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  • By: Franklin H. Maletsky

Do Muslims (followers of Islam) assimilate or integrate into the culture of the country they immigrate to or move into? NO!
It's the other way around. They assimilate the hosting country and make it their own. Religion and government then become as one. Islam is in fact a rogue form of government, faking itself as a monotheistic religion. It mandates its own type of food to eat, family and social relationships, economy, banking, local and international laws, military, and even pharmaceutical products.
Islam will never stop trying to assimilate the country or community it moves into. It may take years or generations, but one thing is for sure; the Muslims will never stop trying to change the ways of the country or community into their own Islamic ways. Sharia law governs all Muslims. This will not change. So when Muslims decide to move into your community, their aim is not to be just good neighbors, their plan is to take over the neighborhood. The process is gradual. If your focus is on the character of the individual Muslim and not on his/her religion, then you are in for a rude awakening. Bear in mind, the Muslim is a victim of his/her own religion. If you think that this is not so, you are either naive or in denial, and soon enough you will be proven wrong.

The assimilation process of countries by Islam is simple and history has proven it to be very successful. This is the template for the assimilation process.

  1. Move into a community or country and saturate it. They start by creating pocket communities and then expand. Always grouping.
    • As a refugee (Mohammad moved into Medina as a refugee when he was kicked out of Mecca.)
    • As an immigrant - Millions of Muslims are moving into countries as refugees and immigrants. Even countries who are against polygamy are accepting Muslim immigrants. The United States of America has an existing law against polygamy. But it allows Muslims to immigrate into the country. The U.S.A. is in denial. A perfect victim of Islam. All Muslims adhere and live by the law of sharia and Sharia law upholds polygamy. Sharia law does not adhere to the "separation of government from religion". This is the first mistake of these countries.
  2. Be part of the government of the hosting country.
    • Join the military. Become a commanding officer in the military. (Mohammad became a military consultant for the leaders of Medina)
    • Join governance. Be an elected political leader. Be part of legislature and create laws to conform with sharia. Many non-islmaic countries now have Muslims as their political leaders.
    • Take over public school systems by having muslims elected as officials of the school board. Then start changing things from within to conform with sharia law.
  3. Build Mosques or Masjids and Madrasahs (religious muslim public schools) (Mohammad established his place of worship or prayer in Medina. Now the second holiest city of ISLAM.)
    • All over the world Mosques and Madrasas are built at a very fast pace. Even in areas where there are not many Muslims, they build mosques.
    • Create Muslim Organizations to give strength to their demands upon the government. E.G. In the USA they have CAIR- (Council on American-Islamic Relations), in Australia they have the "Australian Federation of Islamic Councils - AFIC", In the United Kingdom there is the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), in the Philippines they have NCMF (already financed by the Philippine government).
    • Muslim parents will petition the school systems to recognize Muslim holidays as official school holidays. (Eid al-Fitr -end of ramadan) will always be the first.
      • Then Muslim girls will be the billboard of Islam in schools by wearing their hijabs. When schools impose the rule of "no head-wear or scarf", the Muslims will protest and proclaim bias and prejudice against their religious rights, until the school system gives in.
    • They will demand Halal foods be served in canteens and in public places.
  4. Establish Sharia courts within the hosting country. (Mohammad established his law and order in Medina for his followers who left Mecca to join him.) Sharia is the sword of the Quran. Sharia covers and rules all the basic behavior of a Muslim. For sustenance, sharia dictates what is haram or halal. Sharia dictates funding. Islamic banking is being established to control the flow of money and funding.
    • The Muslim elected officials who are part of governance will work the system to have Sharia law approved. Once sharia law becomes accepted into the court system, the Muslim elected politicians will lobby to establish sharia courts. These sharia courts will be exclusively for Muslims, but paid for by the government via public government fund paid in by all citizens.
    • In modern times: Establish the term "Muslim" as a race. Campaign on a propaganda that the muslims are oppressed and are discriminated against by the hosting country. File discrimination lawsuits.
    • Lobby to have the immigration office of the country ignore their POLYGAMY LAW. In Australia, all of South America, U.S.A. and all of No. America, France, Spain, Germany, and most of Europe, Polygamy is illegal and its practice is criminalized. But because of lobbying, Muslims can easily immigrate into these countries. All Muslims advocate the practice of Polygamy.
  5. Cluster (live in close proximity) for community strength. (Mohammad asked all his followers to join him in Medina. There they clustered..)
    • They do not spread out. They cluster for community strength. They make it uncomfortable for outsiders (non-muslims) to visit their cluster. Business that sell "haram" products are gradually harassed, and ultimately they move out, leaving only business for "halal" products.
    • Mosques and madrasas(schools) are built within these clusters. With the help of muslim leaders who were elected into government offices, the call to prayer 5 times a day with the bull horn (loud speakers) will be approved.
    • As the cluster grows economically, they will setup Islamic banks.
  6. Create a peaceful organization such as "charities" and merge with Christian groups to work on humanitarian causes to make sure that the Christian (non-muslim) group leaders will endorse the Muslims as peaceful and loving people. Keep working their way to even get the Christians to share their places of worship. They preach TOLERANCE. But their meaning of tolerance is different from yours. They tolerate you because they know that one day they will dominate you. They keep you focused on the present and you forget the history of Islam. By the time you wake up, it is too late. You swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker. (Mohammad collaborated with the Jews in MEDINA, befriended and worked with them.)
    • They create LOBBYING groups. The exclusive job of these lobbying groups would be to spearhead the acceptance of sharia law into governance. Since women are the walking billboards of Islam, these lobbying groups will fight to have muslim women have the right to wear hijabs, nijabs or burkas in educational institutions or anywhere where head-wears are not acceptable.
  7. Muslim men are to marry as many non-muslim women since women are by nature submissive and need control as taught by Islam. Introduce polygamy to non-muslim men. Cultivate the greed and lust of men to posses women. ( Mohammad took wives. As young as 6 years and to consummate the marriage at 9 years of age. Establish polygamy..)
  8. Continue with the above to establish roots and heritage to build critical mass then take over. (Mohammad amassed his followers in Medina until finally he overcame them (jews) and the rest is history.) Medina is now the second holiest city of the religion of Islam.
NOTE: Most religions behave the same way to expand membership. However only Islam assimilates to govern. Only Islam creates their own form of governance, their own law (sharia), food products (halal), and finance (Islamic banking). Islam takes over governments.

