was one political activist of interest that the Marines were looking for. That day was the first or the second day when Marcos declared Martial Law. And Lucy Illustrisimo just happened to be with us at the meeting and that really created some commotion. I was apolitical at that time and what mattered to me was school and studies and so I had a detached sympathy to others who were showing active interest on the present welfare and future direction of the country.

I get these clear recalls that I was at Rosalie Basilio's house talking to her sister within her dad's earshot. I don't remember if Rosalie ever became an APO sis. I think it was the same weekend I came by Jojo's sister's place in Sta Maria. I can't remember why I was in both houses on the same day. I forgot what was my purpose or motivation. What I remember is that I was familiar with that area of Sta. Maria because we used to take a short cut from Claret High School to Pasonanca through that area before I entered Ateneo.

I graduated along with Bong Arpa and Roger Mijares but I skipped marching on my graduation day. I graduated in absencia and was unable to pick up my diploma. I just received it recently, like last three months ago. I got two other diplomas here in the States though. I was later told that there was some party done in honor of the APO graduates. I certainly missed that one. Well, I went home and spent half of the summer there. While on vacation, I met my future wife there after one memorable Sunday mass. See, if I attended the graduation, I could have missed meeting my future wife. That was in 1973. We got married in 1981 in California. She was then going to graduate school at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Here's a picture of both me and my wife at a dinner on a cruise line in the Baltic Sea last May, 2009.

Claro Cartagena

History of APO Beta Nu from Claro's View

From: "Claro Cartagena" <>
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 1:51 AM
Subject: History of APO Beta Nu from Claro's View

To all:

Some of you probably wondered what it was when we started the fraternity. I could say that there was no fraternity activity before APO in Ateneo. I was approached by Ferdinand Florendo in a philosophy class. Ferdie, as we later called him, was taking a summer class at the Ateneo. The rest of the guys who were with me were Jess Lucas and some folks whose names I forgot. He was a visiting student from Silliman. We both were taking Existential Philosophy. Our teacher was a Filipino Jesuit Priest, Fr. Carretero. He came to class and started the session by asking if there was any question. He would leave the room if there wasn’t any. I tried very hard to figure out what he wanted from the student in terms of interaction. Well, one session, we had a discussion about the experie nce of Victor Frankle from an Auswitz concentration camp. I strongly stood my ground on what I was arguing on. Ferdie came to support my assertion and he was a little peculiar and different from the rest of the students because he addressed Fr. Carretero as “Sir” instead of “Father”. Ferdie was a Protestant and he certainly felt awkward to address Fr. Carretero as “Father”. That was how we became acquainted. Next thing, he asked me if I wanted to join APO. The initiation was scheduled on a Saturday. Since I was staying with Rogelio Buenvenida in a rented room in a house in front of Ateneo, I asked him to come along with me to Pasonanca. I didn’t know whether he had any idea what was to happen next. Well, we were not spared from parental corporal punishment while growing up and so we handled the initiation rather manly. We had our initiation and, of course, we had the group picture taken. By the way, all those pictures of initiation in the APO website were all taken on my camera. I think I gave the negatives to Roger Mijares for keepsake.

I met Ferdie again in Manila when I went to school there. He was going to a medical school, I think it was UERMMC along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City. That was the last time I saw him. Since I knew that he was a really diligent student, he must have obtained his medical degree later.

The one thing that I could not forget is the APO Juice mixture which we often had to concoct to get the buzz cheaply. It was a cheap mixture of one long neck Tanduay rum, two bottles of San Miguel beer, an orange soda, and two spoonfuls of sugar. I remember this mixture well because a few years after, I did prepare the same drink for a party in Baguio at my cousin’s house. That house had an A/C and a hot shower. When my cousin left for the States, he had some of the rooms on the ground floor rented out. One of the renter was a Baguio police detective. He had some influence in the city and invited all the girls from a classy massage parlor to come to the party. And they all showed up. Mischievously, we wanted all the girls to loosen up and get drunk. I used two bottles of Tanduay rum, doubling the recip e, and put the mixture in a big coffee maker. Unfortunately, the massage girls out-drank us all. We ended up terribly drunk and woke up the following day with a head crackling hang-over. Baguio was a pleasant place to while away time. Temperature was nice and comfortable. I was there last January 2008 and played golf at both the Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay.

There were the fundraising campaign were we solicited donations for APO projects. I went out with Jojo Pantaleon, a real prissy gal, and two other brods or sis that I could not remember the names. The solicitation visits included the home of the mayor of Zamboanga at that time, surnamed Enriquez. The mayor knew the Pantaleons well and gave some donations. Jojo’s brother-in-law knew my eldest brother who was a Municipal Judge in our home town. It was a surprise. And I later met her dad who said he was my dad’s junior officer during WWII. Another surprise because my dad never talk about the war. The highlight of that solicitation campaign was an ice-cream treat from Councilor Ulbert Tugung who later became the little president of Mindanao during Cory Aquino’s term. Ulbert was my older brother’s friend. I thought we got that ice-cream treat plus a donation bec ause he had that glinting eye on Jojo.

