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Philippines, is the only country in the world which is 85% Catholic that created FIVE(5) national laws "favoring", "promoting" and "financing" the religion of ISLAM.
Then made it unlawful to finance all other religions. Islamic insurgents paid off the architects of the 1987 constitution to insert two words: Muslim and Autonomous.
They classify all the Muslims(Moros) not only as followers of Islam but also as
indigenous people. The only country in the world that has a government commission that caters to Muslims only, for the hajj, for madrasas, and the spread of Islam at government's expense PAID by the taxes of Non-Muslims. A government-run Muslim channel, Salaam TV to promote Islam.

Religion is always good for the people but it should never be embraced or financed by government. Tax exemption is not tantamount to financing. Every non-profit organization is tax-exempt.
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Brainwashed filipinos.jpg
This unrelenting brainwashing of the Filipino people via the school system created educated people yet numb to the fact that Moros are Muslims most importantly numb to the fact that the "separation of church and state" is being violated.
Download link.png Download a free copy of the Snapshot of the history of Islam in the Philippines, print it then distribute to educate the people.

Who was the first colonizer of the Philippines? Many of you will say the Spaniards. WRONG!!

The Muslims were the first colonizers of the Philippines. They came in 1380 to colonize. First to convert the natives into the religion of Islam. Seventy years later (1450) the Sultanate was established which is a form of government. Slowly but surely, Islam crept northwards to exploit and plunder the villages of the native indigenous people. Islam established their governance. This continued till 1521 when they met their first competition, the Spaniards. Then the Spaniards became the second colonizer.

Islamic Republic of The Philippines

This is the flag of the Bangsamoro, an unrecognized state that declared independence from the Philippines on August 12, 2013. Same flag of the MNLF. The MNLF declared war against the Philippines and the battle was fought in Zamboanga City last September 9, 2013. Bangsamoro flag.png
The BBL was thrown into the mix just to try and ask for a bigger allowance and more authority. The BBL will simply allow the Bangsamoro to replace the BARMM. The Muslims have nothing to lose! Should the BBL be voted down, The BARMM continues to be in effect.
Autonomous Region In Muslim Mindanao flag .png

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Separation of church and state.png
Separation of church and state philippines.jpg
It would be a long and tedious process for a leader who does not want war to fully implement "separation of church and state".
  1. First and foremost would be the dissemination of information as to why there is a need for the adherence to the constitutional provision of the "separation of church state".
  2. Make it an educational requirement for schools to explain the need for the "separation of church and state".
  3. Let the religions of the Philippines be aware that the government will stick to this resolution.
  4. From there congress can take over. With the help of God.

The Philippines could possibly be an Islamic country or possibly be populated by more Muslims than non-Muslims by the year 2060. The islamization, transition or growth may happen in this 6 way combination:

  1. Government Financial Support: The government and the office of the president of the Philippines financially supports the Muslims in The Philippines. There is the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos which reports only to the office of the President and no other Office. A Filipino can't be part of the NCMF unless he/she is a Muslim. And this NCMF's sole purpose is to help Muslims and for the propagation of the Muslim religion. Even the yearly Hajj to Mecca is financed by the Philippine government through the NCMF. There is a grant reserved for at least 4,000 muslims every year. These are 4,000 hajji created per year who will be revered as muslim leaders in the Philippines to continue the spread of Islam. The Separation of Church and State in The Philippines via the 1987 constitution does not apply to the Muslims. The NCMF will help all muslim-filipinos regardless of ethnicity. However, if you are not Muslim, even if you are a Tausug or from any indigenous tribe, you will not be helped. The NCMF is the #1 weapon of the Muslims to Islamize the entire Philippines. The ARMM is geographically bound to Mindanao. The NCMF has the free rein to convert the entire Philippines.
    • As of today there isn't a single member of legislature (24 senators and 297 representatives) who will stand up against the financing of Islam.
    • The 1987 constitution promised Mindanao to the Muslims. It even refers to Mindanao as "Muslim Mindanao".
  2. Creeping territorial expansion via the Bangsamoro: - In 2014 a Draft for a law to create the Bangsamoro to replace the ARMM was introduced. Within this BBL there is another way that the Bangsamoro can increase its territory: Article 3 Section 3 of the Bangsamoro Basic Law: The areas which are contiguous and outside the core territory may opt at anytime to be part of the territory upon petition of at least ten percent (10%) of the registered voters and approved by a majority of qualified votes cast in a plebiscite.
    • On May 20, 2015, the BBL was changed. So now it reads "The cities and provinces outside the core territory may opt at anytime to be part of the territory upon petition of at least ten percent (10%) of the registered voters and approved by a majority of qualified votes cast in a plebiscite."
    • On Feb 2016, the BBL was defeated in congress. But the promoters of the BBL are not considering this as a death blow. The game is still on as far as they are concerned, because the Bangsamoro was simply an extension of the existing BARMM. When the next president steps in, a president who will be sentimental towards Islam, the process for the expansion of the BARMM will continue.
    • February 1, 2017: Duterte tests the water: Duterte's push for federalism is officially underway. Wednesday the 1st of February 2017, the house of congress met to discuss the shift from the UNITARY form of government to Federalism. To give the Bangsamoro an Islamic State. Read about it.
    • May 30, 2018: Congress passes the new version of the BBL. Specifically stating that a homeland for the moros or muslims will be established.
    • July 26, 2018: President Duterte signed the BBL into law. Creating the Bangsamoro Organic Law.
    • January 21, 2019 plebiscite: Transform the ARMM into the BARMM (Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao). Later 63 of 67 barangays in North Cotabato joined the Bangsamoro and Cotabato City is now part of the Bangsamoro.
  3. Cluster Community Migration: Moving into or populating barangays that are predominantly non-muslim. The mass migration are usually caused by "wars" created by Islamic terrorists, thereby causing the muslim residents to find refuge in nearby non-muslim communities. Then gradually building Mosques or Masjids (with government budget via the NCMF) allowing the non-muslims to get used to their presence and then ultimately assimilating that community into their fold. Gradually forming Halal establishments. Then gradually push out vendors of pork or pork products. Many barangays have already fallen into this trap.
  4. Family expansion or marriage and religious conversion and Sharia Law: Most of the non-muslim religions grow by the multiplication (marriage) of their flock and very few through converts. The muslim religion also grows the same way and that is by the multiplication (marriage) of their flock and plenty more through converts.
    Here is an example.
    • Let us say that 4 non-muslim couples marry and each has 2 children. The population of the non-muslim doubled from 8 to 16. Very seldom will Non-muslim men marry muslim women. On the other hand it is very common in the Philippines for Muslim men to marry non-muslim women and when they do the women take on the religion of the muslim man. Back to the same above example of 4 couples; This time it will be 4 muslim men however 1 muslim man marries a non-muslim girl who converts into islam in order for the marriage to be blessed by the imam. The other 3 men marry muslim women. Assuming that each couple will have 2 children. In this example the number children will be the same 16. There were only 7 muslims (4 men 3 women) but they produced 9 Muslims (1 converted wife and 8 children).
    • In conclusion in simple arithmetic: for non-muslims it is (x*2) for muslims it is (x*3). Here is a practice that have to be taken into consideration: Non-Muslims usually take only ONE wife. Muslims men can take up to 4 wives (legally). Sharia Law allows Muslsim-Filipinos to practice POLYGAMY. Not all do but many of them do. The Muslim men in the Philippines do not limit themselves to Muslim women only. It is OK to marry non-muslims and convert them. Based on the above, one non-muslim man has 2 children and one wife. Based on the same above example a muslim man can possibly have as many as 8 children and 4 wives.
  5. HALAL: This is supposed to be a practice for Muslims or Moros and not to be assimilated by the government. However as of 2018, the Philippine Halal Export Development and Promotion Board, which is composed of nine government agencies led by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), is set to unveil next month (May 2018) the comprehensive Philippine Halal Export Development and Promotion Strategic Road Map. The infiltration is already deeply embedded into the system of government. The halal system supported by the government allows pocket muslim communities all over the Philippines to prosper and push away non-halal vendors within their community.
  6. Islamic Banking: August 22, 2019: President Duterte signed and approved Republic Act No. 11439. An act providing for the regulation and organization of Islamic Banks. This ACT was introduced last July 23, 2018. Constant islamic lobbying finally got it passed.
  7. December 14, 2019, Nur Misuari, founding chairman of the known terrorist group, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) was appointed as the country’s Special Economic Envoy on Islamic Affairs to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) by President Rodrigo Duterte. As announced by the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) last December 14, 2019.
  8. August 11, 2021: Continued push for a parliamentary system within the BARMM region. The target date is July 2022. This opens the floodgate to Federalism which will ultimately allow the BARMM to be an Islamic state within the Philippines.

The strongholds of the Philippines were mostly populated by Muslims before the Spaniards came and conquered the Philippines. Most of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were governed by Islam.

Gradually the Muslims were pushed back to Mindanao, into their strongholds of Lanao and Maguindanao. Then the push continued to make the Muslims retreat to Tawi Tawi and Sulu Provinces in the south.

Download link.png Download a free PDF of the snapshot of the history of Islam in the Philippines, print it then distribute to educate the people.

The Philippines continues to violate its constitution by not upholding the Separation of Church and State
Not a single senator or congressman will stand up against the government's financing of the religion of Islam. Even the Catholic church accepts this. The Jesuit priests even stepped forward and endorsed the Bangsamoro. The Philippines became a country of submissive people. Submissive to the religion of Islam.

The Philippines is the only country in the world (85% Catholic), that created three(3) laws "favoring", "respecting" and "financing" the religion of Islam. Then made it unlawful to finance any other religion. The only country in the world that has a government commission that caters to Muslims only, for the hajj, for madrasas, and the spread of Islam at government's expense, paid by the taxes of non-muslims.

  • Even though the Philippines is over 85% Catholic, it FAVORS, "RESPECTS" and FINANCES only the religion of Islam, not Catholicism and not any other religions in the Philippines. For some twisted reasoning, the Philippine government seems to think that to become a Muslim(Moro) is to become an indigenous person. It also erroneously considers Moros or Muslims as a race. It incorrectly considers all the people of Mindanao as Moro people. It does not fully accept the fact that MOROS are MUSLIMS and that MOROS are the followers of the religion of Islam. This is not the fault of Islam. It is the fault of the Filipino leaders and of the Non-Muslim Filipinos. Legislature, more than likely, has been bought and paid for by the Muslim leaders and this is complicated by the attitude of indifference of non-muslim filipinos.
  • Currently the Muslims have a propaganda saying that "All residences of Mindanao are Moros. Even Christians are Moros if they are from Mindanao". Lies, Lies, Lies. Moros are Muslims. Christians are not Moros. Moros are the followers of the religion of Islam.
  • The Moros preach LIES, they are afraid of the truth because the truth will bring a revolution. A revolution they will not win.

We have our freedom of religion and of worship. However, the Philippine government must treat all religions equally, one religion must never be placed above others. The government must not financially support any religion whatsoever with a yearly governmental budget. God is superior to government, Government (Country) is superior to religion. Religion must never have sovereignty or autonomy over regions, provinces, cities, municipalities or barangays in the Philippines. Yet, the Philippines continue to financially support only the followers of the religion of Islam. Still ungrateful, only the religion of Islam continues to wage WAR against the Philippines. Only the religion of Islam has militias like the MNLF, MILF, and BIFF.

