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Marine Conservation Philippines

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Marine Conservation Philippines Home Page

About Marine Conservation Philippines

Is a non-profit non-goverment organisation dedicated to preserve and protect coastal resources in the Philippines, through education, volunteerism and research. We engage local communities and policy makers and work to ensure solutions that will benefit both man and nature in the long run.

Mission Statement

Our underwater world is under tremendous pressure – too much garbage and litter, especially plastic is being thrown in, and too many fish are being fished out. World-wide too little is being done to protect our vital seas. Our hope and vision is that by being aware of the plight of the aquatic realm, we can change the current situation before it is too late. We dream of a future and of a sea where our kids and their kids can still see and marvel at grazing sea-turtles and dugongs, see splendidly rich coral reefs, whales and sharks and seahorses and everything in between. We dream of fishing being conducted in an ecologically sound way, ensuring both the livelihood of local communities and ensuring adequate fish-stocks for the next generations. We dream of clean, pollution free beaches and mangroves.

Dive Education

Initially all our volunteers and interns are trained to and beyond the requirements set forth by PADI to make them PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced and PADI Rescue divers. After this initial stage, the scientific diver training begins. Divers who stay with us for more than two months can become PADI divemasters as well, should they so wish.

Why volunteer in marine conservation?

It’s very easy not to consider that which you cannot see. For many years that has been the case with the world’s oceans – the world at large has been turnings its blind eye to the tremendous strain we’ve put on the seas. Predatorial industrial fishing, pollution, global warming and deliberate calculated harvesting of endangered species has left us all a point where it’s important to fight back. Although the seas are the battleground, and policies desperately need changing, the real fight is in the hearts and minds of us all. We can only accomplish goals if we affect public opinion, if we make people realize we can make change come about as consumers, and that we can change policies by being outspoken about environmental issues.

As a volunteer in marine conservation you’ll experience the splendor of the seas as well as witness shortsighted wanton destruction of coral reefs. You’ll learn through scientific diving why protection of the seas is of paramount importance to myriads of ecosystems, and by your very real contribution to our efforts you’ll help affect change. Most importantly, when you eventually leave you too will become an ambassador of change.