Huge waves destroy 10 houses in Pagadian City

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By Leah Agonoy (PNA)

PAGADIAN CITY, Zamboanga del Sur -- Huge waves destroyed 10 houses that were mostly made of light materials on Monday (August 5) in the coastal barangay of Dumagoc, this city.

Resident Nenita Revilla said they were caught by surprise when huge waves struck the village at 6 a.m., as it was not raining and the weather was calm.

Revilla said they had to evacuate to a safer area since her daughter just gave birth a few days ago.

She described the situation as frightening since they have not experienced similar phenomenon in the past, even during typhoons.

Rosita Calunod, 77, a neighbor of the Revillas, said she was also shocked by the incident. Her house was among the 10 houses that were destroyed. All her kitchen utensils were washed away.

Calunod, a barangay worker, was cleaning the covered court at the time of the incident.

Lt. Commander Paul Ryan Gonzales, the provincial Coast Guard station chief, said they have advised the fishermen to be extra cautious even if there was no weather disturbance.

Several fishing boats have docked at the port of this city.

Rodel Tolentino, one of the boat captains, said they decided to dock since “the weather was not good.”

“The safety of the crew is our priority,” Tolentino added.

Diomedes Sinon, Dumagoc barangay captain, said they have yet to assess the extent of damage caused by the huge waves. He assured affected families will be provided assistance.