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Federalism is simply a ploy to give the Bangsamoro (Muslims) a state of its own

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The idea of federalism goes back to General Emilio Aguinaldo in 1898. Even back then Aguinaldo embraced federalism only because of the Moros. The moros wanted an independent state and they promised allegiance to Aguinaldo if he supported the idea of Federalism to give the Muslims an Islamic state.

Federalism is embraced by the Bangsamoro and the ARMM. The Moros(Muslims) already have 5 provinces inside the ARMM. The ARMM has autonomy. It is self-governed. It receives over 30 billion pesos per year. It does not report to the DILG like all the other regions do. The ARMM only answers to the president of the Philippines. But why are they still clamoring for a Bangsamoro Islamic State? Why aren't the Muslims(Moros) happy with the ARMM?

Here are the main reasons why:
  1. The ARMM can't impose sharia law in all the 5 provinces. The Philippine government prevents them from doing so. This makes the Muslims upset. What is this autonomy good for if shariah does not rule? The muslims want sharia to govern them and not the laws of the Philippines.
  2. The ARMM is only a Republic Act and therefore it can be revoked or repealed. If ever a president gets pissed off enough at the ARMM he can simply convince congress to revoke or repeal the ARMM. Then poof! No more ARMM. No more happy times for the Muslims. But if the ARMM becomes the Bangsamoro State in a federal form of government, it will be permanent. The Philippines can no longer take it away from them. This even gives them the ability to secede to form a country of their own when disagreements with the federal government goes unresolved. Besides they already have their own militias, the MILF and the MNLF.
  3. As long as Islam in the Philippines remains under the umbrella of the Philippine government (unitary or federalism), the Muslims will never bend to the will of the Philippine law. All Muslims know this: Islam is the priority. Their religion comes first. Nothing should stand in the way. Philippine history proves this and current events continue to prove this.

To fool the people, they no longer talk about BBL or Bangsamoro. Now they just talk about how great the federal form of government is. And that federalism will solve the problems of our unitary form of government. This may be true. The success of federalism has been proven in many countries. But that is not the reason why Federalism is being introduced in the Philippines. They want federalism because they want the bangsamoro to be a state. The Federalism that they want to shove down your throat has the hidden poison pill of the Bangsamoro.

In 2008 the former president Arroyo failed to pass the Bangsamoro basic law, then again in 2015 president Aquino failed to pass the Bangsamoro basic law. Now they are switching their strategy, Duterte is pumping up the benefits of Federalism, knowing that the gullible people will gobble it up. Since 2007 when the 12 senators (14th congress) introduced the senate joint resolution for the federal form of government, the Bangsamoro was already embedded as one of the states. Don't be fooled by this devious ploy.

Under the guise of peace and prosperity the Philippines is willing to give in to the Bangsamoro. Why can't the Muslims(Moros) live in peace with the other religions in the Philippines without asking for a state of their own? None of the other religions in the Philippines are demanding for a state of their own. In the history of the Philippines only the religion of Islam waged war and continues to wage war against the Philippines. No other religion has done this.

Yes, the Filipino Muslims are our brothers and sisters. So are the Christians, the Aglipayans, the INC, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Mormons, and all the other followers of religions in the Philippines. None of the other religions want a state of their own, only the Muslims(Moros) do.

Don't let the cries of the individual Muslims(Moros) get your sympathy or the intimidation of their militaries (MILF and MNLF) strong arm you into bending to their will.

Be strong and tell your Muslim(Moros) brothers and sisters that they just have to learn to live with the rest of us Filipinos under one flag, one nation under God. How difficult is that? Not for you and I, but for the Muslims(Moros) I suppose that is an impossibility.