Everybody knows that Islam does not believe, accept or tolerate the separation of religion from government or the "separation of church and state". The (Article II, Section 6) of the Philippine Constitution declares: "The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable".

The preamble of the constitution calls for EQUALITY and: Article 6, section 29 (2): states "No public money or property shall be appropriated, applied, paid, or employed, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denomination, sectarian institution, or system of religion..,"; then legislature turns around and created three(3) laws "FAVORING", "RESPECTING" and "FINANCING" the religion of Islam. Where is the EQUALITY in this?

  1. Republic Act No. 9054 formerly 6734 (Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao) - A self-governed region of, by and for Muslims. Comprising of 5 provinces, 2 cities, 116 municipalities, and 2,490 barangays. Over 95% of the government officials in this region are Muslims and their salaries are paid for from the taxes of over 90% of the Non-Muslims.
  2. Republic Act No.9997, the NCMF (National Commission on Muslim Filipinos) - Mandated to support only Muslims and spread Islam throughout the Philippines with a yearly government budget of over 500 million pesos. Government help in the yearly Hajj to Mecca and the support for Madrasas (religious schools). The government does not finance any other religion. The Philippine government only finances the religion of Islam.
  3. Presidential Decree 1083(Sharia Law): Allowing polygamy to Muslim-Filipinos only but not to any other citizens of the Philippines. It is a crime for Non-Muslims to practice polygamy punishable with a jail sentence of 6 to 12 years. But it is OK(not a crime) for a Muslim man to have more than one wife.
  • To add insult to injury, president Duterte as of July 23, 2017 approved to finance a national TV broadcasting station for Islam. Strictly for the Muslims called Salaam TV.

All Republic Acts that cater to religions must be repealed (revoked). Religions must never have territories or domains within the Philippines. Let us all have equality as stated in the preamble of the constitution. Maintaining such republic acts breeds inequality, jealousy and unrest among the citizens.

  • A great way to start would be to repeal the NCMF and instead uphold the NCIP.
  • All must also know that MOROS are MUSLIMS and vice versa. Not all the people of Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan are Moros. The term bangsamoro or "nation of muslims" only encompass the moro people or the muslim people. The Catholics, the Christians and members of (non-muslim) religions are not MOROS.
  • There isn't a single religion in the Philippines that has MILITIAS. Islam does. It has the MILF, MNLF, and the BIFF. Only the religion of Islam continues to wage war against the Philippines. No other religion does this. A religion of peace should not have Militias. These are terrorist groups and are allowed to have BASES in the Philippines.
  • One wonders why the Philippine government created these 3 laws favoring Islam. There are a few reasons that come to mind: 1.) The legislators were bought and paid for by the Muslim leaders. 2.) The legislators were intimidated, blackmailed and were just too scared of the Moros. 3.) The legislators were just too dumb and stupid to understand that Moros are in fact Muslims and that being a Muslim does not make an individual an indigenous person.

  • The current Muslim president of the Philippines, Duterte is pushing really hard to give the Muslims(Moros) their own Islamic State via the proposed Federalism form of government.

Statistics of Population Growth as reported by the NSCB

Area 2010 (Aug 1) 2007 (Aug 1) 2000 (May 1) 1995 (Sep 1) 1990 (May 1) 1980 (May 1)
Philippines 92,337,852 88,566,732 76,506,928a 68,616,536 60,703,206 48,098,460
National Capital Region 11,855,975 11,566,325 9,932,560 b 9,454,040 7,948,392 5,925,884
Cordillera Administrative Region 1,616,867 1,520,847 1,365,220 1,254,838 1,146,191 914,432
Ilocos Region 4,748,372 4,546,789 4,200,478 3,803,890 3,550,642 2,922,892
Cagayan Valley 3,229,163 3,051,487 2,813,159 2,536,035 2,340,545 1,919,091
Central Luzon 10,137,737 9,709,177 8,204,742 7,092,191 6,338,590 4,909,938
IVA- Calabarzon 12,609,803 11,757,755 9,320,629 7,750,204 6,349,452 4,603,435
IVB- Mimaropa 2,744,671 2,559,791 2,299,229 2,033,271 1,774,074 1,408,040
Bicol Region 5,420,411 5,106,160 4,674,855 4,325,307 3,910,001 3,476,982
Western Visayas 7,102,438 6,843,643 6,211,038 5,776,938 5,393,333 4,525,615
Central Visayas 6,800,180 6,400,698 5,706,953 5,014,588 4,740,318 3,886,097
Eastern Visayas 4,101,322 3,915,140 3,610,355 3,366,917 3,054,490 2,799,534
Zamboanga Peninzula 3,407,353 3,230,094 2,831,412 2,567,651 2,221,382 1,771,860
Northern Mindanao 4,297,323 3,952,437 3,505,708 3,197,059 2,811,646 2,226,169
Davao Region 4,468,563 4,159,469 3,676,163 3,288,824 2,933,743 2,198,683
SOCCSKSARGEN 4,109,571 3,830,500 3,222,169 2,846,966 2,399,953 1,722,727
Caraga 2,429,224 2,293,346 2,095,367 1,942,687 1,764,297 1,371,512
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 3,256,140 4,120,795 2,803,045 2,362,300 2,075,238 1,560,480
Filipinos in Philippine Embassies/Consulates and Missions Abroad 2,739 2,279 2,851 2,830 2,336 -

Cities within The ARMM (soon to be Bangsamoro) and barangays with more muslims are changing their names to reflect Islam

The Muslims in the barangays of Poblacion and Tugop did not want to conform with the non-muslims in the community, so they lobbied for a separate barangay of their own.

This practice of occupy and take over is common practice. Once the clustering is complete, the Muslim leaders will change the barangay laws. The first in the agenda is to replace the "fiestas" with Hari raya. Hundreds of barangays have already fallen victim to this and it continues.

Note: There isn't a singe LGU in the Philippines that reflect the name of the Religion(Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism) or the name of the followers(catholics, mormons, hindus, etc..) except for Islam and its followers (muslims). Hmmm.....

Expansion of Islam or the Islamization of the Philippines is fueled by the violation of "Separation of Church and State"

The 1987 Constitution of the Philippines declares: The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable. (Article II, Section 6), and, No law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed. No religious test shall be required for the exercise of civil or political rights. (Article III, Section 5).

Article 3 forbids the government from passing any law concerning religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, guarantees free exercise of religion and forbids the use of any religious test for public office. Churches and religious institutions are tax-exempt. No public money may be spent in support of any religion. The teaching of religious classes in public schools is permitted with the written consent of the parent so long as provided there is no cost to the government. Religious organizations register with the Securities and Exchange Commission to apply for tax exemption.

Inequality in how The Philippine government looks at Religion

  • The Philippines claims that it has the separation of church and state. Meaning not one centavo will go to the support of any religion from the tax payers money.
  • Yet there is the NCMF (National Commision on Muslim Filipinos) financed by the government. The Muslims belong to the religion of Islam.
  • The government has no existing program to support Iglesia ni Cristo, Aglipayans, Seventh day Adventists, Catholics or any other religion because the government says that it is against the constitution and that it violates the "separation of church and state". But it is OK to financially support the Muslims, the followers of the religion of Islam.
  • The government has the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) for the support of all the indigenous people of the Philippines. Give them more financial support. The religion of Islam is getting more money than the indigenous people.
  • A Filipino Muslim may be indigenous because he/she belongs to the T'boli tribe, but he/she is not indigenous because he/she is a Muslim Filipino. A T'boli tribe member may be a christian or any other religion too.

Expansion of Islam or the Islamization of The Philippines via the NCMF - National Commission on Muslim Filipinos

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9997 created the NCMF.

The sole purpose of the NCMF is to help only Muslim Filipinos and to help promote and spread Islam in the Philippines with the help of the president of the Philippines. That is the mandate of REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9997 under under article II, section 8.

Even the yearly Hajj to Mecca is financed by the Philippine government through the NCMF. There is a grant reserved for at least 4,000 muslims every year. These are 4,000 hajji created per year who will be revered as muslim leaders in the Philippines to continue the spread of Islam.

The NCMF answers only to the President of the Philippines. Only the president controls the NCMF.

The Philippine government will continue to open regional offices for the NCMF. As of 2015 there are 11 regional offices of the NCMF by 2019 all 18 regions of the Philippines will have an office of the NCMF.

The plan is to open satellite offices of the NCMF in each of the of the 81 provinces to better spread and serve ISLAM in the entire Philippines. All of these paid for by the government of the Philippines through the hard earned money of the citizens.

If ever the Philippines will take on the Federal form of government, the Philippine government will continue to support the NCMF with a very generous budget to support and spread ISLAM in the Philippines, because the NCMF is a National government organization and will be under the Federal government and not under any state.

The NCMF is the ace in the hole for the Muslims in the Philippines.

Federalism in the Philippines = Formula for Secession

The type of federalism that the pro-islam legislators are introducing has a state set aside for the Muslims called Bangsamoro. A joint resolution for a Federal system of government was introduced to the 14th congress 2007-2010 and now they are tweaking it to make it more attractive to the naive Filipinos.

They even provided this new revision. A way out without revolt.
Revision No. 4.

New Section. Article I. Dissolution, Secession or Separation of States. No State may dissolve itself, secede or separate from the Federal Republic unless it first secures the approval of two-thirds of its qualified voters in a plebiscite called for that purpose. Thereafter, the Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of all its members, voting separately, act on the proposed dissolution, secession or separation of the State concerned.

Federalism is embraced by the Bangsamoro and the ARMM. Why? Federalism will give the Muslims their own state and their own autonomy. The ability to fly their own Islamic flag. Why aren't the Muslims happy with the ARMM? The ARMM already has autonomy. Why are they still clamoring for the Bangsamoro?

Here is the main reason why:

The ARMM is only a Republic Act and therefore it can be revoked or repealed. But if the ARMM becomes the Bangsamoro State in a federal form of government, it will be permanent. The Philippines can no longer take it away from them. This even gives them the ability to secede to form a country of their own when disagreements with the federal government goes unresolved.

To fool the people, they no longer talk about BBL or Bangsamoro. Now they just talk about how great the federal form of government is. And that federalism will solve the problems of our unitary form of government. This may be true. The success of federalism has been proven in many countries. But that is not the reason why Federalism is being introduced in the Philippines. They want federalism because they want the bangsamoro to be a state. The Federalism that they want to shove down your throat has the hidden poison pill of the Bangsamoro.

The new president elect Rodrigo Duterte is pushing this form of Federalism which is simply a ploy to give the Bangsamoro (Muslims) a state of its own. A Bangsamoro Islamic State that will embrace Islam as its official religion and Sharia law as its supreme law.

If this federalism goes through, The Philippines will be the first non-islamic country in the world to have an islamic state within its country. Quite a victory for the religion of Islam.

  • February 1, 2017: Duterte tests the water: Duterte's push for federalism is officially underway. Wednesday the 1st of February 2017, the house of congress met to discuss the shift from the UNITARY form of government to Federalism. Read about it.

