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List of Countries of The World

Cities of Countries, Flags of Countries, Maps of Countries and About the Countries
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Afghanistan flag 60px.gif
Asia 01 ?? Afghanistan is an Islamic country. An estimated 80% of the population is Sunni, following the Hanafi school of jurisprudence; the remainder of the population--and primarily the Hazara ethnic group--is predominantly Shi'a. Despite attempts during the years of communist rule to secularize Afghan society, Islamic practices pervade all aspects of life. -->>>> Read More >>>
United Kingdom flag.gif
Europe 01 ?? Akrotiri was first constructed in the mid-1950s to relieve pressure on the main RAF station on the island, RAF Nicosia. In the aftermath of the Egyptian repudiation of the Anglo-Egyptian treaty, British forces had to be withdrawn from the Canal Zone in Egypt.
Albania flag.gif
Europe 02 ?? Over 90% of Albania's people are ethnic Albanian, and Albanian is the official language. Religions include Muslim (Sunni and Bektashi), Albanian Orthodox, and Roman Catholic. Scholars believe the Albanian people are descended from a non-Slavic, non-Turkic group of tribes known as Illyrians, who arrived in the Balkans around 2000 BC.
Algeria flag.gif
Africa 01 ?? Algeria is Africa's second largest country, covering an area of nearly 2.5 million square miles. Algeria's indigenous Berber people has been under foreign rule for much of the last 3000 years. The Phoenicians (1000 BC) and the Romans (200 BC) were the most important of these.
American Samoa
American Samoa Flag.gif
?? ?? American Samoa, officially Territory of American Samoa, unincorporated territory of the United States consisting of the eastern part of the Samoan archipelago, located in the south-central Pacific Ocean. It lies about 1,600 miles (2,600 km) northeast of New Zealand and 2,200 miles (3,500 km) southwest of the U.S. state of Hawaii.
Andorra flag.gif
Europe 03 ?? Andorrans live in seven valleys that form Andorra's political districts. Andorrans are a minority in their own country; they make up only approximately 37% of the population or about 31,500 native Andorrans. Spanish, French, and Portuguese residents make up the other 63% of the population.
Angola flag 60px.gif
Africa 02 ?? Angola has substantial mineral resources and hydroelectric power. Most large-scale industries are nationalized. Oil, chiefly from reserves offshore, is the most lucrative product, providing about 50% of the country's GDP and 90% of its exports.
Anguilla flag.gif
?? ?? Anguilla, island in the eastern Caribbean Sea, a British overseas territory. It is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles and lies about 12 miles (19 km) north of the island of Saint Martin and 60 miles (100 km) northwest of Saint Kitts.
Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda flag.gif
?? ?? Antigua, the larger of the two main islands, is 108 sq mi (280 sq km). The island dependencies of Redonda (an uninhabited rocky islet) and Barbuda (a coral island formerly known as Dulcina) are 0.5 sq mi (1.30 sq km) and 62 sq mi (161 sq km), respectively.
Argentina flag.gif
South America ?? Argentina, country of South America, covering most of the southern portion of the continent. The world’s eighth largest country, Argentina occupies an area more extensive than Mexico and the U.S. state of Texas combined.
Armenia flag .gif
Asia 02 ?? Armenia, country of Transcaucasia, lying just south of the great mountain range of the Caucasus and fronting the northwestern extremity of Asia. To the north and east Armenia is bounded by Georgia and Azerbaijan, while its neighbours to the southeast and west are, respectively, Iran and Turkey. Naxçıvan, an exclave of Azerbaijan, borders Armenia to the southwest.
Aruba flag.gif
?? ?? Discovered and claimed for Spain in 1499, Aruba was acquired by the Dutch in 1636. The island's economy has been dominated by three main industries. A 19th century gold rush was followed by prosperity brought on by the opening in 1924 of an oil refinery.
Ashmore and Cartier Islands
Ashmore and Cartier Islands flag.gifuses Australia's Flag
?? ?? Ashmore and Cartier Islands, officially Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands, external territory of Australia, in the Indian Ocean. The islands lie 200 miles (320 km) northwest of Western Australia state and some 105 miles (170 km) southwest of the island of Roti, Indonesia.
Australia flag.gif