Some few years back, I met a nice charming lady here in the States, who had done her internship in Medical Technology at the Zambo General Hospital. She said that he had met someone who was interested on her and gave the person’s description that somehow fitted Plaridel Marcelo. She said that Plaridel used to chase after her in the hospital. I had a copy of a group picture with Plaridel in it. And when I met her again in my home, I showed it to her, and she blushed! It was really Plaridel that she was talking about. That really cracked me up. It’s sad that Plaridel had passed on. It could have been a nice piece of story to share with him.

Leonardo Barrios was another brod who was my classmate in a summer class in zoology. It was really sad that he tried to take his own life and later passed on. He had that hair that was always combed in a certain way that made him look like one of the characters in the 20’s Italian gangsters of Chicago. But he had that philosophy of life-is-good kind of thinking. That was why I was shocked when I learned that he attempted suicide. We were in a zoology class with three gals and three guys. The other male student was there just to get credit. For a former engineering student in Manila, Leonardo was better than an average student in that class. I was in that class to excel in that course. There was one particular girl in that class who was a teaser. She was beyond just pretty. Since we were sitting on high laboratory stools, wearing mini-skirts would give away a girl’s underwear. She was facing both me and Leonardo every chance she got. I ended up tutoring her. And I always looked forward to attend that class way beyond just being prepared. I could teach that class.

I really had a great time once when we stayed with the Garcias. Titang and her twin brother plus another brother were there, in San Ramon. At that time, their dad was the prison warden or director. We played basketball with the inmates and witnessed hardened criminals in their cells with tattoos, some of whom had huge bowling-size iron balls chained to their ankles. Their house helper was a prison trustee who was in prison for murder. I felt a little uncomfortable in that house initially. After the game, we did consume some alcohol all night, did some dancing, and swam in the beach at past midnight. Surprisingly, the sea water was warm. I had a swell time. The only other memorable places I had similar experience in was in Boracay, in Bislig, Leyte, in Cancun, Mexico, in Copacabana and Ipanema beac hes in Rio de Janeiro, in the famous beaches of St. Lucia, in the Caribbean, and a narrow strip of beach in Monte Carlo with half-nude sunbathers, where we had to leave fast because my two young sons were with me.

I also stayed one night at the Mijares house. Again, alcohol released all my inhibitions, and there, I danced with Titang Garcia and Georgina Mijares. It was a Saturday night, and without the sis it could have been like the Cat Steven’s song: “Another Staurday night and I ain’t got nobody…” Roger Mijares had a couple of cute sisters and a cute female cousin, too. The Mijares really had a warm home. I mean figuratively.

And there was the Sutterville house of the Arpas. I remember we had a really great time. Sonny Arpa made everyone felt at home. He was such a nice fellow, a person with a genuinely kind character. He wrote a speech which I delivered at an inter-fraternity speech contest representing APO, and when I was in the stage of the Ateneo main auditorium standing before delivering the speech, there were two cute girls, pre-nursing students, giggling in the front seats both of whom were from my home town and I did fancy both these girls at one time. I tried to stay focused and looked at another direction, but instead saw a mischievous grin from my economics teacher who gave me an “A” in his class and never won a single game of chess with me. At that moment, I lost my focus and literally forgot my speech. I took three steps sideways. My mind stayed blank. I took three steps backwards. Still my memory did not return. So, I exited in a terrible confused state. What a day it was. But I did win the inter-fraternity chess tournament a few months later. The speech started this way: Every human soul stands between two hemispheres: one of light and the other of darkness, in the two confines of two everlasting empires – of good and evil… That speech could have been written by Dante Alighieri. I had a picture with his statue in Florence, Italy. He wrote this line in Italian: Nessun maggiore dolori che ricordarci del tempo felice nella miseria. This was translated by Ernest Hemingway: There is no greater sorrow than to remember the times when we were happy.

In retrospect those were soothing memories. Could I have had the same pleasant time if I were not an APO member? Perhaps.

Here attached are pictures with Ateneo signs on it taken last May in Helsinki, Finland and in Copenhagen, Denmark. And another picture in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Claro Cartagena

From: Bro. Carpenter "Sonny" Arpa III
Re: [maywealwaysbe] Updating membership list
06 June 2009

Bro. Frank;

I'm back and I just read the list of Beta Nu members. Hope the following updates and corrections will be of great help.

1. Fely Dimla is Sis OFELIA DIMLA, kabarkada ni Sis Evangeline Cantiller; 2. Correct name is Sis Rosalinda UNGAB, not Ungag; 3. Initiation name of Bro Laureano Barrios is "Bogart"; 4. Initiation name of Sis Julie Bernardo is "Yellow Butterfly". She is deceased already; 5. Initiation name of Bro Cesar Berenger, Jr. is "Cassius", not Casiustd. The latter looks like an abbreviation

   for castrated. 

