Pagadian City to implement curfew

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By Bong Garcia

THE police authorities in Pagadian City are set to implement curfew against minors as well as the prohibition of the sale of intoxicating beverages to children.

Superintendent Michael Palermo, Pagadian City police chief, said the imposition of curfew is pursuant to a directive from higher headquarters given to the chiefs of police during the recent command conference.

The order, according to Palermo, is to implement existing curfew ordinance for children in their respective locality.

Palermo said Pagadian City has an existing ordinance known as City Ordinance No. 43, which was approved on October 1, 1984, imposing curfew for minors.

The ordinance prohibits children aged 18 and below to loiter outside their residence from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. the next day, according to Palermo.

He said the implementation of the ordinance is also in line with the proposal of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to impose a nationwide curfew for minors.

Paleremo added that they will also implement Ordinance No. 40, which was approved last October 3, 1983 that prohibits the sale of intoxicating drinks and/or intoxicating beverages to minors in the public places in this city.

He said that violators of the two ordinances will be properly dealt by his office.