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Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Philippines

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Pulungbulo, Angeles City Photo Gallery
<font color=green><nowiki>[[Category:Pampanga, Philippines Photo Gallery]]</nowiki></font><br>
<font color=green><nowiki>*[[Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Philippines]]</nowiki></font>
File:Caltex Gas Station Brgy. Pulungbulu, Angeles City, Pampanga.jpg|Caltex Gas Station Brgy. Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Pampanga
File:DEPED Region III Brgy. Pulungbulu, Angeles City, Pampanga.jpg|DEPED Region III Brgy. Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Pampanga
File:Pulungbulu Elementary School, Angeles City, Pampanga.jpg|Pulungbulo Elementary School, Angeles City, Pampanga
File:Super8 Grocery Warehouse Brgy. Pulungbulu ,Angeles City, Pampanga.jpg|Super8 Grocery Warehouse Brgy. Pulungbulo ,Angeles City, Pampanga

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