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Muslim (Moro) is not an [[ethnicity]]. [ Muslim] by definition is an individual practicing the religion of ISLAM. Not all the Muslim (Moro) people in the Philippines are [ indigenous]. There are several races in the Philippines practicing the religion of Islam and they are Muslim. But [[Muslims are not indigenous people|not all of them are indigenous]]. Take the Chinese Muslims in Tawi-Tawi, the Indian Muslim in Zamboanga, or the caucasian Muslim in CDO; all three belong to different races and ethnicity. Also the moros/muslims are preaching that the indigenous people of Mindanao and Sulu are Muslims or moros. They are preaching lies. These indigenous people practice and follow different religions besides Islam.
:'''Case in point via history: Let us take two indigenous tribes as an example. The tausugs of Sulu and the Maranaos of lake Lanao.'''

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