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Labuan, Zamboanga City, Philippines by Arvin Arevalo

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Submitted_by: Arvin SM. Arevalo
Date: July 1, 2006

Labuan is a place where i can spend a weekend break after after a tiresome days from work in the city. It's a place where i always feel at home even just to feel the cold winds and silence of the night while drinking a gallon of "Tuba",playing guitar, singing folks songs and castellano songs under the full moon light with my brother Tetay and our feeling young Roy and company. we used to sleep in our farm house which i personally built on top of the hills where we can view the country side and the islands spread along sulu sea. at night we can see the colorful lights of the more than 50 small boats fishing 'illegally' on our shores.sometimes passenger boats pass by and we can observe their speed when we gaze them from the top of that hill. Shooting stars also surprisingly appear in the mid air of summer nights's like viewing of a city from the top of the clouds. it's a place where we feel attached to the nature. A night in the forest where we can shout,sing aloud, dance and laugh at our jokes and nobody will get disturbed becoz we are far away from our neighbors and as if we are the only group of pipol who's a free world.

then early in the morning, we go to the shore to wait for those poor fishermen to dock and buy the fresh fishes they caught. there i can smell also the morning sea breeze. then take a bath for a 15 min while doing some exercises and body stretching.then go back to the farm house again and cook the fish that i bought for my breakfast and lunch.then work in the farm for an hour or two, plant some fruit trees and preserve those forest trees that have grown naturally. then in the afternoon, i rush my hour to go back to the city. when i started, my work on monday morning, i feel i am "full-charged for the whole two weeks".it's becoz i compensated myself with getting in touch with our mother nature.

it's a wholesome experience if we only know how to appreciate our attachement to our mother nature no matter what status we have in life. i have already invited some friends who grew up in the city. they had the same experience.

If you wish to visit our place, our family is very much welcome to serve you. just keep in touch. God Bless Zamboanga!

Submitted_by: Arvin SM. Arevalo

Watch for the grand opening " Arevalo's Farmhouse", it's an ideal place for a short weekend break away from the noise of the's an orchard garden filled with forest trees and planted fruit trees of almost all kinds. it's a place where you can spend an overnight with your loveones, friends and relatives. it's a place i called home. A cottage is built on top of the hills where you can appreciate the overview of the country side and few islands spreading the Sulu night you can watch the lights of more than 50 fishing boats fishing illegally on our coastal's like watching a city or a view of a boulevard from the top of the mountain. it's the cold wind and the silence of the night that can renew your strength on the next morning. want to visit the place? e-mail me. ill be your host.