Boalan, Zamboanga City, Philippines by Robert Revillas

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Robert Revillas :

There used to be an old green house along km 7 national highway, east coast road, just across the vast land properties of the Fernandez’s. This was a remnant of our decades long family stature. Old memories of which, will forever engrave into my thoughts. It was here, where I spent some of the best & most memorable years of my life.

Auntie Cora used to own a small sari-sari store on the ground floor. My cousins, Ronald(now on a livestock business, Chochoy(now a prominent college professor) & Rosalyn(now a successful Nurse in Chicago USA), and I, used to acquaint on the patio of Auntie Cora’s place, which is just adjacent to her store. Sometimes we find ourselves sipping a late afternoon ginataang-nangka merienda. Uncle Niong was usually our chef. I remember our relative-neighbors, the Bella, the Enriquez, the Miguel & the Limen. Life was very simple then, no rushing, no worries & no stress.

BOALAN is & has always been an enchanting place. Its divine beauty is inexplicable. One can only experience such elation if wondered deep within its inner environs. The PREZA & the TUBURAN were just few of the rivers & streams I often go for a bath. Have you ever experienced during your solace moment, on the profound silence of the day, chanting by the mystical songs of the birds, surrounded by audiences of remarkable trees & bamboos, under the orchestra sound of water-flowing stream? Well, try visiting TUBURAN, its ravishing mystery will haunt you for a lifetime. I’m just not sure if the place is still the same, Fifteen years ago.