Repeal or Revoke the ARMM and the NCMF

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Revoke the ARMM and the NCMF. They are both unconstitutional whose only purpose is the serve the Muslims. They are prejudicial and they both violate the human rights of the rest of the non-muslim citizens of the Philippines.

Currently the provinces of Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Basilan, Maguindanao, and Lanao del Sur are within the ARMM region. After the revocation of the ARMM another region in its place called the "Sulu Region" will replace the ARMM.

The following provinces will be assigned to the "Sulu Region": The provinces of Basilan , Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi.

The province of Lanao del Sur will transferred to Region X (N. Mindanao), and the province of Maguindanao will be transferred to Soccsksargen (Region 12).

After the revocation of the NCMF, it will be replaced by the official and existing non-religions government organization that represents without prejudice all the indigenous peoples, the NCIP.

  • The only purpose of the NCMF is to serve the Muslim communities in the Philippines. It's mandate from the president of the Philippines is to spread Islam throughout the Philippines and help build mosques. Every year over 4,000 muslims are paid by the Philippine government through the NCMF to make their journey to Mecca for the Hajj to create Hajis and Hajas.

To reiterate: Muslims are not indigenous people.

Uphold the NCIP (National Commission on Indigenous Peoples): Create Stewardship over Ancestral Lands

The NCIP was created to be the guardian of the Indigenous peoples of the Philippines. It was created to protect the ancestral lands of the indigenous peoples and to protect the "Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title" that belong to indigenous clans or families.

Each indigenous tribe of the Philippines must be granted absolute stewardship over certain territories or ancestral lands. The NCIP will have the authority to reconcile or arbitrate over claims. Religion must be kept out of the equation. Let the decisions be made strictly based on tribal claims and not religious claims.

Within the designated stewardship territory for a specific indigenous tribe, certain families within the tribe with "Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title" may continue to keep the land within their clan. Religion will never be part of the equation for stewardship or "Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title", only proof of tribal heritage or ancestry as specified in Republic Act 8371 chapter II section 3.

These various indigenous tribes since time immemorial have lived and cultivated the lands they occupy. These lands will be in the stewardship of the tribe. Ancestral lands will be in the stewardship of the tribe who has claim over it since time immemorial. Transfer of any property ownership within the stewardship will follow the same laws of the Philippines but the land continues to be within the stewardship of the tribe.

This stewardship over territories will apply throughout the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao).

As an example certain barangays within a municipality may be within the ancestral land of a certain indigenous tribe. That tribe will then be given the rightful stewardship of that ancestral land. All private properties within the ancestral land will still continue to be owned by the title holders. But the tribe that has stewardship over the land will receive dividends from taxes collected from the land, which will be recorded by the NCIP (only as a monitor). The ultimate beneficiary will be the tribal stewardship. Tribal members with proven residence within the ancestral land may receive dividends in forms of educational scholarships.

There is no need for the ARMM or the NCMF. Abolish the idea of giving autonomy to any religion or specifically to the religion of Islam. Give what is due to the indigenous peoples of the Philippines.