?? ?? Australia, the smallest continent and one of the largest countries on Earth, lying between the Pacific and Indian oceans in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia’s capital is Canberra, located in the southeast between the larger and more important economic and cultural centres of Sydney and Melbourne.
Austria flag.gif
Europe 04 ?? Austria has a well-developed social market economy with a high standard of living and close ties to other EU economies, especially Germany's.
Azerbaijan flag.gif
Asia 03 ?? Azerbaijan combines the heritage of two venerable civilizations--the Seljuk Turks of the 11th century and the ancient Persians. Its name is thought to be derived from the Persian phrase "Land of Fire," referring both to its petroleum deposits, known since ancient times, and to its status as a former center of the Zoroastrian faith.
Bahamas, The
Bahamas The flag.gif
?? ?? Eighty-five percent of the Bahamian population is of African heritage. About two-thirds of the population resides on New Providence Island (the location of Nassau). Many ancestors arrived in The Bahamas when the islands served as a staging area for the slave trade in the early 1800s.
Bahrain flag.gif
Asia 04 ?? Bahrain, small Arab state situated in a bay on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf. It is an archipelago consisting of Bahrain Island and some 30 smaller islands. Its name is from the Arabic term al-bahrayn, meaning “two seas.”
Baker Island ?? ?? ??
Bangladesh Asia 05 ?? ??
Barbados ?? ?? ??
Belarus Europe 05 ?? ??
Belgium Europe 06 ?? ??
Flag of belize.png
?? ?? Belize was the site of several Mayan city states until their decline at the end of the first millennium A.D. The British and Spanish disputed the region in the 17th and 18th centuries; it formally became the colony of British Honduras in 1854. Territorial disputes between the UK and Guatemala delayed the independence of Belize until 1981.
Benin Africa 03 ?? ??
Flag of Bermuda (2004 World Factbook).gif
?? ?? Bermuda is an archipelago of about 360 small islands, 580 mi (934 km) east of North Carolina. The largest is (Great) Bermuda, or Main Island. Explored by Juan de Bermúdez, a Spaniard, the islands were settled in 1612 by an offshoot of the Virginia Company. Bermuda became a Crown colony in 1684.
Bhutan Asia 06 ?? ??
Bolivia South America ?? ??
Bosnia Herzegovina Europe 07 ?? ??
Botswana Africa 04 ?? ??
Flag of Brazil.png
South America ?? Following more than three centuries under Portuguese rule, Brazil gained its independence in 1822, maintaining a monarchical system of government until the abolition of slavery in 1888 and the subsequent proclamation of a republic by the military in 1889. Brazilian coffee exporters politically dominated the country until populist leader Getulio VARGAS rose to power in 1930.
Brunei Asia 07 ?? ??
Bulgaria Europe 08 ?? ??
Burkina Faso Africa 05 ?? ??
Burma Asia 08 ?? ??
Burundi Africa 06 ?? ??
Cambodia Asia 09 ?? ??
Cameroon Africa 07 ?? ??
Canada flag.gif
?? ?? Canada's forests supply the country's building and paper products industries and contribute one fifth of all the nation's exports. In the 1990s the national forest inventory recorded a total of 1.3 million square miles (3.4 million square kilometers) of forest land, of which 83 percent had been surveyed and almost 60 percent was in production.
Cape Verde - Cabo Verde Africa 08 ?? ??
Cayman Islands ?? ?? ??
Central African Republic Africa 09 ?? ??
Chad Africa 10 ?? ??
Chile South America ?? ??
China Asia 10 ?? ??
Colombia South America ?? ??
Comoros Africa 11 ?? ??
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Africa 12 ?? ??
Congo, Republic of the
Flag of the Republic of the Congo (WFB 2004).gif
Africa 13 ?? Republic of the Congo, country situated astride the Equator in west-central Africa. Officially known as the Republic of the Congo, the country is often called Congo (Brazzaville), with its capital added parenthetically, to distinguish it from neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is often referred to by its acronym, the DRC, or called Congo (Kinshasa).
Costa Rica ?? ?? ??
Cote D'Ivoire Ivory Coast Africa 14 ?? ??
Croatia Europe 09 ?? The Croats are believed to be a Slavic people who migrated from Ukraine and settled in present-day Croatia during the 6th century. After a period of self-rule, Croatians agreed to the Pacta Conventa in 1091, submitting themselves to Hungarian authority.
Cuba ?? ?? ??
Cyprus Europe 10 ?? ??
Czech Republic Europe 11 ?? ??
Denmark Europe 12 ?? ??
Djibouti Africa 15 ?? ??
Dominica ?? ?? ??
Dominican Republic ?? ?? ??
Ecuador South America ?? ??
Flag of Egypt (WFB 2004).gif
Africa 16 ??

