List of the 17 Regions in the Philippines
National - Capital Region I - Ilocos II - Cagayan III - C. Luzon IV-A - Calabarzon IV-B - Mimaropa V - Bicol VI - W. Visayas VII - C. Visayas VIII - E. Visayas IX - Zamboanga X - N. Mindanao XI - Davao XII - Soccsksargen XIII - Caraga XIV - CAR XV - BARMM

Minimize corruption and maximize prosperity with a Guarantee of One Senator per Region. They divided the Philippines into REGIONS, but kept SENATORIAL representation national with no accountability to any regions.. No wonder many regions remain poor. Petition for a regional senatorial election. All regions will have senatorial representation.
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==[[:Category:Firstname Lastname Photo Gallery|Firstname Lastname Photo Gallery]]==
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  1. Antonio_G._Gutierez
  2. Genalyn E. Gutierez