The Muslims(Moros) in the Philippines formed their own militaries, MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) and the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front). These two militaries constantly wage war against the Armed Forces of the Philippines. They constantly disturb the peace of the nation, to push and intimidate the country into giving the Muslims(Moros) a nation of their own. Their campaign has always been that they have been oppressed as a people. The fact is, in the Philippines, the Muslims(Moros) have as much right and exercise as much right as any other follower of any religion or any citizen in the nation. The Muslims(Moros) are not oppressed. The indigenous people are the oppressed.

Bangsamoro is based on a big fat lie. It's trying to convince legislature that the Filipino-Muslims were the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan - Destroy these lies with FACT, True Power is in the truth

First and foremost it must be clarified that MOROS are MUSLIMS. MOROS are the followers of the religion of Islam and are not automatically indigenous people. The people of Sulu, Mindanao and Palawan are not all Moros. The MOROS only comprise of less than 25% of the population of Sulu, Mindanao, and Palawan. The first Moro arrived in the archipelago in 1380. Prior to 1380 the indigenous people did not even know who or what Moros were. They called themselves by their tribal names. When the Spaniards arrived in 1521, to their surprise they were confronted by Muslims who they referred to as Moros. That's when the term Moro in the Philippines started. So it is absolutely incorrect and a propaganda (big lie) for Muslims to call all the people of Mindanao (including non-muslims) as Moros. Christians are not Moros. Moros are Muslims.

What is Bangsamoro? Bangsa = Nation; Moro = Muslim; Bangsamoro = Nation of Muslim or Muslim Nation.

The BBL immediately makes an assumption that all the ancestral lands of the sulu archipelago, Mindanao and palawan all belong to the Muslims(Moros). They made this assumption and they have the legislature fooled.

According to the Bangsamoro, this is the reason why the Bangsamoro organization exists:
Article II section 1 of the BBL defines the bangsamoro people as:"Those who at the time of conquest and colonization were considered natives or original inhabitants of Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago and its adjacent islands including Palawan, and their descendants, whether of mixed or of full blood, shall have the right to identify themselves as Bangsamoro by ascription or self-ascription. Spouses and their descendants are classified as Bangsamoro."
Then Article II section 2 of the BBL talks a little about the indigenous people: "Freedom of Choice. – The freedom of choice of other indigenous peoples shall be respected."
The Moros preach LIES, they are afraid of the facts, they no longer accept the facts of history because the truth will bring a revolution. A revolution they will not win.

How can the bangsamoro be the original inhabitants when the moros(muslims) arrived in the archipelago only in the 14th century?!

Let me inform you folks. The "natives or original inhabitants" at the time of conquest and colonization were not the bangsamoro people. The original inhabitants were the indigenous people who practiced several forms of worship and one of them just happened to be Islam. Muslims (Bangsamoro) are not indigenous people. They are the followers of the religion of Islam.

Before the introduction of any religion or ideology into the Philippines, the indigenous people already had their own languages, traditions, beliefs and practices. These new introductions or additions of religions and beliefs simply became part of the established original.

The archipelago was divided into ruling tribes with Datus as their chieftains. Commerce was vibrant. Commerce attracted the Muslim(Moro) traders to the Sulu archipelago. They did not come for the sake of religion, they came because they wanted to make money. They traded with the tribes of the Philippines.

All throughout the archipelago a vibrant society was already established by the indigenous tribes.

The earliest historical writings claims that the fist arrival of Islam was in the Sulu archipelago in 1380 (14th Century). The conversion of the natives into Islam was gradual. The early Muslim(Moro) missionaries had the opportunity to gather the tribes under one religion, the religion of Islam. There were other religions but they were not entrenched in politics and governance as Islam was. Islam provided an ideology, a way of life and a form of governance which other religions in the area did not provide.

So as Islam gained its spread starting from the south to the north, they met no resistance for over 140 years. Islam enjoyed and prospered in the spread of its religion and its governance by practicing the law of the Qur'an and attaching the title of Sultan to the highest ruler of an area. The sultan (arabic in origin) became a higher position of leadership than the native tribal Datu (tribal chieftain Philippine origin).

