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Give this Child The Gift of a beautiful Smile

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All your donations will go to project BOSS.
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Athena Ria Gwyn Mandag, Born with Cleft Palate and Harelip 02.jpg
Athena Ria Gwyn Mandag, Born with Cleft Palate and Harelip.jpg

Poor child! Athena Ria Gwyn Mandag, Born with Cleft Palate and Harelip can't be operated on yet because she's underweight. Her mother Fleur De Lee Mandag, can't properly breast feed Athena because of her cleft lip condition. The placement of a brace in her mouth, is a temporary remedy till after two months she'll be checked again if ok for operation.

They are from Znac, Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte, which is situated far from the capital city. B.O.S.S. does not have a mission in Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte and the Dapitan schedule is still being worked on. Upon the persistent research of the mother,she found our BOSS in FB page and communicated with us. She identified herself as the daughter of an APO member.

Mr. and Mrs. Mandag have PhilHealth and their insurance will cover the operation with a large co-pay (deductible). We checked on this and found out that the dedectible (co-pay) is 40K to 42,000. pesos. Mr. and Mrs. Mandag do not have the 42,000.00 for the co-pay.

The temporary brace inside the mouth of Baby Athena will allow her to be fed and she will gain the necessary weight to allow the doctor to operate on her.

Project BOSS is working to find doctors who will operate on Baby Athena without charging the extra 42K. In the meantime we are appealing to your kindness to relieve the financial burden that the parents will undergo. Most of all we are appealing to you so Baby Athena may have ability to eat properly and grow to be a beautiful child with a beautiful smile. Your donations will give Athena a bright future.

Athena Ria Gwyn Mandag, Born with Cleft Palate and Harelip 01.jpg
Athena Ria Gwyn Mandag, Born with Cleft Palate and Harelip 03.jpg