Muslim Population in Regional Areas of The Philippines as of 2014

  • As of 2014 between 11% to 12% of the total population of the Philippines are Muslims.
Region Total Muslim Population Percent to Regional Population
National Capital Region (Metro Manila) 1,166,345 10.90
Cordillera Administrative Region 70,258 4.10
Region 1 - Ilocos Region 62,871 1.30
Region 2 - Cagayan Valley 58,293 1.90
Central Luzon|Region 3(Central Luzon) 359,929 3.60
Region 4-A(calabarzon) 589,607 4.50
Region 4-B(MIMAROPA) 354,416 11.50
Region 5-Bicol Region 113,902 2.10
Region 6-Western Visayas 154,231 2.10
Region 7-Central Visayas 268,921 4.30
Region 8-Eastern Visayas 112,969 2.70
Region 9-Zamboanga Peninsula 1,162,153 38.20
Region 10-Northern Mindanao 692,124 15.60
Region 11-Davao Region 470,319 10.80
Region 12-SOCCSKSARGEN 2,100,000(estimate) 57.30
Region 13-Caraga 194,549 6.80
ARMM 3,000,000 (estimate) 95.20
Total Muslims 11,000,000 (estimate number) date=December 2014

Why does The Philippine government financially support ISLAM (the Muslims) and not the other religions?

Download link.png Download a free PDF copy of this page, print it then distribute to educate the people.
Only terrorists behave like this.
Financing of islam.PNG
There were no Muslim(Moro) communities in the Philippines prior to the year 1380. And most definitely they were NOT the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan. Moros are Muslims and they are not an ethnicity or indigenous people.

Prior to the arrival of the Muslims, the Datus and the Rajas in each of their own tribal domains or kingdoms ruled. The Tausugs, the Maranaos, the Maguindanaoans , and all the other tribes had their own ancestral domains. None of them were Muslims or Moros.

Never forget that the Moros(Muslims) were the first COLONIZERS of the Philippines. They were the first EXPLOITERS of the Filipino people. The Sultanates exploited the natural resources and the culture of the indigenous peoples. Now they even call the traditional clothing, dances, food, customs, and tools of the tribal indigenous peoples as Moro. They are the true Thieves of culture and natural resources.