We may have missed one sister in the list unless she is listed under her married name. I am referring to Sis Evangeline Teng of batch 71. I know she was initiated because her batchmates were Sisters Ma. Lourdes and Erlinda Saavedra together with Bro. Dindo Ortega. These four were a barkada in itself called "D' Luvies, Ltd." with Bro Dindo Ortega (Adonis II) as their "love guru".

Now they had a friend who is of Malysian origin but enrolled at Ateneo that time. I knew him but forgot his name already. He is the guy in your picture with Sis Zorayda Mariano, sitting in front of you on the jeep that served as our float during the Ateneo Christmas Parade in December 1970. You were asking who the hell was that guy sitting in front. Well that guy is NOT an APO member and I just yanked him from the crowd in the campus so he can sit in front of you and tend to the incense burning in a brass brazier which was part of our props. Now you can understand that forlorn look on his face!

Incidentally, I was the one who was driving our float and Bros J. Panganiban (Frankenstein) and L. Barrios (Bogart) were inside with me shouting and showing "Peace" signs with their fingers.

Well, so much for that little sidebar in our chapter history. Bro Frank, would it not be good also to indicate in the membership list our sisters who are the chartered members of their sorority? It would do all our sisters good. I know we have a dearth of information regarding their registration and I.D.'s as the sorority's chartered members but at least, for our chapter history, it would be nice to mention the Lambda Phi Sigma Sorority and those pioneering ladies who took that bold step in the true tradition that we also upheld. This will honor them and do the other sisters proud.

                                                                 So it was, and so it will always be!
                                                                                Bro Sonny

From: "Faustine Dangilan" <>
Subject: Pictures of the Dangilan Family(at the Family House: Solano,Nueva Vizcaya,Philippines) To:
Thursday, May 14, 2009 6:18 PM

Hermano frank y james, buenas aga kon ostodos na BETA NU chapter.cigurado tan missed ya kame d amon chapter y el Zamboanga city: este d amon pamilya 2009.

Attached: Are Pictures of our family. from left: brod faustine dexter(beta nu'78),donell marcel(beta nu'78),dalton edward(xi'82),dinand luis(S.R.B.,nueva vizcaya),durick juveno,desire mariae and our mommy,juliet de Castro dangilan(then; Secretary to the Rector of the late Fr. Asterio Katigbak;sj. Ateneo De Zamboanga University[1967-1982]) with her grandchildren &/or our children.Our Daddy, the late Excelsior C. Dangilan(then working as a Plantation Manager in Zamboanga Sibuguey & with Mr. Arsenio Gonzalez in Z.C. during year 1960's & 70's)passed away last july.11.2006.

           From: Faustine Dexter dC. Dangialn (beta nu- torogededo'78)
                                 Baguio City,Philippines

Apo james raffy roger 2009.jpg

From: James Makasiar <>
Subject: Re: [maywealwaysbe] Otro visita hermano de luzon
Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 7:59 PM

Hermanos y Hermanas,

Anoche ya entrega si hermano Jun Lacerna kumigo un hermano de luzon, estabe na provincia de Bulacan.

Na letrato puede ustedes mira, izquierda para derecha, yours truly, si hermano Raffy Gonzales of Alpha Lamda 1984 y si Hermano Roger Esquillo of Zeta Rho 1980.

Ya saca el letrato na paseo de lantaka hotel.

Muchas gracias,


From: Eddie Cruz <>
Subject: Re: [maywealwaysbe] Starring ya tamen
Date: Monday, May 11, 2009, 5:47 AM

Brod Frank

Attached are some of the collection of pictures i had. Brod James picture during the APO Anniversary in Zamboanga were diaton hermano James el Guest Speaker. El rersto during the Christmas where we had a Caroling to our Olds at the DSWD Zamboanga. Sharing lang hehehehe

Brod Eddie C.


From: James Makasiar <>
Subject: Re: [maywealwaysbe] APO Past National President meets brods in Zambo
Date: Friday, May 8, 2009, 7:00 PM

Buenas dias maga hermanos y hermanas,

Ta incluji yo aqui letratos cuando ya visita na zamboanga el antes presidente Jimmy de Castro ayer, Mayo 8, 2009. Ta ase ele caso di suyu maga papeles na cityhall de Zamboanga kay chene ele projecto de construction de maga cell sites aqui na pueblo di atun.

(1.) Primer letrato ya saka del media dia na Lantaka Hotel, Calle Valderoza(Valderoza Street), Zamboanga City. Izquierda para derecha (left to right)

Sintao (seated) Sis Perlie Fernandez (Beta NU 1996) y Brod Bel Yenko (Sigma 1964) Para (standing) Yours truly (Beta Nu 1981) y Brod Jimmy de Castro (Beta 1974)

Nota por favor kay bien serao gayot el ojos di sis perlie. hehehe

(2.) Segundo letrato ya saka del tarde, ora de cafe, na 3rd cup, Avenida governor Camins (Gov. Camins Avenue), Zamboanga City.