Egypt, country located in the northeastern corner of Africa. Egypt’s heartland, the Nile River valley and delta, was the home of one of the principal civilizations of the ancient Middle East and, like Mesopotamia farther east, was the site of one of the world’s earliest urban and literate societies.

Egypt - Sinai
Flag of Egypt (WFB 2004).gif
Asia 11 ??

Mount Sinai, also called Mountain of Moses or Mount Hareh, Hebrew Har Sinai, Arabic Jabal Mūsā, granitic peak of the south-central Sinai Peninsula, Janūb Sīnāʾ (South Sinai) muḥāfaẓah (governorate), Egypt. Mount Sinai is renowned as the principal site of divine revelation in Jewish history, where God is purported to have appeared to Moses and given him the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20; Deuteronomy 5).

El Salvador ?? ?? ??
Equatorial Guinea Africa 17 ?? ??
Eritrea Africa 18 ?? ??
Estonia Europe 13 ?? ??
Ethiopia Africa 19 ?? ??
Falkland Islands ?? ?? ??
Faroe Islands Europe 14 ?? ??
Fiji ?? ?? ??
Finland Europe 15 ?? ??
France Europe 16 ?? ??
French Polynesia ?? ?? ??
Gabon Africa 20 ?? ??
Gambia, The
Link=Gambia, The
Africa 21 ?? The Gambia gained its independence from the UK in 1965. Geographically surrounded by Senegal, it formed a short-lived federation of Senegambia between 1982 and 1989. In 1991 the two nations signed a friendship and cooperation treaty, but tensions have flared up intermittently since then.
Gaza Strip ?? ?? ??
Georgia Asia 12 ?? ??
Germany Europe 17 ?? ??
Ghana Africa 22 ?? ??
Gibraltar Europe 18 ?? ??
Greece Europe 19 ?? ??
Greenland ?? ?? ??
Grenada ?? ?? ??
Guam ?? ?? ??
Guatemala ?? ?? ??
Guernsey Europe 20 ?? ??
Guinea flag.gif
Africa 23 ?? Guinea is bordered by Guinea-Bissau to the northwest, Senegal to the north, Mali to the northeast, Côte d’Ivoire to the southeast, and Liberia and Sierra Leone to the south. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the west.
Guinea-Bissau Africa 24 ?? ??
Guyana South America ?? ??
Haiti ?? ?? ??
Honduras ?? ?? ??
Hong Kong Asia 13 ?? ??
Hungary Europe 21 ?? ??
Iceland Europe 22 ?? ??
India Asia 14 ?? ??
Indonesia Asia 15 ?? ??
Iran Asia 16 ?? ??
Iraq Asia 17 ?? ??
Ireland flag.gif
Europe 23 ?? Celtic tribes arrived on the island between 600 and 150 B.C. Invasions by Norsemen that began in the late 8th century were finally ended when King Brian BORU defeated the Danes in 1014. Norman invasions began in the 12th century and set off more than seven centuries of Anglo-Irish struggle marked by fierce rebellions and harsh repressions.
Isle of Man ?? ?? ??
Israel Asia 18 ?? ??
Italy Europe 24 ?? ??
Jamaica ?? ?? ??
Japan Asia 19 ?? ??
Jersey Europe 25 ?? ??
Jordan Asia 20 ?? ??
Kazakhstan Asia 21 ?? ??
Kenya Africa 25 ?? ??
Korea, North Asia 22 ?? ??
Korea, South Asia 23 ?? ??
Kosovo Europe 26 ?? ??
Kuwait flag 60px.gif
Asia 24 ?? A small emirate nestled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait is situated in a section of one of the driest, least-hospitable deserts on earth. Its shore, however, includes Kuwait Bay, a deep harbour on the Persian Gulf.
Kyrgyzstan Asia 25 ?? ??
Laos Asia 26 ?? ??
Latvia Europe 27 ?? ??
Lebanon Asia 27 ?? ??
Lesotho Africa 26 ?? ??
Liberia Africa 27 ?? ??
Libya Africa 28 ?? ??
Liechtenstein Europe 28 ?? ??
Lithuania Europe 29 ?? ??
Luxembourg Europe 30 ?? ??
Macau Asia 28 ?? ??
Macedonia Europe 31 ?? ??
Madagascar Africa 29 ?? ??
Malawi Africa 30 ?? ??
Malaysia Asia 29 ?? ??
Maldives Asia 30 ?? ??
Mali Africa 31 ?? ??
Malta Europe 32 ?? ??
Marshall Islands ?? ?? ??
Mauritania Africa 32 ?? ??
Mauritius Africa 33 ?? ??
Mayotte Africa 34 ?? ??
Mexico North America ?? ??
Moldova Europe 33 ?? ??
Monaco Europe 34 ?? ??
Mongolia Asia 31 ?? ??
Montenegro Europe 35 ?? ??
Montserrat ?? ?? ??
Morocco Africa 35 ?? ??