  1. 1380 Muslims arrived: History records that Islam arrived in the Philippine (Sulu archipelago) in the year 1380 (14th century). Prior to the arrival of ISLAM, the early occupants of the archipelago practiced Animism (the worship of spirits), Hinduism and other forms of worship. The archipelago was divided into ruling tribes with Datus and Rajas as their chieftains. Commerce was vibrant. A Thriving commerce attracted the Muslim traders to the Sulu archipelago. All throughout the archipelago a vibrant society was already established by the indigenous tribes.
    The conversion of the natives into Islam was gradual. The early Muslim missionaries had the opportunity to gather the tribes under one religion, the religion of Islam. There were other religions but they were not entrenched in politics and governance as Islam was. Islam is not just a religion. It is a way of life and a form of governance.
    So as Islam gained its spread starting from the south to the north, they met no resistance for over 140 years. They colonized the archipelago. Islam enjoyed and prospered in the spread of its religion and its governance by practicing the law of the Qur'an and attaching the title of Sultan to the highest ruler of an area. The sultan (arabic in origin) became a higher position of leadership than the original native tribal titles of Datu and Raja.
    The Datus were already in place as chieftains of tribes before Islam set foot in the Philippines. The earliest history tells the story of a Datu Dinagandan who was a chieftain of Aklan in the island of Panay during the 12th century. Way before the recorded arrival of Islam (year 1380) in the Philippines. These tribes were the ancestors of the current INDIGENOUS peoples of the Philippines. These tribes existed with their own autonomy before the Muslims converted them into the religion of Islam.
    Slave trading was one of the prolific businesses of the Muslims. This even became more prominent after the Spaniards arrived.
    As history would record it. A Muslim Arab from Sumatra named Abu Bakr crowned himself the first official Sultan of Sulu around 1450. He was not even a native of the archipelago.
    To this date these indigenous peoples still wear their traditional garb mistaken for Muslim attire. Many of the tribal traditions were assimilated by the Muslims who now inaccurately call it as Muslim(Moro) originated.
  2. 1521 The Spaniards arrived in the archipelago in 1521 and brought Catholicism (Christianity) with them, Islam confronted competition in the archipelago for the first time. The Spaniards identified the Muslims as Moros because the Spaniards knew the Muslims as Moros. From that moment on Islam no longer had monopoly in the Philippines. This gave the indigenous tribes in the Philippines the opportunity to choose to be Catholic, Muslims, or neither of the two.
    Since the tribal rulers were mostly already Muslims, the rebellions where considered religious. It became a battle between the crescent and the cross. The members of the tribes who continued to maintain the religion of Islam and totally rejected Christianity were chased away from their own villages and most went south. The tribes who remained had to choose to either convert to Christianity, remain as Muslims or stay non-religious but they all had to pledge allegiance to their new Spanish leaders.
    The Muslims who escaped to the southern parts of Mindanao and Sulu did not surrender to the Spaniards. In fact they resorted and invigorated their Slave trading with the Chinese. They traded captured slaves from the populated islands in the Philippines for weapons. Weapons needed to fight the Spaniards.
    This continued on.....
  3. 1898 The Americans came: the Americans and the Spaniard came to an agreement. Spain surrendered the Philippines to the United States for a payment of twenty million dollars. Then signed (December 10, 1898) the treaty of Paris. But the Filipinos did not want to have anything to do with the treaty, so under the leadership of Aguinaldo, they fought. The Moros agreed to help Aguinaldo only if the Philippines takes on a federal form of government and making one of the states an Islamic state. A dream that did not come true for Aguinaldo or the Moro leaders.
    The Americans took over the Philippines in 1898. Not only in part but the entire Archipelago. From Batanes to Tawi-Tawi. Making the sultanates defunct.
    Prior to the signing this Cable message from Pres. McKinley on Nov. 25, 1898 was very explicit: "... to accept merely Luzon, leaving the rest of the islands subject to Spanish rule, or to be the subject of future contention, cannot be justified on political, commercial, or humanitarian grounds. The cessation must be the whole archipelago or none. The latter is wholly inadmissible, and the former must therefore be required."
    By then most of ISLAM has been eliminated from Luzon and the Visayas. Most of the Muslims retreated to the southern island of Mindanao.
  4. 1902 - The Philippine organic act of 1902:
    Section 7. That two years after the completion and publication of the census, in case such condition of general and complete peace with recognition of the authority of the United States shall have continued in the territory of said Islands not inhabited by Moros or other non-Christian tribes and such facts shall have been certified to the President by the Philippine Commission, the President upon being satisfied thereof shall direct Commission to call, and the Commission shall call, a general election for the choice of delegates to a popular assembly of the people of said territory in the Philippine Islands, which shall be known as the Philippine Assembly. After said Assembly shall have convened and organised, all the legislative power heretofore conferred on the Philippine Commission in all that part of said Islands not inhabited by Moros or other non-Christian tribes shall be vested in a Legislature consisting of two Houses – the Philippine Commission and the Philippine Assembly. Said Assembly shall consist of not less than fifty nor more than one hundred members to be apportioned by said Commission among the provinces as nearly as practicable according to population:Provided, that no province shall have less than one member: And provided further, that provinces entitled by population to more than one member may be divided into such convenient district as the said Commission may deem best....Read on...
    Note: This is how the meaning of the word moro or muslim in the Philippines got skewed. This was the jumping board that enabled the members of legislature favoring Islam to define the Muslim Filipino as indigenous people.
    The Americans made the mistake of classifying the indigenous peoples of Mindanao as Moros(Muslims) in 1902. To the Americans at that time, Muslims were referred to as Mohammedans and not Moros, so the light at the end of the tunnel was seen by the Muslim people.
    The Americans started the Bureau of Non-Christian Tribes which then later became an independent agency called the commission on national integration (CNI 1957) promoted by the Filipinos after the Americans left.
    During the American colonialism, the word MORO (spanish origin meaning Muslim. Derived from the word Moor) was gradually integrated into government, which the U.S.A. equated to the indigenous non-Christians tribes of Mindanao. The error of referring to the indigenous people as Moro was capitalized by Muslim scholars, to get the Philippine government to define Muslims as indigenous people. In the Philippines the word "Muslim" was incorrectly defined as an ethnicity and as a minority indigenous people. So in effect The Philippine government did not classify "Muslim" as a person who practices the religion of Islam but instead as an indigenous people. From there it all unfolded.
    Note: To this date Muslim advocates continue to lobby the government to hold on to the definition that a Muslim person is an indigenous person regardless of race or tribe.
    Note: Today the Philippines has the NCIP National Commission on Indigenous Peoples and the NCMF National commission on Muslim Filipinos. The NCIP as 16 of the 17 regions of the Philippines reports to the DILG. But the NCMF and the ARMM do not. Both answer only to the President of the Philippines.
    The Muslims or Moros continue to push to regain autonomy and the Islamization of the Philippines. They know that it would just be a matter of time and with continued persistence, the archipelago will be dominated by them again. The Spaniards and the Americans were almost successful in subjugating Islam in the Philippines, but then the following happened:
  5. August 29, 1935: The Americans, were still under the impression that Moros are indigenous people. Governor Frank Murphy wanted to give the Badjaos and Samals a piece of land of their own and declared Lot 290 as Reservation, exclusively for the use of the Moros (Badjaos and Samals), under Proclamation No. 841. Lot 290. Now this place is known as Campo Islam, Zamboanga City.
  6. July 4, 1946: The Philippines gained its independence. It became a sovereign country with its own constitution. The constitution upheld the Separation of Church and State. The religion of Islam was equal to the rest of the religions in the Philippines. The Muslims did not agree. Islam does NOT accept the "separation of church and state".
    Note: When the Americans were developing Southern Philippines, the Moros(Muslims) held back and they were tolerant. However, as soon as the Philippines gained its independence and the government's control was totally under Filipinos, the Moros starting plotting. Development of the southern part of the Philippines continued (started by the Americans). This did not sit well with the Moros. They rebelled and it became almost a religious war. Christians against Moros, the conflict started in the 50's. In the southern Philippines the Juramentado came back and famously led by Hajji Kamblon(Kamlon). He managed to create enough instability to catch the attention of the new Filipino leaders. Kamblon was the catalyst. In 1952 the Sect. of state Magsaysay negotiated for peace with Kamlon. He surrendered in July 31, 1952. As part of the deal the government sent Kamlon to a pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca. This is how Kamlon became Hadji Kamlon. But two years later, Kamlon was back to his old ways. The peace did not last. Magsaysay, president at this time sent the military's full force to defeat Kamlon. President Magsaysay did not negotiate with the Moros. He believed in UNITY. To the filipinos of that time, Kamlon was a rebel and a terrorist but to the Muslims, he was a hero. The Moro leaders knew that they can't win in battles, so they worked on the presidents of the Philippines after the death of Magsaysay. They lobbied non-stop. They broke a chip in the armor in 1957 right after Pres. Magsaysay died and that's all it took.
  7. June 22, 1957 THE TURNING POINT: Under Pres. Carlos P. Garcia: Commission on National Integration (CNI) RA1888. A 1957 act of Congress established the commission, authorizing it to "effectuate in a more rapid and complete manner the economic, social, moral and political advancement of the Non-Christian Filipinos". Scholarships to universities were granted to Muslims to keep the peace. Filipino leaders thought that this was harmless but to the Muslims this was a great "WIN". This same commission gave Nur Misuari a scholarship to the University of the Philippines. He later became the founder of the MNLF.
    Brainwashed filipinos.jpg
    The Americans are gone and now they can manipulate the Filipino leaders.
    This Act began the FINANCING of the religion of ISLAM in the Philippines.
    This commission was abolished by Presidential decree 690 in April 22, 1975 but replaced by Presidential decree No. 719 May 30, 1975 a more beneficial law towards the Muslims(Moros).
  8. October 11, 1965: The first Philippine official Muslim Community Site was created. Proclamation No. 472, s. 1965: carved out 57,716 square meters off of the barangay of Rio Hondo, Zamboanga City to create the exclusive Muslim Community Site, signed by president Diosdado Macapagal. Again the Filipino leaders thought this was harmless. What's 5.7 hectares? the second big mistake the filipino leaders made.
    Rio Hondo, Zamboanga City became the first recognized official "Muslim" community in the Philippines.
  9. October 21, 1972: The founding of The Moro National Liberation Front or Mindanao National Liberation Front (MNLF): A secessionist political organization in the Philippines that was founded by Nur Misuari. Many attribute the start of the MNLF to the 1968 formation of the (MIM) Muslim Independence Movement by Datu Udtog Matalam, a former governor of Cotabato. The formation of the MIM was stoked by the supposed "Jabidah Massacre" of 1968.
  10. February 7, 1974 Jolo War: Right after the MNLF was organized, they started to amass membership into their militia with the threat of war against the Philippines with the "take over" plan. The AFP began to increase their military personnel in Jolo with the hope to quell the prospect of war. However, the MNLF began their attack and the AFP retaliated. It became the bloodiest war in Jolo, Sulu. This war migrated thousands of refugees into the city of Zamboanga. The aftermath of the war led pres. Marcos to negotiate with the MNLF.
  11. 1975: Creation of SPDA:
    By the Presidential decree 690 april 22, 1975 (ratified by Presidential decree No. 719 May 30, 1975), then President Ferdinand E. Marcos created the Southern Philippine Development Authority (SPDA) which took over the government programs for the Muslims and later became the Ministry of Muslim Affairs and the Presidential Assistance on National Minorities (PANAMIN), which took over the government programs for the Non-Muslim or other tribal groups. One of its main tasks was to integrate into the mainstream of society certain ethnic groups which seek full integration into the larger community and at the same time protect the rights of those who wish to preserve their original way of life beside the larger community.
    • By sheer political influence and the promise of peace the Muslims managed at this time to convince president Marcos that the Muslims were indigenous people.
    • This later became OMA(Office of Muslims Affairs in 1987) and currently NCMF (National Commission of Muslim Filipinos), whose sole purpose is to attend to the welfare of Muslims and spread Islam.
  12. The 1976 Tripoli Agreement: Signed by president Ferdinand E. Marcos.:
    The establishment of Autonomy in the Southern Philippines within the realm of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of the Philippines. Many Non-Muslim Filipinos do not know that Gaddafi was instrumental to the downfall of the Philippines by helping the religion of Islam. Gaddafi strengthened the MNLF and paved the way for the Tripoli agreement of 1976. Before the signing of this agreement Islam like all the other religions in the Philippines were equals. On December 23, 1976, the Philippine government made the religion of Islam superior to all other religions in the Philippines.
  13. February 4, 1977: Immediately after the Tripoli Agreement, Presidential Decree 1083 was signed, effectively upholding Sharia law in the Philippines. This law upheld the FINANCING of Islam in the Philippines and it gave the Muslims the impetus to push forward on the move to take back the Philippines.
  14. 1978 MILF founded by Hashim Salamat: A rift within the MNLF created the MILF. This organization was formally established in 1984 as the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Muammar Gaddafi (leader of Libya) became a longstanding supporter of the MILF after its emergence.
    The commander in chief of the Philippines allows the MILF to have its headquarters in Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao
  15. 1980 Islamic City of Marawi: In 1980, Marawi was officially renamed the Islamic City of Marawi, with a 90 percent Muslim population.
  16. 1985 OMA: President Marcos created Executive Order No. 969 which dissolved the PANAMIN and the SPDA and created the Office for Muslim Affairs and Cultural Communities (OMACC). The OMACC catered to the needs of both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. This met with complaints from the Muslims. The Muslims insisted on the separation of the two offices
  17. EDSA86 1986: People power. People thought and still think that it is was people power. It was Islam power. It was manipulated by the Muslim leaders. Their goal was simple and it was take back Mindanao for starters.
  18. The 1987 Constitution: Declaring Mindanao as "Muslim Mindanao": Under the guidance of President Cory Aquino
    • Not satisfied with the OMACC, because it's activities were limited to only Mindanao, Cory Aquino's administration abolished the OMACC and through three Executive Orders created the Office for the Muslim Affairs (OMA), the Office for Northern Cultural Communities (ONCC), and the Office for Southern Cultural Communities (OSCC). Later in 1997, the ONCC and the OSCC were merged to become the NCIP.
  19. 1989 Organic Act: Republic Act No. 6734 August 1, 1989, creating the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao - ARMM. Finally the Muslims managed to have the Philippines not just finance them but now also give them a territory. The propaganda is working and the push continues. From 5.7 hectares in 1965 to 4 provinces, so far so good.
    These 4 provinces were allocated to the ARMM: Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi
  20. 1991 Expansion: Having two Islamic militias was not enough so Abdurajak Abubakar Janjalani in 1991 founded the Abu Sayyaf Group. To this date this terrorist group creates havoc in southern Philippines.
  21. 2001 Expansion of the ARMM: The Muslims were not satisfied with these 4 provinces, so a second plebiscite in 2001 successfully assimilated the island province of Basilan except for its capital, the city of Isabela. The Muslims however, is ever persistent. Populating the city and gradually islamizing the neighborhood. Whenever, they have a chance another plebiscite is requested. Last 2019 elections, Isabela City was almost assimilated.
  22. 2007 conflict (beheading of 11 soldiers by the MILF): Lead to the "Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain" pushed by MILF which then created the Coined name of the entitiy of "Bangsamoro".
    On August 4, 2008, the Supreme Court of the Philippines issued a temporary restraining order, preventing the Government and the MILF from officially signing the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain, which would conclude all dispute and begin formal talks that would lead to the drafting and eventual signing of a Final Comprehensive Compact between the two groups.
    not satisfied with the decision of the supreme court, negotiations were taken to Malaysia, with the blessing of the president of the Philippines. The president of the Philippines is not just the commander in chief of the AFP but that of the ARMM (the muslims). Since the ARMM reports and answers only to the president of the Philippines. This negotiation continued until they were ready to be re-introduced to the legislature.
  23. 2008: The Muslims through political muscle managed to convince 12 senators (SENATORS AQUlLlNO Q. PIMENTEL, JR., EDGARDO ANGARA, RODOLFO BIAZON, PIA “COMPANERA” CAYETANO, JUAN PONCE ENRILE, FRANCIS “CHIZ” ESCUDERO, JINGGOY ESTRADA, GREGORlO HONASAN, PANFILO LACSON, FRANCIS PANGILINAN, RAMON “BONG” REVILLA, MANUEL “MANNY” VILLAR) on April 23, 2008 to introduce a Federal system of Government, which will guarantee the Bangsamoro a state of its own.
    • The Muslims are always doing their best to attract presidential candidates to embrace this idea of a Federal form of government which will guarantee them a state of their own.
  24. 2008 BIFF: The failure of the BBL to be passed prompted Ameril Umbra Kato to break away from the MILF and form another Islamic militia in the Philippines, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters.
  25. 2010 NCMF: Constant lobbying by the muslim leaders finally caused the final approval On February 18, 2010, Republic Act No.9997 which Created the National Commission of Muslim Filipinos (NCMF). This Act which is a consolidation of Senate Bill No. 3482 and House Bill No. 4253 was finally passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives on December 16, 2009. This was the evolution of the CNI in 1957 to the SPDA in 1975, to OMACC in 1985, to OMA in 1987 and to finally the NCMF in 1987. The NCMF has the mandate from the president to spread Islam throughout the Philippines with the financial support from the government. This commission serves only Muslims. The FINANCING of the religion of ISLAM just keeps getting stronger.
  26. 2014: The BBL Bangsamoro Basic Law was re-introduced. It was voted on for hearing by the majority of congress in 2015 but defeated in the senate in January of 2016.
  27. 2016: May 11, 2016: Republic Act No. 10817 "it is hereby declared the policy of the State to promote the growth and ensure the integrity and quality of Philippine Halal exports."
  28. 2016: June 30, 2016, the Philippines officially inaugurated the first ever Muslim president of the Philippines. Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.
    • Prior to becoming president Duterte promised his Moro supporters that he would do everything in his power to give them a "Bangsamoro State". He even threatened a revolutionary government. These statements are all on public record.
    • On August 9, 2016, Duterte, threatened martial law. The new president of the Philippines (Duterte) campaigned to make the filipino people accept bangsamoro, he pushed for the idea of Federalism. It is a form of government that is enticing to the people. The public effort was to push for Federalism to make the Bangsamoro as one of the states of the Philippines as it was introduced in the resolution of the 14th congress.
  29. May 23, 2017: Duterte made his threat true. He declared Martial Law in Mindanao. This was due to the Islamic attack on the city of Marawi.
  30. July 23, 2017: Salaam TV (Philippines) (Muslim TV network) was launched by the office of the President. Financed by the Philippine government. And the final draft for the BBL final draft was passed by congress and senate.
  31. November 2017: The talk of revolutionary government is surfacing as he originally planned as far back as 2015. Duterte is toying with the idea. Why? Because this can lead to constitutional change towards Federalist form of government where the Muslims will be guaranteed a Bangsamoro Islamic State.
  32. May 30, 2018: Congress passes the new version of the BBL. Specifically stating that a homeland for the moros or muslims will be established. Bear in mind that this is not a homeland for Non-Muslim Filipinos. It is a homeland for the followers of Islam where the Quran and Sharia law rules supreme.
  33. July 27, 2018: President Duterte signed the Bangsamoro Organic Law. The oath of allegiance to the Philippine Republic that was in the ARMM is no longer in the BOL. Sharia and the Quran will rule supreme in the Muslim Homeland and NOT the Laws of the country. Under the BOL, the Bangsamoro region will be composed of the current 5 provinces within the ARMM, plus six municipalities of Lanao del Norte and 39 villages of Cotabato, and the chartered cities of Isabela and Cotabato subject to the approval of voters.
    1. As stated in ARTICLE IV, section 3: "The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region shall have a parliamentary form of government". There will be a Bangsamoro Transition Authority from 2019 to 2022. It’s form of government will not follow the presidential system (UNITARY) of the Philippines. This is a prelude to the much advocated FEDERAL form of government for the entire Philippines.
  34. January 25, 2019: Following the Juanuary 21, 2019 plebiscite, The ARMM officially became the BARMM(Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao) and added 63 more barangays from No. Cotabato province into the ever expanding region of the Moros.
  35. August 22, 2019: President Duterte signed and approved Republic Act No. 11439. An act providing for the regulation and organization of Islamic Banks. This ACT was introduced last July 23, 2018. Constant islamic lobbying finally got it passed.
  36. December 14, 2019: President Rodrigo Duterte (first Moro president of the Philippines) appointed Nur Misuari, founding chairman of the known terrorist group, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) as the country’s Special Economic Envoy on Islamic Affairs to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).
  37. December 15, 2020: Cotabato City originally part of Region 12 officially became part of Bangsamoro BARMM.