Izquierda para derecha

Yours truly, Brod Jimmy de Castro, Brod Eddie Cruz (Beta Nu 1971) and Brod Bel Yenko. Kien daw mas guapo, Aber? El maga tiene bigote o el maga nuay? hehehe.

Brod eric, claro ba el di tuyu vista? Akel maga hermano hinde ta imbia letrato, maga suput! onrato lang, akel maga hermana gale hinde ta imbia letrato, cosa gale?

I love APO!

Hermano James

Guapo de Beta Nu

Apobetanu trio 0509.jpg

Buenas dias mga Macho hermanos y bunita mga hermanas,

Taki el retrato del di amon re-union del maga Guapo de Beta Nu. Des de izquerda (left) para derecha (right) Paul Pilanga, (Lone Batch 79), Donell Dangilan (Torojededo 78 Beta Nu), and yours truly, Diff'rent Strokes 1981.

Ara lang kame dos di paul yan huntu ole kun Hermano Donell since di suyu Graduation in 1983 na Ateneo De Zamboanga. Brod Donell was the Grand Chancellor in 1982 to 1983.

Picture was taken on May 4, 2009 at JIMMYs Music Bar and Restaurant along Timog in Quezon City.

Por favor man subscribe kun hermano Donell na di atun egroup. Di suyu email address donellcd@yahoo. com ay pidi pa yo el email di paul.

Hermano Ramon, pwede tu man email derecho kun Hermano donell. Si no sabe mas man chabacano, ase kulipat na biriha...hehehe.

Hermano James Makasiar

Dhahran Princes from Mon Macrohon

Dear brothers and sisters,

I would like to share with you some pictures taken during the "Search for OFW Little Prince and Princess" in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.

APO DHAHRAN is one of the sponsors for this event. APO DHAHRAN supports projects locally and internationally. Service to the Community.

YiLFS, Brod Mon Macrohon President APO DHAHRAN

Bayani Build Challenge 2009! From: JOSEPH PALTINGCA" <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 7, 2009 6:33 AM

Bayani Build Challenge 2009!

This is about Heroism by loving the poor. "Thru Bayanihan. This is a shining Filipino Character." According to Bishop HonestO Pacana of Bukidnon Province.

Bayani Build Challenge is a yearly national activity of GAWAD KALINGA (GK). GK is aiming to be a country, free from Hunger, Poverty, Violence and Slums. In Bayani Build Challenge, actually this is a Challenge of Cooperation by building a 20 square meters house in just FIVE(5) DAYS BY A 15 MAN TEAM. This challenge started in Guinsaugon S. Leyte 2006, second in Bicol 2007, third in Bukidnon 2008 and now fourth in our Asia's Latin City of Zamboanga 2009. This will be held at GK Site Tulungatung. The challenge will start on April 13-17, 2009. Rivermaya will perform on the evening of April 17, 2009.


The culmination of the challenge, April 18, 2009. All roads of Mindanao will have its CARAVAN for Peace from Davao to Ozamis; from Gen San to Pagadian City; will converge in IPIL, ZAMBOANGA SIBUGAY; from Sulu to Basilan all the way here in Tulungatung, Zamboanga City. In Tulungatung the program will start at 9:30 am up to 2:30 pm.

For more info please contact me: JOSEPH ALTAR PALTINGCA

An APO member Batch 84 at Zeta Pi Chapter, Marian College, Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay Province, now residing at Riverside, Morning Glory, Putik, Zamboanga City. My CP is 09194207946 and my email add is joseapaltingca@ (he he he AM AN inactive here in Zamboanga city) GK Community Organizer, Zamboanga City

GK OFFICE: 991 4745, Contact Persons: Vic Lauro or Bing Calzada

P.S. Just sharing this opportunity for another level of GREATNESS.

Betanu 98.jpg

From: Ben Deps <>
Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 9:10 PM
Subject: beta nu

Tol nice site,

Batch 98-a ako, “ben tambling” – bap name, Centennial batch – batch name Batch mate ko si Jaime jose a estioca, bap name “tamban d second”, centennial batch – batch name 2 lang kme nagsurvive sa beta nu year 98 3 lang kame na brod nagsurvive sa zamboanga year 98 One is bro evan lapuz from zeta rho. Brod evan lapuz is holding the beta nu coat of arms, bro Jaime sa gitna, and im holding the seal. (see attached pix) Both of them nasa ibang bansa, last that I have heard from bro evan he’s a medrep, bro Jaime sa cruise ship but he’s moving to japan. Nasa military service ako bro. sa army.


Subject: Rover Scouts
To: "Visitacion Buenvenida" <>
Date: Thursday, February 12, 2009, 6:36 AM

Brods/Sis, attached are the pictures taken during APO Zambo/Beta Nu's Rovers vigil night at BSP ZC Pasonanca, ZC last 8 Feb 09...enjoy viewing..we are proud to be scouters.. he he he maskin vieha ya..

