Honest trike driver returns P12,500

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By Gideon C. Corgue (ALT/GCC/PIA-Zamboanga del Sur)

PAGADIAN CITY (PIA) – An honest tricycle driver won praise and received an unexpected reward for returning P12,500 that he found along the road in Gatas District, this city.

Abelardo Tugahan Jr., 44, a resident of barangay Alegria said while he was driving his tricycle with body cab no. 0127, he found a wallet along the road. Tugahan said his unknown passenger convinced him that the wallet was his, but he did not listen to him.

Instead of keeping the money, Abelardo without any delay turned-over the lost and found item to DXPR radio station in barangay San Jose.

A staff inspected it and found that the wallet contained P12,500 in cash and an ATM card.

Tugahan said he returned the wallet because it was not his property.

“Kinasing-kasing nga giuli nako ang pitaka tungod kay dili man to akoa ug ang Ginoo nakakita sa tanang mga panghitabo sa palibot nato, (I heartily returned the wallet because it was not my property, and God sees everything that is happening around us),” Tugahan explained.

“Ang tawo nga mawad-an ug butang nga mahalon dako gayud ang iyang kaguol. Tungod niini malipayon ako nakatabang sa akong isigkatawo pinaagi pag-uli sa nawala nga butang,(A person who loses something very precious to him would be so sad. With this, I am happy that I have helped my fellowman by returning the lost item),” Tugahan added.

The trike driver said that it is important that we live by the word of God and be honest.

“Kitang tanan temporaryo lamang ning kalibutan busa magpuyo kita sa pulong sa Ginoo ug ang pagkamatinud-anon usa ka mahinungdanon nga butang nga atong sundon, (We are all temporary in this world, thus, we live by the word of God and being honest is one of the most important things to follow),” he said.

Tugahan said this was not the first time that he returned valuables left inside his tricycle. He also returned a Cherry Mobile phone (touch screen) to his lady passenger in barangay San Jose a year ago.

Meanwhile, DXPR station manager Melchor Coronel lauded Tugahan for turning over the lost-and-found wallet to their station-- RMN DXPR.

Coronel said he was elated by the virtue shown by the driver.

“I was amazed upon knowing that there are still a few good tricycle drivers who have the value and principle of returning what is not theirs. Indeed, this tricycle driver is worthy of emulation,” Coronel said.

“The value of returning is an exemplary virtue. Even if he has less in life, he has proven that the spirit of honesty remains in his heart and mind,” Coronel added.

“May the good deeds of Tugahan serve as a challenge for all tricycle drivers to emulate what he has done,” Coronel concluded .

The owner personally handed a cash reward of P1,000 to the driver as a way of saying thank you for his act of exemplary honesty and kindness.