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B.O.S.S. Brotherhood Operation Sweet Smile
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All your donations will go to project BOSS.
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Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Project B.O.S.S. June 06-09, 2012

June 06-09, 2012 Project B.O.S.S. came to this city and in cooperation of the Caraga Regional Medical Center and Rotary of Metro Surigao performed surgical restoration to 18 patients, though there were about 38 who came. Those patients deferred were due to under age, under weight, with colds, coughs or fever. The APO stalwarts that I coordinated with are brods Leo Portillo & Popoy Pendon and sis Alica Buenaflor. We will be back by December. Ms Gay Tiu station manager of RMN did a wonderful job of disseminating the project.

Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Project B.O.S.S. November 13-15 2013

November 13-15 2013 -Second Mission. The group of Project B.O.S.S. came again to this city for the FREE Cataract and Cleft Lip/Palate operation done this time by the Mabuhay Deseret Foundation and Bro. Dr. Butch Mapayo, the Plastic Surgeon. The city government hosted the affair and the Caraga Regional Hospital was the venue. There were only more than 20 Cleft Lip/Palate patients who arrived though there 39 who previously registered plus the 16 coming from Cabadbaran. There were also more than 200 patients screened for Cataract but only 22 were operated with 17 Pterygium, and 16 clefts. The recipient for free eyeglasses reached nearly 200. The dismal outcome was due to the Typhoon Zorayda scared, even though it was only signal No.1, which eventually dissipated to a mere tropical depression. Ms. Elen Estrada actually wanted to postpone it, but she was prevailed upon by the thought that it would be unfair for those who have come, and it will reflective to the host. Mayor Ernesto Tinio Matugas, who was very appreciative for having it pushed through. We paid him a courtesy visit. Dr. Andres Dolar, the Chief of Hospital was very cooperative and so with their Chief Nurse Jane T. Miranda. Loving Presence Foundation, represented by Ms. Josephine Belsondra did mostly the info dissemination together with Ms. Vangie Cerio from City Health Office headed by Dr. Emmanuel Plandana. Bro. Jovito Litang, the Vice President of APOSCAA contributed much for the good completion of the mission. It was again Ms. Gay Tiu of RMN who did the radio broadcasting.

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Surigao City, Surigao del Sur, Project B.O.S.S. Photo Gallery

Project B.O.S.S. Fund Raiser

Project B.O.S.S. Brotherhood Operation Sweet Smile is a non-profit organization registered with the Security and Exchange Commission. Project B.O.S.S. renders Free surgical restoration to patients with harelip and cleft palate.

We welcome your contributions.

  • Bel T. Yenko: email:
  • Babes C. Rota: email:
  • cellphone:
    • +63-920-950-1925 or
    • +63-917-635-1925 or
    • +63-920-955-1925 or
    • +63-922-832-1925
  • For your donation please click Here

We also invite you to participate as a sponsor for our fund raiser, the bicycle race called "Tour de Zamboanga" as described below:

Tour de Zamboanga 2013: POSTPONED. A four day 540 kilometer bicycle race for Charity!

Due to the road constructions going on in the route of the Tour, we are eliminating the road bikes from this race.
  • This is a (Non-Roadbike) individual bicycle race. Everybody is welcome in this race. The more the merrier. Racers who skip a stage will not be allowed to continue. Everybody who finishes the race and does not skip a stage is a winner.

The race starts at the port municipality of Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte and rests in the historical city of Zamboanga del Norte, Dapitan City to end the first stage. The following day the race will continue from Dapitan City to Pagadian City to end the second stage. The 3rd stage will be from Pagadian to Ipil. And finally culminate with the final stage from Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay to Zamboanga City.

Prizes for the Winners and Participants of Tour de Zamboanga

  • 80 PRIZES in all to be Given Away. OVER ₱ 782,000.00 pesos in Prizes
  1. Grand Prize: The overall (liloy, dapitan, pagadian, ipil, zamboanga) first 15 finishers will be based on the overall accumulated time it took to finish the 4 stage race. The racer must finish all stages to qualify for the grand prize.
    • The racer with the best accumulated time wins the championship. 1st:50K, 2nd:30K, 3rd:20K, 4th:15K, 5th:10K, 6th:9.5K, 7th:9K, 8th:8.5K, 9th:8K, 10th:7.5K, 11th:7K, 12th:6.5, 13th:6K, 14th:5.5K, 15th:5K
  2. Every stage has a winner. Prizes will be presented to the first 3 racers to win each stage. 1st:20K, 2nd:15K, 3rd:10K, 4th:6.5K, 5th:6K, 6th:5.5K, 7th:5K, 8th:4.5K, 9th:4K, 10th:3.5K, 11th:3K, 12th:2.5K, 13th:2K, 14th:1.5K, 15th:1K
    • The winner of each stage keeps the prize money even if he/she can't continue with the race because of injury or other reasons. But because the racer skipped a stage he/she will not be allowed to continue with the race.
  3. Besides the Open Category, There are three (3) other competitive categories: (Women; Under 16 years old; 50 years old and over. Prizes for these categories are as follows: 25K 1st, 20K 2nd, 15K 3rd, 10K 4th, 5K 5th. Each Category gets a prize. Prizes given only to finishers of all 4 stages for these 3 categories.
  4. Finishers of all the 4 stages get a certificate of completion and a refund of their 1,000.00 peso registration fee. If a racer skips a stage he or she is will not be allowed to continue the race. Every finisher of the Tour de Zamboanga is a WINNER!

First Bicycle Race to cover the entire Zamboanga Peninsula

  • Due to the election complications in the Zamboanga peninsula, the tour has been postponed.

Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga Sibugay, and Zamboanga City.

  • First Stage - : Liloy to Dapitan City
    • 143 Kilometers: This stage of the race does not have many hilly terrains. It will be mostly flat. The roads are cemented.
  • Second Stage - : Dapitan City to Pagadian City
    • 128 Kilometers: The second stage will be more challenging as there will be more hills to climb. About 40% of the terrain will be hilly. It will be on the Osmena Hwy which is almost completely cemented. There are only a few kilometers that are still under construction.
  • Third Stage - : Pagadian City to Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay
    • 139 Kilometers: The race from pagadian to Ipil will prove to be a grueling race specially the first 35 kilometers. The first 35 kilometers is about 80% uphill battle.
  • Fourth Stage - : Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay to Divisoria, Zamboanga City
    • 130 Kilometers: There are three challenging parts to this section of the race. First challenge is the uphill climb from the border of zamboanga sibugay to the border of zamboanga city (barangay of licomo). After that is the twisty uphill in the barangay of Tigbalabag and finally the quiniput tuktukalaw climb. Then it will be a downhill race to the finish at the barangay of Divisoria.

All Philippine Cyclers are invited to participate in the open bicycle race. It is for a great charitable cause: Project BOSS - Brotherhood Operation Sweet Smile

Total Distance to be traveled: 540 kilometers or 338 miles - Visit our WebPage