Bro jun Lazer

From: Jerry Ebona <>
Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2009 12:10 AM
Subject: hello....

This is JERRY EBONA of ZETA RHO CHAPTER batch 82 A.. I have seen the web page of our frat and some of our brods name LAGUARAN, LEMUEL its LAGNASON, LEMUEL and ARTALES, RAUL its ALTATES, RAUL.... Brod Frank can you pls help me retrieve my ID No. coz i lost it a long time ago. Do you think can i still retrieve it? My reference are ESQUILLO, ROGER is my co batch and BOY VERRA is my affiliated co chapter during our time. hope i can hear from you soon..... best regards and god bless you... Brod Jerry

From: "Claro Cartagena" <
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2009 3:12 PM
Subject: Old APO Initiation Pictures from Claro

Frank, Here are old pictures I found. You may already have copies of some of these. Are you planning an anniversary celebration on October 5, 2009 in Zamboanga? If I knew earlier that there would be an APO convention in Boracay in May 2009, I could have planned to attend. On May, I am already booked to go to Northern Europe during the first two weeks and in the last week, I will be in Toronto, Canada . Anyway, let me know of the October celebration. That would be a good excuse to visit PI. Check the attachments. Thanks. By the way, whatever happened to Bernadette Mijares? And Rosalie Basilio? Claro

From: Guy Buenvenida <>
Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2009 10:44 AM
To: All
Subject: Minutes of meetings

Buenas! attached are minutes of our meetings and list of members of the beta chapter. please go over the minutes of the meetings and if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to email your comments. We need your creative juices for our upcoming 40th founding anniversary this coming October 2009. We want it to be MEMORABLE CELEBRATION. Also, please provide us with contact information of other brothers and sisters of beta nu so that we could keep them posted.

Muchas gracias y vaya con Dios!

Hasta la vista!

truly yours,

guy buenvenida
contact nos.
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From: "Carpenter Arpa III" <>

Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: APO Website

6 January 2009

Hello, Bro Frank;

What pleasantness to hear from you! Definitely I don't mind us reestablishing old contacts. I haven't opened my mail in a long, long time. 2008 has been my busiest year and even my brod Bong was somewhat disappointed at my abstinence from the internet. So sorry then for my late reply to you only now.

We got so much to update including our other brods and sis. I saw the pictures of the APO Beta Nu Homecoming at the Ateneo campus last December. There are new faces there but I did recognize a few and it brought a lump to my throat. There's you for one, then Bobby Yap and Ed Cruz, Willie Manlangit, Faizal, and of course Bulilit with that characteristic look on his face as if someone stole the gander from under him..haha!

You guys must have had a grand time on that occasion and I wish I was there. Maybe next time.

Well, be hearing from you soon. I have to e-mail sis Mely. She contacted me too. As we say

                              May We'll Always Be!

From: jilhaney jeffrey <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 2:27 PM
Subject: Alpha Phi Omega from Qatar

Happy 83rd Anniversary tol,

This is Jeffrey Jilhaney of Beta Nu, presently residing here in Doha Qatar.

I just would like to update the year/batch i survived APO beta nu.

i passed/survive APO beta nu chapter, 1996-B.

Thanks tol, very nice website...u

May we always be..

Bro. Jeff

Claro and Bea

From: "Claro Cartagena" <>
Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2008 8:14 AM
Subject: Re: Done deal

Frank, I saw my portrait. Looks good. Here's a picture that was taken just last September with Bea Alonzo. They said she's famous in PI. I'm not sure whether you know her. I was in Barcelona last May 2008. An owner of the only Filipino restaurant off Las Ramblas showed me a picture of her. I did disappoint him because I didn't know her then. So, when I was invited to attend the ABS-CBN show in Ontario as a guest, I made sure that I meet her. She's wearing high heels that's why she looks taller. She's really beautiful. I offered to take her and Korina Sanchez around, but they were all tired at the end of the show and they had to leave the following day. Anyway, the picture is a nice piece of conversation for pinoys who knows her. Claro

Cartagena claro2007.jpg

From: "Claro Cartagena" <>
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008 3:09 AM
Subject: need current picture for the chartered list


Here's my recent photo. I hope you guys have a nice celebration over there for the get together. Give my regards to everyone. Thanks.


From: "Claro Cartagena" <>
Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2008 3:50 PM
Subject: Re: good to hear from you.


I got the feeling that you are retired. Good for you. Well, I'm disappointed that we lost track of some of the girls from the past. I still remember Elizabeth's feel-good smile. And that Gonzalez girl, I don't really know whether she made it through. Her mom was so upset when she saw the back of her legs after the initiation. Well, she couldn't hide it because all she wore were mini-skirts. Me and Barrios attended a zoology class one summer.