This march forward will not stop until the Muslims will get what they want, the entire Philippines.

Note: These 4 presidents (Carlos Garcia, Diosdado Macapagal, Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquino), within 30 years successfully undid what the Spaniards and the Americans accomplished in over 518 years.

The Muslims are always courting and bribing the president of the Philippines to get what they want. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, successfully managed to allow the first introduction of the BBL. Then Benigno Aquino almost successfully passed the BBL into law. The current president Duterte does not talk about BBL anymore, he goes directly into Federalism. Federalism in the Philippines guarantees the Moros an Islamic Bangasamoro State.

The Muslims know that the Philippine government is weak and corrupt specially the presidency. By supporting and electing the right candidate into the office is the key to the Islamization of the Philippines.

Politically supporting the right president is key in winning the battle for autonomy. President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III (2010-2016) was against the "separation of church and state". Aquino was and is still pro Bangsamoro and is willing to do anything to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

None of the presidential candidates for the year 2016 are tackling the issues of the "ARMM" and the "NCMF" which are both violating the constitution. Even if this BBL bill is quelled, another bill in its place will surface later because the Bangsamoro still exists within the BARMM and the NCMF and they all continue to get governmental yearly budget in the billions of pesos.

The current president of the Philippines (2016-2022), Rodrigo R. Duterte is for Federalism which is designed to give the religion of Islam a state of its own. Transforming the current ARMM into an Islamic federal state within the Philippines.

As long as the presidency of the Philippines continues to be in bed with Islam, it is no longer a question as to "if" this bill will pass, it is a question of as to "when" it will pass.

BARMM featured news

Maguindanao ex-village chief yields unlicensed guns, grenades

COTABATO CITY – A former village chairperson who failed in his vice mayoralty bid in Maguindanao was arrested Friday for possession of unlicensed high-powered firearms.

Usop Sanggacala Aron, former village chair of Barangay Rumirimbang in Barira town, Maguindanao, did not resist arrest when a warrant was presented to him at his house in Parang town, a report from the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) police office said.

Aron ran but lost in the vice-mayoralty race in Barira in the May 9 elections.


The Philippine government should support Ethnic and indigenous tribes but not a RELIGION

The Philippine government should support Ethnic and indigenous tribes but not a RELIGION

All the Ethnic and indigenous tribes in the Philippines should be supported by the government. Below are some of the tribes in Mindanao.

  • B'laan
  • Badjao
  • Bagobos
  • Banwaon
  • Bukidnon
  • Dibabawon
  • Diyangan
  • Higaunon
  • Iranun
  • Jama Mapun
  • K'lagan
  • K'lata
  • Kalagan
  • Kalibugan
  • Kaulo
  • Kuwemanen
  • Lambangian
  • Maguindanao
  • Mamanuwa
  • Mangguwangan
  • Mandaya
  • Manobo
  • Mansaka
  • Molbog
  • Maranaw
  • Palawanon
  • Palibugan
  • Sama
  • Sangil
  • Subanen(Subanon)
  • T'Boli
  • Tagabawa
  • Tagakaolo
  • Talaandig
  • Tausūg
  • Teduray
  • Tinenanen
  • Ubos (Ubu)
  • Yakan

Muslims: not an Ethnic group or race, Muslims are those who practice the religion of Islam

  • Being a Muslim (Moro) does not make an individual an indigenous person. Being a Muslim (Moro) makes the individual the follower of the religion of Islam.
Being Muslim does not make you indigenous.JPG
These are four Muslims from four different races. But if they become Filipino citizens, the Philippine government will classify them as indigenous. Only in the Philippines.
Muslims are not indigenous people.JPG
Muslims are not indigenous people. They are the followers of Islam.

Muslim (Moro) is not an ethnicity. Muslim by definition is an individual practicing the religion of ISLAM. Not all the Muslim (Moro) people in the Philippines are indigenous. There are several races in the Philippines practicing the religion of Islam and they are Muslim. But not all of them are indigenous. Take the Chinese Muslims in Tawi-Tawi, the Indian Muslim in Zamboanga, or the caucasian Muslim in CDO; all three belong to different races and ethnicity. Also the moros/muslims are preaching that the indigenous people of Mindanao and Sulu are Muslims or moros. They are preaching lies. These indigenous people practice and follow different religions besides Islam.

Case in point via history: Let us take two indigenous tribes as an example. The tausugs of Sulu and the Maranaos of lake Lanao.

Before the Muslims (Moros) arrived in the archipelago, the Tausugs and the Maranaos were non-Muslims (Moros). They practiced their own forms of worship. Most say that they practiced the animistic beliefs and traditions. As history would record it, by the 14th century when the Muslims (Moros) arrived in the Philippines and started to convert the natives to the religion of Islam, these two tribes (Tausugs and Maranaos) were (most of them) converted into the religion of Islam. Not all the Tausugs and Maranaos are Moros but all of them are indigenous people. They were indigenous before they became Moros. Being Muslim (Moro) did not make them indigenous. Being Tausugs and Maranaos made them indigenous.

Somehow, in the twisted minds of the legislators of the Philippines, they now classified all Moro-filipinos as indigenous people.

Muslim scholars, Muslim academia, Muslim politicians, and Muslim leaders will forever continue to break the line that divides religion from ethnicity, race, ancestry and inherited status. They will continue to complicate issues until the dividing line simply becomes a shade of gray. This push will not stop until the world will define the word Muslim (Moro) as an ethnicity and classify Moros as indigenous people.

To the Muslim, governance and religion are synonymous. If a Muslim is within a country that is not Islamic, he will simply tolerate the government. The Muslims in that country will cluster and unite in their unending effort to assimilate that country into their ISLAMIC fold. Time is not a factor.

A Muslim (Moro) is trained from childhood when asked for his/her race, to answer with "I am Muslim".

Here is how the bangsamoro is It's trying to convince legislature that the Filipino-Muslims were the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan

The BBL immediately makes an assumption that all the ancestral lands of the sulu archipelago, Mindanao and palawan all belong to the Muslims (Moros). They made this assumption and they have the legislature fooled.

Article II section 1 of the BBL defines the bangsamoro people as:"Those who at the time of conquest and colonization were considered natives or original inhabitants of Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago and its adjacent islands including Palawan, and their descendants, whether of mixed or of full blood, shall have the right to identify themselves as Bangsamoro by ascription or self-ascription. Spouses and their descendants are classified as Bangsamoro."
Then Article II section 2 of the BBL talks a little about the indigenous people: "Freedom of Choice. – The freedom of choice of other indigenous peoples shall be respected."

Let me inform you folks. The "natives or original inhabitants" at the time of conquest and colonization were not the bangsamoro people. They were the indigenous people who practiced several forms of worship and one of them just happened to be Islam. Muslims (Bangsamoro) are not indigenous people. They are the followers of the religion of Islam.

Before the introduction of any religion or ideology into the Philippines, the indigenous people already had their own languages, traditions, beliefs and practices. These new introductions or additions simply became part of the original.

The Muslims (Moros) claim that they deserve their own state because they are the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan. WRONG! Muslims (Moros) are the followers of Islam. The original inhabitants were the indigenous people. Muslims are not indigenous people, neither is it an ethnicity. If a tribe converts to Islam and all the members of that tribe become Muslims, it does not make the Muslims indigenous, it only makes the indigenous people in that tribe Muslims. The creation of the bangsamoro is based on the biggest lie in history. They claim to be the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan.

As an added bonus, they will try to re-write history and the meaning of the word "muslim". They will try to claim to be the original inhabitants of the area. They will try to convince legislature at all cost that they are an ethnicity and indigenous to the locality. Last but not the least, convince the masses that Muslim is a race. Hence they coined the word "half-muslim".

This push by the Muslims (Moros) for a state of their own is not just from the Muslims within the Philippines. Other Islamic countries are involved. The country that stands out in full support of the Muslims (Moros) in the Philippines is the country of Malaysia. They have been involved since 2007 with the former president Arroyo.

The religion of Islam should be treated just like any other religions in the Philippines. The Philippines should uphold the "separation of church and state as it is stated in the constitution. The government should not financially support any religion. Giving the bangsamoro a state of its own is a violation of the constitution. It is financially supporting the religion of Islam.

The Philippine Government is religiously biased. To defeat the BBL or Bangsamoro once and for all, legislature must be convinced that the Bangsamoro people were not the original "natives or inhabitants" of the entire Philippine archipelago or the sulu archipelago, mindanao or palwawan for that matter.

To reiterate: The indigenous people were the original "natives or inhabitants" and not the Bangsamoro. The bangsamoro (nation of muslims) people are not indigenous people.

  1. Muslims are the followers of Islam
  2. Moros are Muslims.
  3. Bangsamoro is Nation of Muslims
  4. Bangsamoro Lied when it claimed that they were the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan.
  5. A moro or muslim may be an indigenous person (tausug or other indigenous people) but just by being a muslim or moro does not make anyone indigenous.
  6. The indigenous people were the original inhabitants and just because some of them converted to Islam does not make the Muslims, Moros or Bangsamoro the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan.

Muslim Filipinos see themselves as Muslims but not as Filipinos

A group of 8 business students from WMSU were visiting business in the barangays and asking the owners how they feel about the business license rules of the government. I noticed that the students came from different areas because not all of them understood my dialect. So we switched to the language that all students know (English). I told them first that I am chavacano, so now the students started to identify themselves by their dialect or ethnicity. One said, I am visaya, next tagalog, next ilongo, it went on until it came to the 6th student who said "I am Muslim".

This is a common answer from Muslims in the Philippines. During a fiesta in Pasonanca, Zamboanga City, there were 3 foreigners sitting at this table. A Muslim friend of mine came to the table. They were talking about nationality, my friend obviously a filipino, did not identify himself as Filipino but rather as Muslim.

More and more of the Islamic (Muslim) leaders and teachers in the Philippines through the Madrasah, an Islamic educational institution, teach the young: "You are Muslim". You live and die as Muslim and not as Filipino. Identify yourselves as Muslim always.

Children are taught “taqqiyah تقية” (telling lies to the unbelievers or infidels in order to advance the cause of Islam or to make a Muslim prosper).

The loyalty of the Muslim is not to the non-islamic country that he/she lives in. His/her loyalty is "to the global Islamic “Ummah” (nation) only".

Here is a quote from Omar Ahmed, the director of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations: "Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

note: passports, drivers licenses, national I.D. from a non-islamic country are only considered as "conveniences" in order to take what the country has to offer. The Muslims from the Philippines firmly believe that the Philippines will be Islamic. It is just a matter of time. Islam teaches Muslims to be "tolerant" and patient. Time is on the side of the Muslims. Most Filipinos (non-muslims) are arrogant and complacent and this will be their downfall.