The Datus were already in place as chieftains of tribes before Islam set foot in the Philippines. The earliest history tells the story of a Datu Dinagandan who was a chieftain of Aklan in the island of Panay during the 12th century. Way before the recorded arrival of Islam (year 1380) in the Philippines. These tribes were the ancestors of the current INDIGENOUS peoples of the Philippines. These tribes existed with their own autonomy before the Muslims(Moros) converted them into the religion of Islam.
To this date these indigenous peoples still wear their traditional garb mistaken for Muslim(Moros) attire. Many of the tribal traditions were assimilated by the Muslims(Moros) who now inaccurately call it as Muslim(Moro) originated.

Then when the Spaniards arrived in the archipelago in 1521 and brought Christianity with it, Islam confronted competition in the archipelago for the first time. From that moment on Islam no longer had monopoly in the Philippines. This gave the indigenous tribes in the Philippines the opportunity to choose to be Christians, Muslims(Moros), or neither of the two.

Currently many Educated Filipinos make the mistake of dis-associating the words Moro and Muslim. The two words are one and the same. Moro is a direct translation for Muslim. Because most Filipino scholars believe that MOROS are not Muslims, they claim that the moros are indigenous people. Prior to 1380 there were no Moros(muslims) around only indigenous people. Yet a Moro won't embrace any other religion because the Moro is the follower of Islam. You do not call a Catholic, Moro.

The Muslims(Moros) claim that they deserve their own state because they are an indigenous people. WRONG! Muslims(Moros) are the followers of Islam. Muslims are not indigenous people, neither is it an ethnicity. If a tribe converts to Islam and all the members of that tribe become Muslims(Moros), it does not make the Muslims(Moros) indigenous, it only makes the indigenous people in that tribe Muslims(Moros). Then of course the biggest lie is the claim of the bangsamoro to be the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan.

This push by the Muslims(Moros) for a state of their own is not just from the Muslims within the Philippines. Other Islamic countries are involved. The country that stands out in full support of the Muslims in the Philippines is the country of Malaysia. They have been involved since 2007 with the former president Arroyo.

The religion of Islam should be treated just like any other religions in the Philippines. The Philippines should uphold the "separation of church and state as it is stated in the constitution. The government should not financially support any religion. Giving the bangsamoro a state of its own is a violation of the constitution. It is financially supporting the religion of Islam.

The Philippine Government is religiously biased. To defeat the BBL or Bangsamoro once and for all, legislature must be convinced that the Bangsamoro people were not the original "natives or inhabitants" of the entire Philippine archipelago or the sulu archipelago, mindanao or palwawan for that matter.

To reiterate: The indigenous people were the original "natives or inhabitants" and not the Bangsamoro. The bangsamoro (nation of muslims) people are not indigenous people.

  1. Muslims(Moros) are the followers of Islam
  2. Moros are Muslims.
  3. Bangsamoro is Nation of Muslims
  4. Bangsamoro Lied when it claimed that they were the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan. The moros(muslims) arrived only in the year 1380.
  5. A moro or muslim may be an indigenous person (tausug or other indigenous people) but just by being a muslim or moro does not make anyone indigenous.
  6. Anybody can be a moro or a muslim but not anybody can be an indigenous person.
  7. The indigenous people were the original inhabitants and just because some of them converted to Islam does not make the Muslims, Moros or Bangsamoro the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan.

Bangsamoro means Shari-ah Law is Supreme over the law of the country

The Bangsamoro wants federalism because they want a state of their own, where their religion (Islam) dictates the government. They want their religion (Islam) to be dominant over the government. The Quran dictates the lives of individual Muslims(Moros), the way they live, and the way they are being governed. They are following the commands and dictates of the prophet Mohammad.

Within the Bangsamoro Shari'ah law is supreme. Article 5 Sec 11 of the BBL: "The justice system in the Bangsamoro shall consist of Shari’ah law which shall have supremacy and application over Muslims." Not the law of the Philippines but the Sahri'ah law.