We had this classmate, I think her name was Virgie Navarro. She hang out with two other girls with last names Abella and Rodriguez. I never saw her again. She also loved wearing mini-skirts. Barrios possibly remembers her. Is Leonardo Barrios still around? Through the years, I spoke or met with Bob Yap (1995? in Zambo), Roger Mijares (1980's via phone in Virginia), Jojo Pantaleon (at a Zambo party in Cerritos, CA in 1998?), Bong Arpa (via phone in Virginia, 2002?), Mae Mesias(Ateneo 1st Las Vegas Convention, 1995?) and de Mesa (San Ramon, 1999?).

I went to San Ramon and I saw Titang, but she was too busy playing madhjong on a table just outside of the penal colony's building. Last year, February, in my high school's class reunion, I met Ernie Wee's mother-in-law and I learned from her that Ernie was paralyzed from a stroke. I also got the news that three of my classmates had died. Well, death and taxes, something you won't get away from.

You know one person I have not heard from at all is Ferdinand Florendo. We were classmates in a philosophy class during one summer. He was a visiting student from Silliman. He talked me into joining APO. In that same class was Jesus Lucas who later became a Jesuit priest. I think at one time he thought of joining APO. I have not kept up with the APO over there so I was out of the loop for quite sometime now. Perhaps, we can plan something in about two years to meet. The next All Ateneo Convention will be in 2010 to be held at the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

You know, I have been to Philadelphia twice for a seminar, and I keep forgetting to look for the APO HQ. Anyway, stay in touch and let me know if anything comes up with any of the names I mentioned here. Keep up with your generous time in maintaining this web site. This may feel like a thankless job, but I'm sure a lot of the brods out there are very appreciative of your work. Take care.


From: "Claro Cartagena" <>
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2008 8:36 AM
Subject: APO - Beta Nu


Great job! I just got into this site by accident at lunch time. Somebody told me about it and saw my picture. And I was smoking! Quite a shocking picture to remember me by. Are you somewhere in the States? Just to be nice to the other Chapters, you may want to keep this site private. On the other hand, if you kept it private, I would not have known that this site existed. Would you know where Elizabeth Tan is now? And that last batch where we almost got in trouble, there was a girl surnamed Gonzalez, do you know what happened to her? For the last six years, I have been going to PI during January and February with some of my golf buddies. Maybe we can do some get together sometimes when times are peaceful over there in Zambo, say, in 2010, about first week of February? Keep up the great work, brother!


From: James Makasiar
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 18:47:37

FYI, Sis Neneng Argana is giving 10 lechon manok for Friday (Dec 5, 2008) at ADZU Beta Nu homecoming.

From: Roger Buenvenida Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beta Nu Alumni will have a tent during the ADZU alumni homecoming on Dec 5, 2008. See you there.

From: James Makasiar
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am pushing that Beta Nu will have a special Tent during the ADZU homecoming on Dec 5, 2008. Raymond P Nir is donating Lechon and 2 cases of beer. Poly E. will prepare songs. Lets sing and chit chat.

From: "Joe-san T. Koh" <>
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 2:08 AM
Subject: edit

good pm bro! tol pwede ask favor wrong spelling kasi mio family na d aton website.. koh dapat instead kho.. pati year batch dapat 94-a.. likewise d brandon leonardo. batch 94 - a kame..

Tnx Tol!!

Bro. Joe-san Koh May We All Always Be

From: Demetrio Cahapisan <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 7:24 PM
Subject: Additional brothers

Hi Bro Frank,

Here are some additional Brothers who are my batchmate (HALA BIRA BATCH 1977)

1. Bro Albert Noel
2. Bro . Dr. Raymond Changco


Bro. Daniel Briones ( Architect based in Davao City)

Here are my Info:

Email add;
Add: 557 E. capistrano way
San Mateo , Ca 94402
Batchname: Hala Bira 1977
Baptismal name: Starsky

From: Catherine Valdopiera <>
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 2:54 PM
Subject: Gud day brod..

Gud day to you brod.. I just wanted to ask how to inquire on how to put our names in the website as beta nu brods and sis? we are a also members of the beta nu chapter but it seems that are names were not in the list of members.. Our batch the "jologS":

Sis Shiecel Delos Reyes 2003-A Sis Catherine Yutuc 2003-A Sis Easter Deles Santos 2003-A

Thanks... May we always be..

From: Roger Buenvenida <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 5:34 PM
Subject: Jerry Solis' Letter of Appeal

Dear Frank,

Attached is Jerry Solis's letter appealing for assistance from the APO community which is self explanatory. Please have this posted in our web site and the National APO web site (if possible) as well as the I'M APO web site. Thank you very much.Please update me if it was already posted. Thanks again.

ROGER BUENVENIDA 0213 69 04415

August 26, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

I am pleading for your assistance for me to be able to undergo angiogram procedure because of my failing heart.

I have to raise at least One Million (P1,000,000.00 ) Pesos to undergo this procedure and I have to if I still want to prolong my life. You may send your assistance c/o Twins Restaurant located at Guiwan Highway, Zamboanga City or through Allied Bank-Veterans Branch Account Number 1350-07079-4.

Thank you very much for your generosity.

