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Lifestyle - estilo de vida

From Philippines
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By: Franklin H. Maletsky - Zamboangueño

English to Chavacano - Chabacano:
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Chavacano to English Translation Dictionary


Chavacano LifeStyles

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English to Chavacano Dictionary

Jardinero, Campesino, Cainginiero

Herramientas del Jardinero, Campesino, o Cainginiero:

  1. Arao - The plow
    1. Mango - Handle of the Plow
    2. Pilo - Blade of the Plow
  2. Acha - Big Ax
    1. Achita - Small Ax
  3. AlatBasket
  4. Asada - Hoe
  5. Balde - Can
  6. Bilao - Small concave Basket
  7. Bolo - Machete
  8. Carabao
    1. Pamitik - The rope that's tied through the nose of the carabao.
    2. Persoga - The rope usually made out of the long ratan vine.
      1. Pabiling - The part of the rope that ties to the head of the carabao.
      2. Largero - The long part of the rope that connects to the Pabiling. This part goes through the "orejas" in the pabiling. This makes it into a swivel so the "persoga" will stay straight.
    3. Ayugo - The yoke of the carabao.
    4. Pandiit - The rope under the ayugo, that goes under the neck of the carabao.
    5. Danao - The pond. This is where the carabao wallows. In the river the carabao can wallow in the deep water and this activiy is called "Tubug".
    6. Hampelo / Sapin.- The cloth or sack on the back of the carabao that the riders use.
  9. Carro - The big cart
    1. Carriton - A small push cart.
  10. Cuchillo - Knife
  11. Hilamon - Used to till or pull weeds. A short small bolo.
    • Ta usa yo firme el hilamon para man habug con el maga siembra na mi jardin. I always use the short bolo to till the soil in my garden.
  12. Jalo y Pilon - Mortar and Pestle
  13. Kahigan - Rake
  14. Mekate - Long Rope made out of Abaca
  15. Pajagat- - The sleigh
    1. Dalaydayan - The two wooden rails that is part of the pajagat that connects to the yoke.
    2. Canastro - The huge basket on the pajagat.
  16. Pala - Shovel
  17. Saco - Sack
  18. Sangud - Sikle - A crescent shaped Bolo
  19. Toro - Bull


Herramientas del Carpintero: Tools of the carpenter.

  1. Bisagra - Hinge
  2. Cepillo - Plane
  3. Clabo - Nail
  4. Escoplo - Chisel
  5. Lapis - Pencil
  6. Lima - File
  7. Martillo - Hammer
  8. Nawi - Tie-out for the nipa made out of ratan.
  9. Nipa - Shingles for the roof made out of Palm leaves
  10. Sawali - Woven bamboo used as wall sidings or ceilings. Comes in 4x8.
  11. Nivel - Level
  12. Pulgadera - Tape Measure
  13. Papel de lija - Sand Paper
  14. Sierra - Saw
  15. Achita - Small ax (hatchet)
  16. Tornillo - Screw

Lavandera Laundry woman

Herramientas del Lavandera:

  1. Almedon - Starch to stiffen the fabric and hold its shape.
  2. Bateya - Basin made out of Wood (originally). Wash tub.
  3. Jabon - Soap
  4. Luguran - Stone Scrubber
  5. Pakang - Paddle to pound the laundry.
  6. Pukpukan - The large flat stone where the dirty wet clothes are pounded on.
  7. Sipan - Scrubber usually out of corn cob.
  8. Tapis - One piece body-clothing like a pillow but open on both ends.

Sastrera o Sastrero Tailor

  1. Aguha - Needle
  2. Ilo - Thread
  3. Imperdible - Safety pin
  4. Maquina de coser - Sewing Machine
  5. Pulgadera - Tape measure
  6. Tijeras - Scissors

El maga parte del casa

  • BatalanTerrace. An open area connected to the kitchen where most of the washing and cleaning is done.
    • Todo el lavada ta hace na batalan. All the laundry is done in the terrace.
  • DindinWall
  • Palupu - Roof ridge
    • Ya usa lang sila sawali para dindin. They used sawali for the wall.
  • Piso - Floor or Flooring
  • Sanepa - Roof verge or Facial board
  • TechoRoof.