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==News About Saw Palmetto ==
==News About Saw Palmetto ==
'''7 Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto'''
:(Andy, The Luxury Spot)
7 Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto: it’s more than just a hair-friendly remedy.
Most men dread hair loss, even though it’s a part of life, but one that most of us would rather avoid! Losing hair and going bald is something few of us can stop, though we haven’t stopped trying. With remedies like saw palmetto, many say they’ve found a way to turn back the clock and slow down hair loss.
Saw palmetto is said to help reduce the production of DHT, an androgen that is linked to hair loss. This would make saw palmetto one of the most effective natural remedies to reduce hair loss, and it has become hugely popular in the last few years as a result of this stream of thought in the natural sciences community.
But there’s more to it than just a way to prevent or slow hair loss! There are many more proposed health benefits of saw palmetto you need to know about:
:1. Boost testosterone levels —  Saw palmetto stops your body from producing 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that turns testosterone into DHT. When your body is NOT using testosterone to produce androgen, it means there is more testosterone available. Higher testosterone levels can lead to improve body functions, increased muscle mass, and many other benefits.
:2. Improve prostate health — Saw palmetto has been linked to an improvement in prostate health. It has been proven effective at combatting BPH and a number of prostate health problems, particularly sexual dysfunction caused by reduced prostate function.
:3. Increase urinary tract function –– Men with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH–a prostate health condition) have a hard time urinating. But saw palmetto has been proven to support healthy urinary tract function among men suffering from BPH. There are special receptors in the urinary tract that control urinary function, and saw palmetto helps to regulate the function and keep the urine flowing. Saw palmetto may also help to reduce urinary tract function in cases of Overactive Bladder.
:4. Reduce hair loss –– We all know that saw palmetto is supposed to be effective as a treatment against hair loss, but do you know why? Simple: it stops your body from producing 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme that turns testosterone into DHT. DHT is an androgen that leads to hair loss, so reducing DHT production is the key to slowing hair loss. While it won’t stop your hair from falling out completely, it will slow it down enough that it will take a lot longer for your hairline to recede and baldness to set in fully.
:5. Increase libido –– Saw palmetto has been proven to boost testosterone levels in the human body, which means that it’s an excellent supplement to take to boost the libido of men. However, it can also increase sex drive in women as well. While women’s bodies don’t respond to testosterone the same way men’s bodies do, saw palmetto has been proven to be an effective stimulant for the female libido.
:6. Increase muscle mass –– Thanks to the boost in testosterone caused by taking saw palmetto, you will be able to increase your muscle mass. Testosterone is the hormone that signals to your body that you need more muscle, so it will help you to build muscle via your workouts. To increase muscle building efforts significantly, you need more testosterone. Thanks to saw palmetto, you will have it!
:7. Maximize kidney health — Your kidneys play a large role in your urinary tract function, but they may begin to work more slowly as you age. Saw palmetto has been proven to be an effective remedy to increase kidney function and boost the health of these important detoxifying organs. It may even help to treat and reduce your risk of kidney stones.
'''Popular herbal supplement used to treat prostate pain 'does not work', say experts'''
'''Popular herbal supplement used to treat prostate pain 'does not work', say experts'''


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