Fraternally yours,

0213 78 07584

From: Joseph Abelgas <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 5:08 PM
Subject: re: concerned..

we are on the same boat..we both want our fraternity to prosper.. frankly, i'm just a li'l disappointed that something esoteric to the fraternity would be displayed.. i think we could help our frat prosper without revealing any secrets..anyway, i wish you all the best..

thank you brother..:)

From: "frank" <> Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 1:56 PM To: Joseph Abelgas <> Subject: re: concerned..


Thanks for the positive comment.

Stay positive brother. Negativity gets everybody down.

Do you have anything positive to contribute? Prosperity is what we are after.

We learn from the past and move on towards prosperity.


From: Joseph Abelgas <>
Sent: Monday, August 25, 2008 11:22 PM
Subject: concerned..

greetings brother!

i saw your site..good site..congratulations! what really got me to write you are the posts of the brothers who visited your site earlier and noted that the meaning of our beloved Coat-of-Arms was put up for all to see..

how could you let something like that happen? that info is esoteric to the fraternity..

please enlighten me on this matter. thank you very much!

in LFS,

joseph alpha xi chapter APO philippines

From: hAnie mizUro <>
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2008 10:08 PM
Subject: good day bro. frank

Brod. Frank,

Good day po! Tol, ako nga po si Sis Rhohan Batara batch 2003B.. im next batch nila sis shaine, sis cathey, and sis easter. i was there nung apo family nung 2004 na gathered sa house nio po. andun pa nga ung brod na national vice president na si brod oswald go at ako po ung pledgee nung time na un. and si Brod. Owie delos Reyes po ang G.C. ko at P.C ko si Brod Jeff Pia po.Hope you still remember me pa po cause im the only one na girl na pledgee that time.

Tol wala po kasi kami sa list ng beta nu -Sis Rohaniza Batara batch 2003B id number ko 0213-2003-40666 and si Brod. Rhowel Delos Reyes 2002 id number 0213-2002-36873. hope makita na po namiin sa list ang name namin.. thanks tol..

may we always be..

sis rhohan b.
Beta Nu

From: "Carpenter Arpa IV" <>
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2008 7:33 AM
Subject: APO Website

Bro. Frank,

I just wanted to say great job on the website. My APO id # is 4621 and Sonny’s email address is I’ll send him the link to the APO website. Also Bro. Claro Cartagena is in Walnut, CA. His brother, Tony is the city mayor.


Carpenter Arpa IV
Operations Manager
Department of Quality and Safety
American College of Radiology
1891 Preston White Drive
Reston, VA 20191-4397
Tel (703) 715-3493
Fax (703) 262-9316
Toll Free (800) 227-6440 ext. 4493

From: eric enrile <>
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 9:23 PM

Hi Brod Frank,

Im Eric Enrile, batch 80, beta-nu chapter. My baptismal name is "Phantom" & I'm the cousin of bulilit &bobby yap. Just want to give the names of my batchmate so you can include them in our beta nu list of members: Vincent Saldarriega- Lamitan, Basilan:occupation-fireman, Ruben Uy-Lamitan Basilan- bussinesman, Guillermo Adan-Kabasalan,Zambo sur-occupation-Teacher, Oral Gene Bustamante-Kidapawan-passed away 4 years ago.Obatch name is "VERGO"

May we always be,

Brod Eric Y. Enrile
Beta-nu chapter
ID# 10103
Batch 80

From: Mon Macrohon <>
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 8:19 AM
Subject: Re: [ APO ] Re: APO ZAMBOANGA Website

Brod Roger,

Dahan dahan lang brod kung magsalita ka... maybe brod frank maletsky has a good intention of putting the apo coat of arms there in our apo zambo website although i don't have any idea when this website was created. I think this was his own initiative... in a pro active way.. not to destroy the image of Alpha Phi Omega.. if this is wrong then I, Brod Mon Macrohon, Beta Nu Chapter, Ateneo de Zamboanga, in behalf of the APO ZAMBO, is begging for your forgiveness.

Alam ko brod na those things that we cherish too much are pang full pledge lang.. we all know that..brod frank maletsky is a charter member of beta nu and has been active with apo zambo since he came home from the US of A. I am sure he has no bad intentions of putting our COA there..

If Brod Jose Illenberger was tasked by APO Phils to send a warning email to Brod Frank Maletsky so be it.. but for an unsolicited opinion such as yours is not accepted. kaunti respeto lang brod roger.. brod frank is senior than you i am sure.. coz i am senior than you based on your signature block with your id #. but i am sending this email with respect to each brod and sis who is reading this email of mine. a humble servant of Alpha Phi Omega.

May we always be.

Brod Mon Macrohon
Beta Nu '73

  1. 11202 LIFE


Mga kapatid,

Naman, naman!!!

E ano pang ginagawa mo Bro. Frank ilagay mo na rin sa website pati PW para malaman na ng buong sambayanan. Saludo ako sayo ikaw ba e talagang APO???