Al Haj Murad Ebrahim, chair of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) talks about the challenges facing the Bangsamoro peace process in an interview with MindaNews at Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat town in Maguindanao on January 26, 2016. In reference to Duterte's platform for the 2016 election:

“Your platform for system change precisely captures this principle,” Murad said adding that it is “in our best interest that your advocacy for federalism entrenches our aspiration for genuine self-rule in our homeland through the implementation of the CAB to put an end to the debilitating conflict that breeds anarchy and stimulates the rise of extremism.”

“Hopefully, through your efforts this can be realized by both Moros and Filipinos so that we can achieve unity and reconciliation as two nations or as component multi-nations enjoying parity of esteem and internal self-determination, and united together in a federalized association for the betterment of the Philippine State,” Murad said.

Murad assured Duterte that “we will partner with you and your administration.”

President Duterte 2016-2022 wants to declare Martial Law to pave the way for Bangsamoro Islamic State

  • October 6, 2016

Duterte's diabolical plan for the Philippines is clear. It was kind of hazy at first but all his antics made it obvious to me.

  1. His main fight is his war against illegal drugs. It is a vendetta for Digong. He has the support of the majority of the Filipino people. Many are shouting EJK (extra judicial killing) but the people would rather have the lawmen take the law into their own hands vs the drug lords acting like judges. Other countries are denouncing these EJK as human rights violation. Duterte, knows that this will irritate the national media, so he plays with it clashes head-on with the United Nations, USA and other countries. Cussing at them while doing so. Splitting the country's loyalty and testing the waters.
  2. He wants Federalism for the Philippines. He made this very clear even before he became president. His supporters are preaching that this form of government will bring a better economy for the country, nevertheless the current the Unitary system is proving to be working the best and currently making the Philippines one of the fastest growing countries in the world.
  3. He promised the MOROs an Islamic State. Make the ARMM into an Islamic State within a federal form of government. He supports the Muslim terrorist militia the MILF. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte stood by his assertion that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) should not be blamed for the death of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last January 25, 2015. He says that “they (SAF troopers) ought not to be there.” Duterte claims this "Pumasok ang pulis and it was an [MILF] territory, which in the first place, hindi tayo dapat pumasok." >>> Quote source from: Mike Frialde ( Duterte believes in the LIES of the bangsamoro. He even calls them the oppressed people. He preaches lies about the bangsamoro as being the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan. The Moros arrived only in the 14th century. Duterte knows this, yet he preaches the lies.
  4. He knows the BBL won't pass. So he will bypass it by pushing for Federalism. Most Filipinos are envious of the successes of the Federal governments in the world. So even if the Philippines is successful as a Unitary form of government, they want a change. Duterte knows this, so he feeds this. The Philippines still has the "tribal mentality", so again Duterte is feeding this. There are regions (future states) that spend more than they earn. The Unitary form of government pumps money into these regions. In a federal form of government these states (regions) will be in a ("bail-out) situation (poor and undeveloped).
  5. To get this going Duterte needed to create an unrest among the people. By being constantly controversial whenever he makes his speeches, he widens the gap of the supporters and those who oppose him. He is doing his best to expand this gap to the point of total controversy.
  6. The continued fight against the ASG is the beginning of the unrest. The ASG has always been about 300 strong only. Yet now with the help of other terrorist moro militias (mnlf, milf, biff), the men power of the ASG keeps growing to over a thousand as announced by the AFP.
  7. Pushing out the Americans causes another unrest. He started by asking the joint balikatan to leave Mindanao. Lately he insulted the US ambassador, then he proceeded to insult the president of the USA, he further threatened to pull out the alliance with the USA and insinuated that he would rather deal with China and Russia.
  8. Then the unrest within legislature. The fight with the head of the Judicial branch of the government and even hinted martial law. The continued senatorial investigation into the EJKs.
  9. He postponed the barangay elections of 2016. He gave a very lame reason. Yet congress fell for it.
  10. The plan is to make the barangay officials not by elections anymore but by appointment. Thereby creating a puppet system to accomplish what the administration wants without contradiction.
  11. This will create another major unrest in most of the 42,036 barangays of the Philippines. The appointees will only be those who are loyal to the administration. His administration will appoint 336,288 puppets for the administration.
  12. Not even a month after the postponement of the barangay election, the administration launches (10/2/16) "Kilusang Pagbabago" in Cebu with as many as 5k members. This is a start of the establishment of the puppetry of the 42,036 barangays.
  13. To stir up the pot a bit more he may even start another war with the NPA. "Let me now announce that I am hereby ordering for the immediate lifting of the unilateral ceasefire that I ordered last July 25 against the communist rebels," Duterte said last July 30, 2016
  14. With all this unrest and turmoil he will then declare Martial Law.
  15. While within Martial Law, Federalism will be an easy task.
  16. Ultimately the MOROS will get what they want as promised by Duterte. An Islamic Bangsamoro State.
  17. May 23, 2017, Duterte declared a 60 day martial law in Mindanao]. July 18, 2017: Duterte declares: "I call upon the Congress to extend until 31st December 2017 or for such a period of time as the Congress may determine the proclamation of martial law and the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus in the whole of Mindanao,”. This 60 day martial law has been extended to the end of 2018.
  18. July 17, 2017: Duterte declares: “I am for this (bbl new draft) --- within the context of the Republic of the Philippines, there shall be a Bangsamoro country.”
  19. Effective July 23, 2017, Duterte mandated the creation of Salaam TV (Philippines). Financed by the Philippine government. The focus of Salaam TV will be on the development of Muslim communities.

This Duterte is a shrewd one indeed.

I hope I am wrong and that Duterte's diabolical plans don't work. But the writings on the wall seems to tell me that I am probably right.

Can a good Muslim be a patriotic Filipino?

  • Religiously - no. . . . Because no other religion is accepted by His Allah except Islam (Quran, 2:256)
  • Scripturally - no. . . Because his allegiance is to the five Pillars of Islam and the Quran. Never to a Non-Islamic government.
  • Geographically - no... Because his allegiance is to his Islamic state and to Mecca, to which he turns in prayer five times a day. Loyalty to the Philippines will only come when the Philippines becomes an Islamic State.
  • Socially - no. . . Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make true friends with non-muslims. They are simply to be tolerated.
  • Politically - no. . . Because he must submit to the mullahs (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Christianity or non-muslims (infidels) and to reclaim the archipelago for ISLAM.
  • Domestically - no. . . Because he is instructed to marry as many as four Women to spread ISLAM and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him (Quran 4:34 ). The hijab, nijab, and burka make their women walking billboards for Islam.
  • Intellectually - no. . Because he cannot accept the Philippine's Constitution since it is not based on the Quran. Sharia must be first.
  • Philosophically - no. . . . Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran do not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is either monarchical, dictatorial, autocratic, and all based on the Quran. Sharia forms the basis for state laws. To the Muslims democracy is the freedom of choice only among Muslims.
  • Spiritually - no. . . . The religion of Islam preaches love among themselves. The religion of Islam preaches tolerance towards non-muslims not love. So the key word that must be remembered is the word "AMONG". So when the Muslim claims that Islam is a religion of love, he is correct. It is LOVE "among" Muslims. It is the love for his fellow followers of Islam and not toward non-muslims.

The Philippines, a better country as an Islamic State?

Currently the Philippines (2015) is a country obsessed with creating laws. However, The Philippines has a huge problem with the enforcement or following the laws that they create.

  • Some Examples:
  1. No booze for minors. You can send a 10 year old to a store and he can buy food, cigarettes and booze.
  2. Fines for Gasoline pumps whose meters are rigged. Shows you pumped 4 litters when in fact you only pumped 3.87 litters. The fine is only 50 pesos. That's only if someone complains. And it takes months for the investigation.
  3. Fines for littering. Yahoo now there is a law that will fine the violators. You can go to any street in the Philippines and right in front of the police officers citizens will throw their cigarette butts. The smoking police officers do the same.

The Philippines desperately needs discipline. Maybe ISLAM will provide this.

More reading on how Islam takes over or assimilates communities and countries

Assimilation of the Hosting Country by ISLAM

  • By: Franklin H. Maletsky

Do Muslims (followers of Islam) assimilate or integrate into the culture of the country they immigrate to or move into? NO!
It's the other way around. They assimilate the hosting country and make it their own. Religion and government then become as one. Islam is in fact a rogue form of government, faking itself as a monotheistic religion. It mandates its own type of food to eat, family and social relationships, economy, banking, local and international laws, military, and even pharmaceutical products.
Islam will never stop trying to assimilate the country or community it moves into. It may take years or generations, but one thing is for sure; the Muslims will never stop trying to change the ways of the country or community into their own Islamic ways. Sharia law governs all Muslims. This will not change. So when Muslims decide to move into your community, their aim is not to be just good neighbors, their plan is to take over the neighborhood. The process is gradual. If your focus is on the character of the individual Muslim and not on his/her religion, then you are in for a rude awakening. Bear in mind, the Muslim is a victim of his/her own religion. If you think that this is not so, you are either naive or in denial, and soon enough you will be proven wrong.

The assimilation process of countries by Islam is simple and history has proven it to be very successful. This is the template for the assimilation process.