What is the main attraction to Islam? Islam is primarily a "men's club". Women are trophies, possessions, messengers, breeders, and mostly sex slaves. To attract the men, Islam promises men the booty of conquest and the bounty of POLYGAMY. Now the big question is what attracts women to Islam? Why aren't they offended by the men who treat them only as possessions? Mohammad based his teaching on the history of women's submissive and obedient nature. He taught his followers to bully women and that they will submit and will be obedient. Mohammad was right and the rest is history. There are a few women out there who are champions of the freedom of choice. Very few.

As an added bonus, they will try to re-write history and the meaning of the word "muslim". They will try to claim to be the original inhabitants of the area. They will try to convince legislature of the country that they are an ethnicity and indigenous to the country. Last but not the least convince the masses that Muslim is a race. Hence they coin the word "half-muslim".

Islam is not simply a form of governance. Now they are also influencing the World banking system. They have introduced Sharia compliant banking. There are now Islamic Banks all over the world. The fastest growing banking system in the world.

Claims of Muslims based on lies:

  1. They are one of the original inhabitants of Australia. They were there before Captn. Cook
  2. They are the original inhabitants of the islands of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan of the Philippines.
  3. Jerusalem by ancestral rights belong to Islam.


  • A non-islamic country that does not strictly adhere to the "separation of religion and government" will in a matter of time be assimilated by the religion of Islam. The religion of Islam doesn't just convert individuals into its fold, it assimilates governments or countries. A non-islamic country that continues to be politically correct and refuses to refer to jihadists as "muslim-terrorist" but instead as "terrorist" only, will in time be assimilated.
  • Every religion preaches love, peace, honesty, kindness, charity and tries to bring out the goodness in humanity. However, most religious leaders also preach prejudice. Specially against other religions.
  • The religion of Islam preaches love among themselves. The religion of Islam preaches tolerance towards non-muslims not love. So the key word that must be remembered is the word "AMONG". So when the Muslim claims that Islam is a religion of love, he is correct. It is LOVE "among" Muslims. It is the love for his fellow followers of Islam and not toward non-muslims.
Is there anything wrong with clustering? Is there anything wrong with building mosques and private islamic schools? Absolutely nothing. But the Muslims use these methodology to take over communities. When you see this happening in your community, you are gradually being assimilated.
  • First country to be assimilated by Islam was Saudi Arabia. It was predominantly Christian before the inception of Islam.
  • Constantinople was a Christian capital city during the 4th century until the 15th century. It was assimilated by Islam and is now known as Istanbul, Turkey..

Islam is a religion and a form of governance. Muslims are obligated to follow Sharia law. This religious law (Sharia), is what regulates the daily lives of the Muslim. Without Sharia law there is no Islam. Hence, the separation of religion and state or government is not an option for the Muslims. The muslims will contradict this statement by re-routing the topic to other quotes in the Quran and will point out how some Muslims are living in countries without Sharia law. If you follow that discussion format then the topic will get confused because that is what they want. Simply go back and ask the Muslim a simple question: "Can you as a Muslim live without believing and following Sharia Law?"