Sarap mong lapirutin brod. YAn mga bagay na yan ay pang-full pledge lang baka di mo alam ha...

Nagngingitngit sa iyo,

Bro. Roger Vertudazo.
Beta Omicron-GK

> Hello Brod Frank, > > I have been tasked by APO Philippines National Web Team ( ph) to > send this letter of request regarding the display of the APO Coat of Arms > meaning and symbolism on your website: > http://www.zamboang > > As per APO Philippines practice, we don't post the meaning of the APO Coat > of Arms online as this information is privileged to bonafide members of > Alpha Phi Omega Philippines and only to members who have undergone the APO > Rituals. This is the reason why it is not published on the APO Philippines > National Website. APO USA likewise do not practice the online publishing of > this privileged information, i believe. > > May we therefore ask our good brother to accommodate our request to take > down the COA information leak. > > Yours in LFS, > > Jose Illenberger
> berger@...
> Eta Chapter / UP Diliman
> 0007-1994-3704

From: gerald miguel <>
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2008 8:53 PM

i would like to re act on the website you post on apo zamboanga...pls notify ur client to pls stop posting the site because the content of the site is intented for apo members only or pls make an log in account for apo members only to browse the said site...tnks...

im not from zamboanga im from THETA RHO chapter chatered at Cagayan State University Tuguegarao Cagayn..please consider the confidentiality of the organization...tnks

From: Mon Macrohon <>
Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2008 4:21 PM
Subject: Brod Dedoy Argana - Finalist sa Gawad Award

Brods and Sis:

Got good news for you tungkol kay Brod Dedoy Argana, finalist siya sa 1ST Gawad Award ng Career Executive Service Award (Nationwide ito, take note) SA WAKAS nag bunga din ang pinaghirapan niya at ang pagiging unexplained poverty niya hehehehe he really deserves it so please pray for him na sana manalo siya.. its an honor for me and family, for APO, Friends and the Filipino PEOPLE MABUHAY

Let's pray for his success...

We are 1 in Alpha Phi Omega... May we always be.

Brod Mon Macrohon
Beta Nu # 11202 LIFE

From: "William Ponce" <> Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 5:33 AM To: Subject: Contact numbers

Fraternal Greetings to my Bros & Sis!

My name is William B. Ponce of Iota Theta chapter (University of Northern Philippines) with I.D. number 18228. I’m presently residing in Toronto under APO Toronto Alumni Association. I will be visiting Zamboanga City this September. Could you please send me some contacts of our bros/sis there? Please send them to Thank you so much

APOlly yours,


From: "" <> Sent: Friday, July 25, 2008 9:23 PM To: "Frank Maletsky" <> Subject: APO Reunion

Hi frank! How's evrything goin on? This is mely mesias-finks from austin tx. I'm definitly coming home on d 7th Sep. Let's have an APO reunion! See if jung or bulilit (roger buevenida) can contact sonny boy. My globe roaming num is 0916-292-8508. Looking forward to seeing you and the rest. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Pasonanca treehouse 73.jpg

From: Mon Macrohon <>
Sent: Friday, July 11, 2008 10:57 PM
Subject: Fw: my finals

Hi Bro,

This is the picture taken of my Lords in Pasonanca Tree House who molded me to be a true APO. Please upload this in our website. Thanks.

Brod Mon Macrohon
Beta Nu

  1. 11202 LIFE


From: Mon Macrohon <>
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 7:53 PM
Subject: Hello there

HI bro,

Kmusta ka na dyan.. hope you are all fine. We only met once in Sta Maria Greenfields with Sis ???? (i forgot her name), she was formerly working Jeddah, KSA and I was also taking my annual vacation. Nandito pa ako sa Al-Khobar working for Saudi Aramco and i will take my annual vacation this Aug 2008. Hope to see you guys.

Regards to your family and all brods and sis especially to bulilit n guy. jerry n willy n eddie. I saw all your pictures.

Brod Mon Macrohon
Beta NU '73

  1. 11202 LIFE


From: Gabriel Yenko <>
Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2008 9:56 PM
Subject: APO Awakening in Zambo City

Brothers & Sisters; Sharing w/ you some pics during the APO AWAKENING in the residence of brod Frank Maletsky, Beta Nu '70. It was a cookout some brought fish for broiling as you will see in one of the pics, the passing of the hat for the drinks. I do hope & wish this will be the start of the revival of the alumni association that has been dormant for quite somtime. After which we proceeded to the wake of sis Dolly Maghanoy's father. How delighted was sis Dolly to see the bunch of brothers & sisters. Please click the linck below to view the pics.

To those who came, thanks a lot, I hope I will be in the area on the next cookout, I'm just a text away. Kudos to those who organized the occation, and thanks to brod Frank for his sharin of his palce. To the residents, this will serve as an inspiration & challenge for you to perpetuate the good things your predecessor has established. Regards & God bless.

Gabriel A. T. Yenko
Sigma '64
Butterfield 8 1542