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Epsilon Eta
Chapter #0507
Alpha Phi Omega

Sulu State College
Jolo, Sulu, Philippines
APO Fraternity Recognition date: 30-Sep-79, Sorority Recognition Date:

About Epsilon Eta

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Epsilon Eta Chartered members

different batches which composed the charter members of Epsilon Eta were the following:

APO Epsilon Eta members

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ID NumberNameCommentBatch Yr
# numberSalahuddin Sangkula AmbikMember1978
# numberMc-Arthur Sangkula AmbikMember
# numberNaser Ambik SangkulaMember
# numberPelais D. SangkulaMember?
# numberUsman Moh. AmbikMember
# numberOdeng I. AmbikMember
# numberSaad S. SariyanMember
# numberOmar A. SariyanMember

Photo Gallery of Epsilon Eta

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