Under Shari'ah law, non-muslims(Moros) are second class citizens. The core context of the Shari'ah law violates the preamble of the constitution of the Philippines. The Bangsamoro puts Shari'ah law above all other laws. Shari'ah law puts the Quran above the law of the country.

The Philippine constitution specifically states that the "separation of church and state shall be inviolable". This means that there must be no union of religion and government. The bangsamoro state embraces this union of Islam and government. This violates the constitution.

Bangsamoro will be an Islamic State within the boundaries of the Philippines. Non-Muslims stepping into the Bangsamoro territory steps in as a second class citizen (an infidel) and therefore are only to be tolerated and never welcome.

  • When this type of Federalism becomes the norm, the Bangsamoro will have a "trojan horse" in every state of the Philippines. Do you think Shari'ah law will only apply within the Bangsamoro state? You are wrong. Shari'ah law will remain to be a National law of the Philippines. Every state will have Shari'ah courts. That's not all. Every state will also have the NCMF(national commission on muslim filipinos) because this is a national law. So Federalism will guarantee the Moros Shari'ah law and the NCMF in every state.

This is how Bangsamoro wants to be part of the new Federal Government as introduced by the 14th congress

The Muslims(Moros) has been working very closely with the president of the Philippines to create their own autonomy since the independence of the Philippines in 1946. They were successful with Diosdado Macapagal who granted them 5.7 hectares exclusively for Muslims(Moros) in 1965 in Zamboanga City. Then in 1975 and 1976 with Ferdinand Marcos. They were more successful with Cory Aquino in 1987 and 1989 when the ARMM was created giving them 4 provinces. Then in 2001 Gloria M Arroyo granted a plebiscite to gain more territory, the province of Basilan making it 5 provinces for the ARMM. Then again in 2007 with Gloria M Arroyo to help formulate the Bangsamoro which was declared unconstitutional in 2008. This did not stop the Muslims(Moros). The next president elect was Benigno Aquino III, he pushed the Bangsamoro idea again but it was defeated in 2016.

But now they feel a bit more secure with the new president elect Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte's plan is not to talk about BBL but instead he is pushing Federalism. Now his campaigners are just talking about how great the federal form of government is. And that federalism will solve the problems of our unitary form of government. This may be true. The success of federalism has been proven in many countries. But that is not the reason why Federalism is being introduced in the Philippines. They want federalism because they want the bangsamoro to be a state. The Federalism that they want to shove down your throat has the hidden poison pill of the Bangsamoro.

A joint resolution for a Federal system of government was introduced by these 12 (SENATORS AQUlLlNO Q. PIMENTEL, JR., EDGARDO ANGARA, RODOLFO BIAZON, PIA “COMPANERA” CAYETANO, JUAN PONCE ENRILE, FRANCIS “CHIZ” ESCUDERO, JINGGOY ESTRADA, GREGORlO HONASAN, PANFILO LACSON, FRANCIS PANGILINAN, RAMON “BONG” REVILLA, MANUEL “MANNY” VILLAR) to the 14th congress 2007-2010 on April 23, 2008 to introduce a Federal system of Government, which will guarantee the Bangsamoro a state of its own. Here are the highlights: Click on the link to peruse the 73 page proposal.
  • Formation of 11 states: 1. The State of Northern Luzon; 2. The State of Central Luzon; 3. The State of Southern Tagalog; 4. The State of Bicol; 5. The State of Minparom; 6. The State of Eastern Visayas; 7. The State of Central Visayas; 8. The State of Western Visayas; 9. The State of Northern Mindanao; 10. The State of Southern Mindanao; 11. The State of BangsaMoro
  • The Senate shall have seventy-five members. Each state will have 6 senators (6x11=66). Plus, nine (9) senators elected by qualified voters working or residing in foreign countries as defined by law (OFW).
  • A maximum total of 350 members of congress for the Nation based on district population per state.
  • This will bloat the government structure with too much government control.