  1. Move into a community or country and saturate it. They start by creating pocket communities and then expand. Always grouping.
    • As a refugee (Mohammad moved into Medina as a refugee when he was kicked out of Mecca.)
    • As an immigrant - Millions of Muslims are moving into countries as refugees and immigrants. Even countries who are against polygamy are accepting Muslim immigrants. The United States of America has an existing law against polygamy. But it allows Muslims to immigrate into the country. The U.S.A. is in denial. A perfect victim of Islam. All Muslims adhere and live by the law of sharia and Sharia law upholds polygamy. Sharia law does not adhere to the "separation of government from religion". This is the first mistake of these countries.
  2. Be part of the government of the hosting country.
    • Join the military. Become a commanding officer in the military. (Mohammad became a military consultant for the leaders of Medina)
    • Join governance. Be an elected political leader. Be part of legislature and create laws to conform with sharia. Many non-islmaic countries now have Muslims as their political leaders.
    • Take over public school systems by having muslims elected as officials of the school board. Then start changing things from within to conform with sharia law.
  3. Build Mosques or Masjids and Madrasahs (religious muslim public schools) (Mohammad established his place of worship or prayer in Medina. Now the second holiest city of ISLAM.)
    • All over the world Mosques and Madrasas are built at a very fast pace. Even in areas where there are not many Muslims, they build mosques.
    • Create Muslim Organizations to give strength to their demands upon the government. E.G. In the USA they have CAIR- (Council on American-Islamic Relations), in Australia they have the "Australian Federation of Islamic Councils - AFIC", In the United Kingdom there is the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), in the Philippines they have NCMF (already financed by the Philippine government).
    • Muslim parents will petition the school systems to recognize Muslim holidays as official school holidays. (Eid al-Fitr -end of ramadan) will always be the first.
      • Then Muslim girls will be the billboard of Islam in schools by wearing their hijabs. When schools impose the rule of "no head-wear or scarf", the Muslims will protest and proclaim bias and prejudice against their religious rights, until the school system gives in.
    • They will demand Halal foods be served in canteens and in public places.
  4. Establish Sharia courts within the hosting country. (Mohammad established his law and order in Medina for his followers who left Mecca to join him.) Sharia is the sword of the Quran. Sharia covers and rules all the basic behavior of a Muslim. For sustenance, sharia dictates what is haram or halal. Sharia dictates funding. Islamic banking is being established to control the flow of money and funding.
    • The Muslim elected officials who are part of governance will work the system to have Sharia law approved. Once sharia law becomes accepted into the court system, the Muslim elected politicians will lobby to establish sharia courts. These sharia courts will be exclusively for Muslims, but paid for by the government via public government fund paid in by all citizens.
    • In modern times: Establish the term "Muslim" as a race. Campaign on a propaganda that the muslims are oppressed and are discriminated against by the hosting country. File discrimination lawsuits.
    • Lobby to have the immigration office of the country ignore their POLYGAMY LAW. In Australia, all of South America, U.S.A. and all of No. America, France, Spain, Germany, and most of Europe, Polygamy is illegal and its practice is criminalized. But because of lobbying, Muslims can easily immigrate into these countries. All Muslims advocate the practice of Polygamy.
  5. Cluster (live in close proximity) for community strength. (Mohammad asked all his followers to join him in Medina. There they clustered..)
    • They do not spread out. They cluster for community strength. They make it uncomfortable for outsiders (non-muslims) to visit their cluster. Business that sell "haram" products are gradually harassed, and ultimately they move out, leaving only business for "halal" products.
    • Mosques and madrasas(schools) are built within these clusters. With the help of muslim leaders who were elected into government offices, the call to prayer 5 times a day with the bull horn (loud speakers) will be approved.
    • As the cluster grows economically, they will setup Islamic banks.
  6. Create a peaceful organization such as "charities" and merge with Christian groups to work on humanitarian causes to make sure that the Christian (non-muslim) group leaders will endorse the Muslims as peaceful and loving people. Keep working their way to even get the Christians to share their places of worship. They preach TOLERANCE. But their meaning of tolerance is different from yours. They tolerate you because they know that one day they will dominate you. They keep you focused on the present and you forget the history of Islam. By the time you wake up, it is too late. You swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker. (Mohammad collaborated with the Jews in MEDINA, befriended and worked with them.)
    • They create LOBBYING groups. The exclusive job of these lobbying groups would be to spearhead the acceptance of sharia law into governance. Since women are the walking billboards of Islam, these lobbying groups will fight to have muslim women have the right to wear hijabs, nijabs or burkas in educational institutions or anywhere where head-wears are not acceptable.
  7. Muslim men are to marry as many non-muslim women since women are by nature submissive and need control as taught by Islam. Introduce polygamy to non-muslim men. Cultivate the greed and lust of men to posses women. ( Mohammad took wives. As young as 6 years and to consummate the marriage at 9 years of age. Establish polygamy..)
  8. Continue with the above to establish roots and heritage to build critical mass then take over. (Mohammad amassed his followers in Medina until finally he overcame them (jews) and the rest is history.) Medina is now the second holiest city of the religion of Islam.
NOTE: Most religions behave the same way to expand membership. However only Islam assimilates to govern. Only Islam creates their own form of governance, their own law (sharia), food products (halal), and finance (Islamic banking). Islam takes over governments.

What is the main attraction to Islam? Islam is primarily a "men's club". Women are trophies, possessions, messengers, breeders, and mostly sex slaves. To attract the men, Islam promises men the booty of conquest and the bounty of POLYGAMY. Now the big question is what attracts women to Islam? Why aren't they offended by the men who treat them only as possessions? Mohammad based his teaching on the history of women's submissive and obedient nature. He taught his followers to bully women and that they will submit and will be obedient. Mohammad was right and the rest is history. There are a few women out there who are champions of the freedom of choice. Very few.

As an added bonus, they will try to re-write history and the meaning of the word "muslim". They will try to claim to be the original inhabitants of the area. They will try to convince legislature of the country that they are an ethnicity and indigenous to the country. Last but not the least convince the masses that Muslim is a race. Hence they coin the word "half-muslim".

Islam is not simply a form of governance. Now they are also influencing the World banking system. They have introduced Sharia compliant banking. There are now Islamic Banks all over the world. The fastest growing banking system in the world.

Claims of Muslims based on lies:

  1. They are one of the original inhabitants of Australia. They were there before Captn. Cook
  2. They are the original inhabitants of the islands of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan of the Philippines.
  3. Jerusalem by ancestral rights belong to Islam.


  • A non-islamic country that does not strictly adhere to the "separation of religion and government" will in a matter of time be assimilated by the religion of Islam. The religion of Islam doesn't just convert individuals into its fold, it assimilates governments or countries. A non-islamic country that continues to be politically correct and refuses to refer to jihadists as "muslim-terrorist" but instead as "terrorist" only, will in time be assimilated.
  • Every religion preaches love, peace, honesty, kindness, charity and tries to bring out the goodness in humanity. However, most religious leaders also preach prejudice. Specially against other religions.
  • The religion of Islam preaches love among themselves. The religion of Islam preaches tolerance towards non-muslims not love. So the key word that must be remembered is the word "AMONG". So when the Muslim claims that Islam is a religion of love, he is correct. It is LOVE "among" Muslims. It is the love for his fellow followers of Islam and not toward non-muslims.
Is there anything wrong with clustering? Is there anything wrong with building mosques and private islamic schools? Absolutely nothing. But the Muslims use these methodology to take over communities. When you see this happening in your community, you are gradually being assimilated.
  • First country to be assimilated by Islam was Saudi Arabia. It was predominantly Christian before the inception of Islam.
  • Constantinople was a Christian capital city during the 4th century until the 15th century. It was assimilated by Islam and is now known as Istanbul, Turkey..

Islam is a religion and a form of governance. Muslims are obligated to follow Sharia law. This religious law (Sharia), is what regulates the daily lives of the Muslim. Without Sharia law there is no Islam. Hence, the separation of religion and state or government is not an option for the Muslims. The muslims will contradict this statement by re-routing the topic to other quotes in the Quran and will point out how some Muslims are living in countries without Sharia law. If you follow that discussion format then the topic will get confused because that is what they want. Simply go back and ask the Muslim a simple question: "Can you as a Muslim live without believing and following Sharia Law?"

Islam 10 and 90.JPG

The expansion of Islam is through conversion and family expansion. Much like any other religion. As most religious groups do, they cluster in communities. For the Muslims (followers of Islam) it does not stop there. The intention is always to take over the community.

Religions have several types of followers but Islam only has two:
☪ The ACTIVE (10%) of Islam.
☪ The PASSIVE (90%) of Islam.
Be careful with those who belong to the "passive"(90%), they spread like wildfire and they can be active at anytime. This 90% quietly support the causes of the "political lobbyists", they sign the petitions, they vote for their "muslim candidates", they are the lifeline of the 10%. They preach "peace and love". They recite the peaceful quotations from the Quran. They build mosques and madrasas. They cluster peacefully, almost unnoticed. They do not spread out. They cluster for community strength. They make it uncomfortable for outsiders (non-muslims) to visit their cluster.

Clustering is the foundation for assimilation. Within their cluster they strengthen the practice of sharia (Islamic law). They establish halal(frequently applied to permissible food and drinks) mini-groceries. It looks innocent enough but they also pressure out haram(forbidden) outlets. This is a gradual process.

Everybody needs food to survive. Making the food source of the community "halal" is the prime objective. The school systems will be lobbied to have halal food served in cafeterias. Business that sell "haram" (not halal) products are gradually harassed, and ultimately they move out, leaving only business for "halal" products.

Who are these 90% of Islam? They are your neighbors, you grow up with them, they are your relatives, friends, classmates, co-workers, and they are the "peaceful" Muslims. They may not follow 100% the sharia law but they support it. You see them peacefully walking down the streets. You may even hear some of these 90% contradict the activities of the "muslim terrorists". They will even say vehemently that terrorism is against their religion. They will join human rights activists group and give speeches about islamophobia, bigotry, prejudice and racism. They will join non-muslim religious organization and promote peace to show "solidarity". They won't physically harm or talk bad about anyone but they support 100% those other Muslims who will destroy your families and kill you. If you believe in their "good cop, bad cop" routine, your country is doomed for assimilation.

What is the definition of HUMAN RIGHTS in Islam? To the Muslim it is simple. Sharia law or Quranic Law defines "human rights". The Muslim league of nations (57) under the name of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation adopted this definition. They are 1.9 billion strong and growing.

The "active 10% of Islam" fall under three categories:
✔ The violent radicals (those who choose violence as their means of assimilation)
✔ The protesters-demonstrators who rally
✔ The political lobbyists, elected politicians, men in power and influence.

We call the violent radicals terrorists. They don't really do the most damage to countries because they are targets. You can go to war with them with your military.

The most damage is done by the "political lobbyists" and politicians, they are the ones who can change the country from within. These politicians and lobbyists are fueled by the "rallyists" and protesters-demonstrators. The "political lobbyists", "politicians", "rallyists" don't use guns. They use words, they use the media, they circulate lies, they use lawyers, they use politics, they use your own system of law to take you down. They infiltrate the educational system. They become teachers, professors, administrators and get voted into school boards where they can do the most damage by allowing Islam to infiltrate and be part of the school system. They are the mentors of young Muslim attorneys who infiltrate the Judicial system. Once these Muslim lawyers become judges in the non-muslim countries then the next step is to make it smooth as silk to pass Sharia law.

All around the world you will once-in-a-while see these 90% demonstrating for "PEACE" and condemning the activities of any recent terrorist activities. They will say to the media that these terrorist activities in the name of Islam is wrong and that Islam is a religion of peace and love. People who are naive will see and listen to this and think that in fact what they are saying is the "truth". Nahhh! They got you. Hook line and sinker. Islam preaches Love to be only among themselves (the Muslims). Infidels are simply to be tolerated. Why do Muslims teach and emphasize tolerance? They teach the world to be tolerant? Why?

They teach NON-MUSLIMS to be tolerant because:
✅ They have the upper hand or the advantageous position.
✅ They are the bullies, the users, the abusers, the pushers.
✅ They impose their will or opinion upon you. They deprive.
✅ They make you accept what is unfair, unjust or wrong.
✅ They want you to be submissive and to leave it to God.
✅ They tell you to “turn the other cheek” or be “politically correct”.
✅ They allow others to take what is yours and tell you that it is OK.
They tell Muslims to be tolerant because:
✅ The infidels are more powerful.
✅ They can't win YET. They are not getting what they want. They wait for the opportunity to DOMINATE.

They teach TOLERANCE to achieve DOMINANCE.

Sharia law is a great weapon of the Muslims. Sharia law allows men to practice polygamy and own women. Women are the possessions of men. Possessing submissive women is attractive to men. Islam is a religion invented for Men, for dominance over humanity. It is a men's club. Islam is very attractive to men.

What attracts women to Islam? What makes being the 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife attractive? What makes being a sex slave attractive? What makes being a possession and the property of men attractive? Yet there are over 800 million muslim women and all are the possessions of men. Mohammad preached that men should be dominant towards women and that women will submit. He was and still is correct to this day. Everyday more women are being converted into Islam. Submissive women (the majority of women) are the secret weapon of Islam.

Muslim hijab nijab burka.png

Why do Muslim women wear the hijab, nijab or burka?

