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Kilusang Pagbabago

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The Duterte administration wants participative governance as every leader of a nation would. There are 42,036 barangays in the Philippines. There are 8 elected officials per barangay. So that would make it 336,288 elected officials. However, not all these elected leaders are Duterte loyalists. There is the Liga Ng Barangays which is an established organization that needs only a direction from the president of the Philippines. But, the members of the Liga Ng Barangays are ELECTED barangay Chairpersons. The administration does want not to deal with this. Elected officials are hard to control.

So the administration decided to convince congress to postpone the barangay election of 2016 effective 9/13/16, since according to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, Mr. Pantaleon Alvarez, the SK and barangay councils should be abolished because he claims that “In reality, they are not working.”

Not even a month after the postponement of the barangay election, the administration launches (10/2/16) "Kilusang Pagbabago" in Cebu with as many as 5k members. This is a start of the establishment of the puppetry of the 42,036 barangays.

The current administration is marching forward with the idea of appointing the barangay officials (no more elections). In effect making the barangay officials (336,288) puppets of the administration.