Mozambique Africa 36 ?? Mozambique is about the size of the combined areas of the U.S. states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah; most of its territory stretches along the Indian Ocean coast from Cape (Cabo) Delgado in the north past the capital city of Maputo in the south. It is bordered to the north by Tanzania, to the east by the Mozambique Channel, which separates it from the island of Madagascar, to the south and southwest by South Africa and Swaziland, to the west by Zimbabwe, and to the northwest by Zambia, Malawi, and Lake Nyasa.
Namibia Africa 37 ?? ??
Nauru ?? ?? ??
Nepal Asia 32 ?? ??
Netherlands Europe 36 ?? ??
Netherlands Antilles ?? ?? ??
New Caledonia ?? ?? ??
New Zealand
New zealand flag.gif
?? ?? The Polynesian Maori reached New Zealand in about A.D. 800. In 1840, their chieftains entered into a compact with Britain, the Treaty of Waitangi, in which they ceded sovereignty to Queen Victoria while retaining territorial rights. That same year, the British began the first organized colonial settlement.
Nicaragua South America ?? ??
Niger Africa 38 ?? ??
Nigeria Africa 39 ?? ??
Niue ?? ?? ??
Norfolk Island ?? ?? ??
Northern Mariana Islands ?? ?? ??
Norway Europe 37 ?? ??
Oman Asia 33 ?? ??
Pakistan Asia 34 ?? ??
Palau ?? ?? ??
Panama ?? ?? ??
Papua New Guinea Asia 35 ?? ??
Paraguay South America ?? ??
Peru flag.gif
South America ?? Peru, country in western South America. Except for the Lake Titicaca basin in the southeast, its borders lie in sparsely populated zones. The boundaries with Colombia to the northeast and Brazil to the east traverse lower ranges or tropical forests, whereas the borders with Bolivia to the southeast, Chile to the south, and Ecuador to the northwest run across the high Andes.
Philippines Asia 36 ?? ??
Poland Europe 38 ?? ??
Portugal Europe 39 ?? ??
Puerto Rico ?? ?? ??
Qatar Asia 37 ?? ??
Romania Europe 40 ?? ??
Russia Asia 38 ?? ??
Rwanda Africa 40 ?? ??
Saint Barthelemy ?? ?? ??
Saint Helena Africa 41 ?? ??
Saint Kitts ?? ?? ??
Saint Lucia ?? ?? ??
Saint Martin ?? ?? ??
Saint Pierre Miquelon ?? ?? ??
Saint Vincent and Grenadines ?? ?? ??
Samoa flag.gif
?? ?? Samoa, country in the central South Pacific Ocean, among the westernmost of the island nations of Polynesia. According to legend, Samoa is known as the “Cradle of Polynesia” because Savai’i island is said to be Hawaiki, the Polynesian homeland.
Samoa, American
American Samoa Flag.gif
?? ?? American Samoa, officially Territory of American Samoa, unincorporated territory of the United States consisting of the eastern part of the Samoan archipelago, located in the south-central Pacific Ocean. It lies about 1,600 miles (2,600 km) northeast of New Zealand and 2,200 miles (3,500 km) southwest of the U.S. state of Hawaii.
San Marino Europe 41 ?? ??
Sau Tome and Princepe Africa 42 ?? ??
Saudi Arabia Asia 39 ?? ??
Senegal Africa 43 ?? ??
Serbia Europe 42 ?? ??
Seychelles Africa 44 ?? ??
Sierra Leone Africa 45 ?? ??
Singapore Asia 40 ?? ??
Slovakia Europe 43 ?? ??
Slovenia Europe 44 ?? ??
Solomon Islands ?? ?? ??
Somalia flag.gif
Africa 46 ?? Britain withdrew from British Somaliland in 1960 to allow its protectorate to join with Italian Somaliland and form the new nation of Somalia. In 1969, a coup headed by Mohamed SIAD Barre ushered in an authoritarian socialist rule characterized by the persecution, jailing, and torture of political opponents and dissidents.
South Africa
Flag s africa.gif
Africa 47 ?? South Africa, the southernmost country on the African continent, renowned for its varied topography, great natural beauty, and cultural diversity, all of which have made the country a favoured destination for travelers since the legal ending of apartheid (Afrikaans: “apartness,” or racial separation) in 1994.
South Georgia ?? ?? ??
Spain Europe 45 ?? ??
Sri Lanka Asia 41 ?? ??
Sudan Africa 48 ?? ??
Suriname South America ?? ??
Swaziland Africa 49 ?? ??
Sweden Europe 46 ?? ??
Switzerland Europe 47 ?? ??
Syria Asia 42 ?? ??