The #1 reason for muslim women to wear the hijab, nijab or burka is for IDENTIFICATION. The hijab, nijab or burka identifies her as a Muslim. Walking down the street, in the park, in the mall, in a school campus, and in any private or public place, she wants to tell the world and be identified as a Muslim. She is a walking advertising billboard for Islam.

The #2 reason for muslim women to wear the hijab, nijab or burka is because they were told to do so. Those who were born into Islam were taught since childhood that women must be covered up, so as not to "tempt" men. They may define this with all sorts of different terms and one of them would be modesty. Nothing wrong with that. But it still boils down to this main reason as to why men make muslim women cover up, and that is to prevent men from being sexually aroused.

You will read all kinds of articles about all sorts of reasons for muslim women wearing the hijab. The favorite one is: "It is my right, my choice and it is my life". All these explanations are touching basic truths, but they are all trying to make you forget about the #1 and #2 reasons as to why muslim women wear the hijab, nijab or burka.

Hijabs worn by non-muslim women in christchurch new zealand to show solidarity towards islam after tragic incident last March 15, 2019.
This women can show their condolences and compassion without bowing down to the religion of Islam.

There is a "STUPID" trend going on and the majority of non-muslim women are bowing to this: Non-Muslim women must wear the Hijab in Muslim countries or in institutions run by Muslims. Only a few headstrong women refuse to bend to the will of Islam. Nazí Paikidze-Barnes, 2016 U.S. women's chess champion, boycotted the Women's World Chess Championship of 2017 in Tehran, Iran due to its hijab dress code. She said, "I will not wear a hijab and support women’s oppression. Even if it means missing one of the most important competitions of my career."

There are Muslim women who do not wear the head coverings. Does that mean that they are liberated? NO! They are still bound to the laws of Sharia. Bound to OBEY the "man". Bound to the words of the imam.

Islam is a religion invented for Men, for dominance over humanity. It is a men's club. Islam is very attractive to men.

What attracts women to Islam? What makes being the 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife attractive? What makes being a sex slave attractive? What makes being a possession and the property of men attractive? Yet there are over 800 million muslim women and all are the possessions of men. Mohammad preached that men should be dominant towards women and that women will submit. He was and still is correct to this day. Everyday more women are being converted into Islam. Submissive women (the majority of women) are the secret weapon of Islam.

The conformity of non-muslims will lead to their subjugation.

In most countries "Faith Schools" or "Religious Schools" have strict dress codes. Specially for girls. Most of these schools have strict uniform policy of no "head-wear or scarfs". Just as Muslim schools (madrasas) require girls to wear headscarves or hijabs.

Now the Philippines which is a country populated by over 80% Catholics have many religious schools and all the religious schools have strict uniform or dress code. "No head-wear or scarfs". Then starting in 2011 Muslim girls became bold and began wearing hijabs to school. They were told to remove them. They protested. Muslims leaders were angry claiming that the rule violates their religious rights. Mind you, before they enrolled, they were told about the rules and they agreed to abide by these rules. The protest went on for almost 3 years. The National Commission on Muslims Filipinos (a lobbying group for muslims only paid by the government) stepped in to protect the "rights" of the muslims. Since the ncmf is a government commission and financed by the government to only serve Muslims, the Catholic church and all other religions succumbed to the will of Islam. Now Muslim girls in the Philippines are allowed to wear the HIJAB in any school in the Philippines. However, non-muslims students who wear headgear, head-wear or headdress to school are still being reprimanded. That's the power of Islam over the government of the Philippines. No other religion has that kind of power or influence.

June 26, 2018 The Netherlands passed a law to ban face-covering veils in some public spaces. Making nijabs and burkas unlawful. The liberals (infidels - not muslims) have already found a way not to implement the law by simply saying that the police will not be able to respond to complaints within the 30 minute time as suggested by police procedures.

Precautions to be taken by the Immigration office

This should be part of the vetting questionnaire for all immigrants.

  1. Are you racially biased?
  2. Do you believe that your religious laws or ideologies are supreme over the laws of this country?
  3. Do you believe that man, woman or LGBT do not have the same human rights?
  • If you answer “YES” to any of the above, your application will be denied.
  • Once accepted, make them sign a contract to this effect, the immigrants must still be constantly monitored specially those that came from countries with the history of terrorism.
  • If later you were found out to have lied, you will be deported and never be allowed to return.

As long the individual stays in the country, whether as a resident immigrant, or as a citizen, those 3 questions will remain enforced.

What to do to help prevent the take over

Do what they do. They are experts at dominating communities, cities and countries. You can create a non-partisan lobbying group to fight any corrupt or detrimental laws, or to simply prevent a group of people to take over your city, state, or country with their ideology or culture. The Muslims create Islamic Councils to lobby and promote their Sharia Law in every country they move to. They don’t have this in Islamic countries. They create this only in Non-Islamic countries. If you only sit back and complain but don’t act, your community will soon enough be under the rule of Muslim leaders who will push for Sharia Law. They have CAIR in America, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils in Australia, the Islamic Council of Europe in Europe, the Islamic Organization of Latin America. What do they do? They LOBBY for Islamic laws. What do Non-Muslims have? Hmmm...Do you get the picture?

When confronted directly about terrorism and polygamy, Muslims avoid answering the question

Linda Sarsour is the Muslim woman who helped organize the women's march last January 21, 2017. She is the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. She managed to bamboozle the Women's rights movement to March for Islam. She was asked a question regarding "TERRORISM": Her answer is: "So I condemn terrorism. But I do it as human being, Not as a Muslim." There you go folks. As a Muslim, she can't condemn terrorism.

In an Islamic country where Sharia is law, women do not have rights as what "women's rights" want. Women are possessions in Sharia Law. They may own stuff with "permission" because they are owned by men. So why did the organizers of the women's march associated themselves with Linda Sarsour?

A Muslim told me once that he like many young Muslims, do not support or advocate polygamy. So I quipped back and asked him, doesn't Sharia law support polygamy? He agreed that Sharia supports polygamy in the religion of Islam. So I asked him, Doesn't Sharia dictate the guidelines of the life of Muslims. He said yes. So I asked him again, If you do not support polygamy and sharia advocates polygamy, will you DENY sharia law? He said NO.
So I called out his LIE to his face. I told him "You may not practice polygamy, but you advocate polygamy via sharia law." He got so pissed off.

The start of the assimilation of Countries by Islam

What and Who helps propagate the spread of Islam?

Weak minded women help propagate the religion of Islam. They hang on to men who advocate polygamy. These women want to be controlled, used and possessed by muslim men.

Women are supposed to be strong, loving, tolerant and compassionate. Are they also truly the weaker sex? Intelligent maybe but not strong willed as depicted by most controlling men? There is the organization for "women's rights". But why does this organization embrace the support of Islam? It is common knowledge that in Islam women are the possessions of men. Yet the women's rights activists are supportive of the religion of Islam and unknowingly (maybe) embraces Sharia law. Is this because they are submissive by nature and truly need someone to rule over them?

Does Islam know the secret on how to control women? Is this the reason why Islam is the fastest growing religion? Why is it so easy for Muslim men to convert non-muslim women into Islam? Is it because women inherently want to be dominated by men?

Every day more and more women are possessed by muslim men. Majority of women are submissive by nature that is why it is easy for Muslim men to marry non-muslim women. Hence Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam can't grow without women. Islam will stop growing if the majority of women will stop being submissive and stop allowing men to own and control them.

Could it be true that there are only a small minority of women who truly advocate freedom of choice? Could it be true that the majority women want to be controlled by men?

Islam preaches this to be so. Islam preaches this to be the truth. More and more men are leaning to this ideology and they are harvesting their women all over the world. Polygamy is law in Sharia. The women of Islam accept this. Inadvertently, non-muslim women also accept polygamy as soon as they become the mate (possession) of the muslim man.

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What some countries are doing about Illegal immigration

Poland : Dominik Tarczynski polish law & justice party video:

Is there such a thing as Islamic democracy

Is Islam democratic?

Islam is not simply a religion. Islam is a way of life. Islam is also a system of governance. Islam is ruled by the Quran. Shari'ah law is supreme. Within Islam there is no room for any other form of governance.

There is a partial democratic system among the followers of Islam. The majority within their Islamic community rules. For the sake of commerce there is capitalism among the followers of Islam. Islam does not restrict commerce to within their Islamic community only. For the sake of commerce they will deal with infidels. Islam even embraces socialism but to the extent of exercising its principles only among the followers of Islam and within their cluster or community.

Anything that is good, Islam will embrace and utilize it among the followers of Islam.

The key word that must be remembered at all times when dealing with Islam is the word "among".

Islam will always seek absolute authority and power. Hence there is only one form of government that is the apex of Islam. It is the caliphate.

The caliphate is the absolute form of government that Islam desires. The caliphate is led by a caliph, who is a political and religious leader. The caliph is a successor to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The power and authority of the caliph is absolute.

In conclusion Islam is not democratic. The Qu'ran rules and governs. There is no negotiation.

References to Islam as to its meaning and purpose

Here is the viewpoint of one website about this question:

Here is a site that talks as to what Islam is.

The Objectives Of Islam:

The Caliphate:

The Quran:

Signs of the times

  • Wednesday, January 30, 2018: A grenade thrown inside a mosque in Talon Talon, Zamboanga City killed at least 2 and injured 4 others around 20 minutes past midnight on Wednesday, January 30.
  • Sunday January 27, 2019: Two bombs exploded outside a Catholic cathedral in Jolo, the capital of Sulu province in southern Philippines. 17 killed, dozens wounded.
  • January 21, 2019 the Bangsamoro (ARMM) made a remarkable step towards the gain of more territories.
  • February 25, 2019: Catholicism will disappear in 25 years, Pres. Duterte says as reported by CNN Philippines Staff.
  • August 22, 2019: President Duterte signed and approved Republic Act No. 11439. An act providing for the regulation and organization of Islamic Banks. This ACT was introduced last July 23, 2018. Constant islamic lobbying finally got it passed.


We are not against the practice of any Religion. We are in favor of the "Freedom of Religion". We are also an advocate for the "Separation of Church and State", specially when it is specifically stated so in the constitution (Article II, Section 6).

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Updated: September 21, 2023

Siquijor ventures into chocolate making.
DUMAGUETE CITY – The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) sees Siquijor as another province producing high-quality chocolates. Engineer Mario dela Peña, DOST-Siquijor provincial director, told the Philippine News Agency on Thursday that the department is assisting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the island province to embark on chocolate making as a new or added source of income. “We just learned that we can find the Creole cacao in Siquijor, whose beans or seeds are of higher quality," dela Peña said. "You cannot just find this anywhere, and somebody who grows this variety has offered to provide seedlings,” he said.


Taal's renewed 'vog' emissions affect health of students, crops
BATANGAS CITY – The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) has called on school authorities in affected Batangas town to hold online classes to keep students safely at home amid Taal Volcano’s renewed spewing of volcanic smog or “vog”. In an interview on Thursday, Dr. Amor Banuelos-Calayan, PDRRMO head, revealed that her office has just received a report that several high school students from Balete town experienced skin irritation, breathing difficulties, and some even had asthma attacks. Apart from the human health toll, municipal officials in Balete have also reported an estimated PHP1.9-million damage to agriculture as highly acidic vog particles settle on top of crops.