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Island Garden City of Samal Map

From Philippines
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Philippines News: Tuesday, June 25, 2019 -- PH, 7 other countries form ‘Asian platform’ on energy efficiency collaboration : The Philippines and seven other countries in the region have formalized “collaboration” for an Asian platform in the promotion of energy efficiency initiatives – including investment hunting as well as shoring up financing tracks for projects .... More

Barangays of Island Garden City of Samal, in the Davao del Norte Province within Region 11 in the Republic of The Philippines
AdecorAnonangAumbayAundanaoBaletBanderaCaliclicCamudmudCatagmanCawagCogonCogon TalicodDadatanDel MonteGuilonKanaanKinawitnonLibertadLibuakLicupLimaoLinosutanMambago-AMambago-BMirandaMoncadoPangubatanPeñaplataPoblacionSan AgustinSan AntonioSan Isidro BabakSan Isidro KaputianSan JoseSan MiguelSan RemigioSanta CruzSanto NiñoSionTagbaoboTagbayTagbitan-agTagdaliaoTagpoponganTamboToril

Philippines, is the only country in the world which is 85% Catholic that created three(3) national laws "favoring", "respecting" and "financing" the religion of ISLAM. Then made it unlawful to finance all other religions. The only country in the world that has a government commission that caters to Muslims only, for the hajj, for madrasas, and the spread of Islam at government's expense PAID by the taxes of Non-Muslims.