As a prelude to this form of a federal government, the Bangsamoro bill went back to the senate for some adjustment. This time 13 of the incumbent senators supported the Bangsamoro Bill and signed the bill on September 15, 2014. These thirteen senators are: Franklin M. Drilon, Vicente C. Sotto III, Alan Peter S. Cayetano, Loren B. Legarda, Ralph G. Recto, Joseph Victor Gomez "JV Estrada" Ejercito, Maria Lourdes Nancy Sombillo Binay, Francis Joseph G. Escudero, Paolo "Bam" Benigno Aguirre Aquino IV, Edgardo J. Angara, Pillar "Pia" Juliana Cayetano Sebastian. Gregorio B. Honasan II, Teofisto L. Guingona III

Bangsamoro does not just want a STATE. They want the entire Philippines

This is where most Filipinos are blindsided. They are mesmerized by the goodness of Federalism that they forget that the Bangsamoro State is included in the deal.

Most Filipinos do not understand the intentions of the Bangsamoro (Nation of Muslims) for the push of Federalism. The Non-Muslims are blinded by their own goals for federalism. The non-muslims are thinking about all the goodness that federalism will provide. However, the Moros(Muslims) have only one plan, "ASSIMILATION".

There is a little phrase in the Bangsamoro Law, "Schedule plebiscites for expansion" and this is the killer. Simply meant, the Muslims(Moros) in any state where the Moros are clustered (specifically barangays) can petition and file to join the bangsamoro state.

Here is another blow: Since this type of plebiscite concerns the Bangsamoro "All rules and regulations governing Bangsamoro elections and plebiscites shall emanate from the Bangsamoro Electoral Office."

So if your mentality is to let the Bangsamoro have their own state and that you will be safe within your own state, you are mistaken. Your state can be nibbled at by the Bangsamoro via this "Schedule plebiscites for expansion".

The Bangsamoro will have the control. These are all in black and white but heck who is reading? Right?

If the word "Muslim" managed to squeeze into the 1987 constitution and changed the name of Mindanao to "Muslim Mindanao", unnoticed by the general public until it was too late, the bangsamoro expansion clause will pass too if this federalism goes through.

President Duterte, the champion of the Muslims, scratching, fighting, conniving, lying and brainwashing the Filipinos to give the Muslims a bangasamoro state

  • Not even a month into his presidency, Duterte threatened to declare martial law. Ever since then, there has been sparks of chaos all over Mindanao. He has his followers campaigning barangay to barangay telling people that all of Mindanao is Moro. That even the Christians are Moro in Mindanao. This is creating unrest among the non-muslims. This is what Duterte wants. He wants the unrest and the chaos that follows it so he can declare Martial law. The declaration of martial will make it so much easier to ask for con-con or Cha-Cha and create a Federal form of government. Of course, with the Bangsamoro as one of the states.
    • Update: Duterte got his wish. Martial declared in Mindanao last May 23, 2017. Then he managed to convince congress to extend the martial law to the end of the 2017.
  • Duterte has an alternative plan for the con-con (cha-cha). He will simply ask for it from the people. How will he do this? He managed to convince congress to stop the barangay elections. Congress (9/13/16) approved HB3504 for the postponement of the 2016 Barangay Elections to October 23, 2017. Then the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, Mr. Pantaleon Alvarez insinuated that the SK and barangay councils should be abolished because he claims that “In reality, they are not working.” The current administration is toying with the idea of appointing the barangay officials. In effect making the barangay officials (336,288) puppets of the administration. This is not eliminating political dynasty, this is propagating political dynasty, not just by blood but also by political alliance.
  • July 23, 2017: Duterte authorized the creation of the government OWNED Salaam TV exclusively to propagate the Muslim culture and Islam.