Taiwan Flag.gif
Asia 43 ?? Taiwan, Chinese (Wade-Giles romanization) T’ai-wan or (Pinyin) Taiwan, Portuguese Formosa, island, located about 100 miles (161 km) off the southeast coast of the China mainland. It is approximately 245 miles (394 km) long (north-south) and 90 miles across at its widest point. The largest city, Taipei, is the seat of the government of the Republic of China (ROC; Nationalist China).
Tajikistan Asia 44 ?? ??
Tanzania Africa 50 ?? ??
Thailand Asia 45 ?? ??
Timor-Leste Asia 46 ?? ??
Togo Africa 51 ?? ??
Tokelau ?? ?? ??
Tonga ?? ?? ??
Trinidad and Tobago ?? ?? ??
Tunisia Africa 52 ?? ??
Turkey Asia 47 ?? ??
Turkmenistan Asia 48 ?? ??
Turks and Caicos Islands ?? ?? ??
Tuvalu ?? ?? ??
Uganda Africa 53 ?? ??
Ukraine Europe 48 ?? ??
United Arab Emirates Asia 49 ?? ??
United Kingdom Europe 49 ?? ??
United States of America
?? ?? ??
Uruguay South America ?? ??
Uzbekistan Asia 50 ?? ??
Vanuatu flag 60.gif
?? ?? Vanuatu, country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, consisting of a chain of 13 principal and many smaller islands located about 500 miles (800 km) west of Fiji and 1,100 miles (1,770 km) east of Australia.
Vatican City State-Holy See Europe 50 ?? ??
Venezuela ?? ?? Venezuela was one of three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others being Ecuador and New Granada, which became Colombia). For most of the first half of the 20th century, Venezuela was ruled by generally benevolent military strongmen, who promoted the oil industry and allowed for some social reforms.
Vietnam Asia 51 ?? ??
Virgin Islands ?? ?? ??
Wallis and Futuna ?? ?? ??
West Bank Asia 52 ?? From the early 16th century through 1917, the area now known as the West Bank fell under Ottoman rule. Following World War I, the Allied powers (France, UK, Russia) allocated the area to the British Mandate of Palestine. After World War II, the UN passed a resolution to establish two states within the Mandate, and designated a territory including what is now known as the West Bank as part of the proposed Arab state. Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War the area was captured by Transjordan (later renamed Jordan). >>>Read More...
Western Sahara Africa 54 ?? Western Sahara is a disputed territory on the northwest coast of Africa bordered by Morocco, Mauritania, and Algeria. After Spain withdrew from its former colony of Spanish Sahara in 1976, Morocco annexed the northern two-thirds of Western Sahara and claimed the rest of the territory in 1979, >>>Read More...
Yemen flag.JPG
Asia 53 ?? Yemen was one of the oldest centers of civilization in the Near East. Between the 12th century BC and the 6th century AD, it was part of the Minaean, Sabaean, and Himyarite kingdoms, which controlled the lucrative spice trade, and later came under Ethiopian and Persian rule. >>> Read More....
Zambia Flag of (WFB 2004).gif
Africa 55 ?? About two-thirds of Zambians live in poverty. Per capita annual incomes are well below their levels at independence and, at $1,500, place the country among the world's poorest nations.
Zimbabwe flag.gif
Africa 56 ?? Zimbabwe's wide range of natural resources makes agriculture and mining the main pillars of the economy. In 2009 agriculture and industry accounted for about 19% and 24% of gross domestic product (GDP), respectively. Zimbabwe has an important percentage of the world's known reserves of metallurgical-grade chromite.

How many Countries in the world?

The US State Department recognizes 194 independent countries around the world, but that list of countries reflects the political agenda of the United States of America. As an example, it includes Kosovo, but does not include Taiwan, as China claims that Taiwan (the ROC) is simply a province of China.

Other sources of information will be mentioned as they are posted.

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