Duterte wants Martial law in the Philippines to pave the way for Federalism to allow the Bangsamoro an Islamic State

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  • October 6, 2016

Duterte's diabolical plan for the Philippines is clear. It was kind of hazy at first but all his antics made it obvious to me.

  1. His main fight is his war against illegal drugs. It is a vendetta for Digong. He has the support of the majority of the Filipino people. Many are shouting EJK (extra judicial killing) but the people would rather have the lawmen take the law into their own hands vs the drug lords acting like judges. Other countries are denouncing these EJK as human rights violation. Duterte, knows that this will irritate the national media, so he plays with it clashes head-on with the United Nations, USA and other countries. Cussing at them while doing so. Splitting the country's loyalty and testing the waters.
  2. He wants Federalism for the Philippines. He made this very clear even before he became president. His supporters are preaching that this form of government will bring a better economy for the country, nevertheless the current the Unitary system is proving to be working the best and currently making the Philippines one of the fastest growing countries in the world.
  3. He promised the MOROs an Islamic State. Make the ARMM into an Islamic State within a federal form of government. He supports the Muslim terrorist militia the MILF. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte stood by his assertion that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) should not be blamed for the death of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last January 25, 2015. He says that “they (SAF troopers) ought not to be there.” Duterte claims this "Pumasok ang pulis and it was an [MILF] territory, which in the first place, hindi tayo dapat pumasok." >>> Quote source from: Mike Frialde (philstar.com). Duterte believes in the LIES of the bangsamoro. He even calls them the oppressed people. He preaches lies about the bangsamoro as being the original inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan. The Moros arrived only in the 14th century. Duterte knows this, yet he preaches the lies.
  4. He knows the BBL won't pass. So he will bypass it by pushing for Federalism. Most Filipinos are envious of the successes of the Federal governments in the world. So even if the Philippines is successful as a Unitary form of government, they want a change. Duterte knows this, so he feeds this. The Philippines still has the "tribal mentality", so again Duterte is feeding this. There are regions (future states) that spend more than they earn. The Unitary form of government pumps money into these regions. In a federal form of government these states (regions) will be in a ("bail-out) situation (poor and undeveloped).
  5. To get this going Duterte needed to create an unrest among the people. By being constantly controversial whenever he makes his speeches, he widens the gap of the supporters and those who oppose him. He is doing his best to expand this gap to the point of total controversy.
  6. The continued fight against the ASG is the beginning of the unrest. The ASG has always been about 300 strong only. Yet now with the help of other terrorist moro militias (mnlf, milf, biff), the men power of the ASG keeps growing to over a thousand as announced by the AFP.
  7. Pushing out the Americans causes another unrest. He started by asking the joint balikatan to leave Mindanao. Lately he insulted the US ambassador, then he proceeded to insult the president of the USA, he further threatened to pull out the alliance with the USA and insinuated that he would rather deal with China and Russia.
  8. Then the unrest within legislature. The fight with the head of the Judicial branch of the government and even hinted martial law. The continued senatorial investigation into the EJKs.
  9. He postponed the barangay elections of 2016. He gave a very lame reason. Yet congress fell for it.
  10. The plan is to make the barangay officials not by elections anymore but by appointment. Thereby creating a puppet system to accomplish what the administration wants without contradiction.
  11. This will create another major unrest in most of the 42,036 barangays of the Philippines. The appointees will only be those who are loyal to the administration. His administration will appoint 336,288 puppets for the administration.
  12. Not even a month after the postponement of the barangay election, the administration launches (10/2/16) "Kilusang Pagbabago" in Cebu with as many as 5k members. This is a start of the establishment of the puppetry of the 42,036 barangays.
  13. To stir up the pot a bit more he may even start another war with the NPA. "Let me now announce that I am hereby ordering for the immediate lifting of the unilateral ceasefire that I ordered last July 25 against the communist rebels," Duterte said last July 30, 2016
  14. With all this unrest and turmoil he will then declare Martial Law.
  15. While within Martial Law, Federalism will be an easy task.
  16. Ultimately the MOROS will get what they want as promised by Duterte. An Islamic Bangsamoro State.
  17. May 23, 2017, Duterte declared a 60 day martial law in Mindanao]. July 18, 2017: Duterte declares: "I call upon the Congress to extend until 31st December 2017 or for such a period of time as the Congress may determine the proclamation of martial law and the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus in the whole of Mindanao,”. This 60 day martial law has been extended to the end of 2018.
  18. July 17, 2017: Duterte declares: “I am for this (bbl new draft) --- within the context of the Republic of the Philippines, there shall be a Bangsamoro country.”
  19. Effective July 23, 2017, Duterte mandated the creation of Salaam TV (Philippines). Financed by the Philippine government. The focus of Salaam TV will be on the development of Muslim communities.

This Duterte is a shrewd one indeed.

I hope I am wrong and that Duterte's diabolical plans don't work. But the writings on the wall seems to tell me that I am probably right.