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Chavacano Language

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Chavacano 0 Chabacano? El verdad Chavacano. Pero, no hay se problema con el Zamboangueño, kay ta usa man con el dos.

Comentos de Chavacano
  • Chavacano:
    • Na pecha 31 del Julio, Fiesta alla na Tetuan. Anda kita visita con el barkada di atun. Tiene Adobo y tomada.
  • English:
    • On the 31st of July, Its Fiesta in Tetuan. Let's visit our friend. There's Adobo and drinks.
  • Chavacano:
    • Tiene tu comento de Chavacano? Hace entra aqui.
  • English:
    • Do you have any comments in Chavacano? Enter it here.

Bienvenidos aqui na diccionario de chavacano.
The original online Chavacano Dictionary. El diccionario en línea original de Chavacano.
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Chavacano LifeStyles
Chavacano Dictionary Online
Chavacano Diccionario para el Lengua Chavacano
Chavacano Dictionary for the Chavacano Language or Dialect
A Special Project for:
Chavacano de Zamboanga
and its birthplace,
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"Asia's Latin City"
Ciudad Latino de Asia
Chavacano Open Page.
This open page is for those who are not confident in adding words directly into the alphabet section. So just add your chavacano words here and someone will transfer them to their appropriate place.

El Chavacano vien vivo aqui na Zamboanga. Man ayudahan kita para engrandese el lenguaje de chavacano, el lenguaje del Zamboangueño.

Chavacano is the language of the Zamboangueños. Some refer to the language of the Zamboangueños as chabacano, which the Zamboangueños do not mind, as some of them refer to chavacano as chabacano. However, it is commonly accepted that if you are officially reffering to the language of the Zamboangueños, then you might as well call it chavacano.

In this site you will find Chavacano words with translations and how they are used in sentences. The chavacano words are translated into english and spanish. Simple chavacano sentences are used as examples.

This site is open to all. We invite the Chavacano people around the world to participate in this open interactive Chavacano site. If you remember any chavacano words that are not in this on-line interactive chavacano dictionary, go ahead and enter those chavacano words here.

Man ayudahan kita para el lenguaje chavacano di aton ay hinde muri.

Why it is Officially Chavacano and not Chabacano

In Zamboanga City, the old-timers will be offended if you tell them that their language is chabacano instead of chavacano. To the new generation the words chabacano and chavacano are interchangealbe. With that said, it's time to put things into perspective.

In the spanish language, the word chabacano is not referred to as a language. The word chabacano or chabacana is defined as: Coarse, unpolished, ill-finished. And in Mexico, chabacano is a kind of Apricot (fruit). The word Chabacana is an insipid kind of plum.

The people of Zambaonga, being a proud bunch of people, who just helped the spaniards build the fort and in the process developed the dialect, wanted to "own" this unique new language and hence baptized it as CHAVACANO. The word chabacano was derogatory. The people of Zamboanga were proud of their new language, the language of Chavacano.

The word CHAVACANO is only as old as the chavacano language itself. The word Chavacano is not a spanish word. The people of Zamboanga "coined" the word.

In the Philippines there were a handful of dialects that were developed in the areas where the spaniards had employed several indegenous people from different areas with different dialects. These workers had to communicate using the spanish language as the common denominator. These "new" dialects were referred to by the spaniards as CHABACANO, meaning "un-refined, coarse, or unpolished" form of spanish. The communities of Ternate - Ternateños, Ermita - Ermitaños, and Cavite City - Caviteños: did not "coin" their new found dialects. The dialects were called by the spaniards as the "Chabacano" of the spanish language and hence these communities proceeded to call their new dialects as "Chabacano".

The people of Zamboanga were unique. They coined the word "Chavacano" and they spread this new language to the new places they settled in later. Places, like Cotabato, Davao, and Basilan. The people in these areas referred to their dialect as CHAVACANO.

Chavacano History

Read about the history of the Chavacano Language: READ ON

June 23, 1635 should be symbolically known as “Dia del Chavacano de Zamboanga.” Why you might ask? This was the day that a permanent foothold was laid on Zamboanga by the Spanish government with the construction of the San José Fort, and the subsequent evolution and proliferation of a unique dialect/language based on ancient Creole Spanish that is called Chavacano de Zamboanga. This is our history, this is our culture.

Zamboanga is the largest Spanish-Creole speaking region in Asia (Thus, Chavacano de Zamboanga is the de facto largest Spanish-Creole language in Asia!)

Let us begin the account by saying that as a result of continued Moro Pirate attacks on the Spanish controlled Visayas and Luzon Islands, a lingering plan to take possession of the strategic Mindanao peninsula and its town of Jambangan in the center of Moroland would be finally commenced at the urging of Bishop Fray Pedro of "Santissimo Nombre de Jesus" (Cebu) to the interim Governor-General of the Philippines, Don Juan Cerezo de Salamanca. >>>>Read More

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