Islam 10 and 90.JPG

The expansion of Islam is through conversion and family expansion. Much like any other religion. As most religious groups do, they cluster in communities. For the Muslims (followers of Islam) it does not stop there. The intention is always to take over the community.

Religions have several types of followers but Islam only has two:
☪ The ACTIVE (10%) of Islam.
☪ The PASSIVE (90%) of Islam.
Be careful with those who belong to the "passive"(90%), they spread like wildfire and they can be active at anytime. This 90% quietly support the causes of the "political lobbyists", they sign the petitions, they vote for their "muslim candidates", they are the lifeline of the 10%. They preach "peace and love". They recite the peaceful quotations from the Quran. They build mosques and madrasas. They cluster peacefully, almost unnoticed. They do not spread out. They cluster for community strength. They make it uncomfortable for outsiders (non-muslims) to visit their cluster.

Clustering is the foundation for assimilation. Within their cluster they strengthen the practice of sharia (Islamic law). They establish halal(frequently applied to permissible food and drinks) mini-groceries. It looks innocent enough but they also pressure out haram(forbidden) outlets. This is a gradual process.

Everybody needs food to survive. Making the food source of the community "halal" is the prime objective. The school systems will be lobbied to have halal food served in cafeterias. Business that sell "haram" (not halal) products are gradually harassed, and ultimately they move out, leaving only business for "halal" products.

Who are these 90% of Islam? They are your neighbors, you grow up with them, they are your relatives, friends, classmates, co-workers, and they are the "peaceful" Muslims. They may not follow 100% the sharia law but they support it. You see them peacefully walking down the streets. You may even hear some of these 90% contradict the activities of the "muslim terrorists". They will even say vehemently that terrorism is against their religion. They will join human rights activists group and give speeches about islamophobia, bigotry, prejudice and racism. They will join non-muslim religious organization and promote peace to show "solidarity". They won't physically harm or talk bad about anyone but they support 100% those other Muslims who will destroy your families and kill you. If you believe in their "good cop, bad cop" routine, your country is doomed for assimilation.

What is the definition of HUMAN RIGHTS in Islam? To the Muslim it is simple. Sharia law or Quranic Law defines "human rights". The Muslim league of nations (57) under the name of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation adopted this definition. They are 1.9 billion strong and growing.

The "active 10% of Islam" fall under three categories:
✔ The violent radicals (those who choose violence as their means of assimilation)
✔ The protesters-demonstrators who rally
✔ The political lobbyists, elected politicians, men in power and influence.

We call the violent radicals terrorists. They don't really do the most damage to countries because they are targets. You can go to war with them with your military.

The most damage is done by the "political lobbyists" and politicians, they are the ones who can change the country from within. These politicians and lobbyists are fueled by the "rallyists" and protesters-demonstrators. The "political lobbyists", "politicians", "rallyists" don't use guns. They use words, they use the media, they circulate lies, they use lawyers, they use politics, they use your own system of law to take you down. They infiltrate the educational system. They become teachers, professors, administrators and get voted into school boards where they can do the most damage by allowing Islam to infiltrate and be part of the school system. They are the mentors of young Muslim attorneys who infiltrate the Judicial system. Once these Muslim lawyers become judges in the non-muslim countries then the next step is to make it smooth as silk to pass Sharia law.

All around the world you will once-in-a-while see these 90% demonstrating for "PEACE" and condemning the activities of any recent terrorist activities. They will say to the media that these terrorist activities in the name of Islam is wrong and that Islam is a religion of peace and love. People who are naive will see and listen to this and think that in fact what they are saying is the "truth". Nahhh! They got you. Hook line and sinker. Islam preaches Love to be only among themselves (the Muslims). Infidels are simply to be tolerated. Why do Muslims teach and emphasize tolerance? They teach the world to be tolerant? Why?

They teach NON-MUSLIMS to be tolerant because:
✅ They have the upper hand or the advantageous position.
✅ They are the bullies, the users, the abusers, the pushers.
✅ They impose their will or opinion upon you. They deprive.
✅ They make you accept what is unfair, unjust or wrong.
✅ They want you to be submissive and to leave it to God.
✅ They tell you to “turn the other cheek” or be “politically correct”.
✅ They allow others to take what is yours and tell you that it is OK.
They tell Muslims to be tolerant because:
✅ The infidels are more powerful.
✅ They can't win YET. They are not getting what they want. They wait for the opportunity to DOMINATE.

They teach TOLERANCE to achieve DOMINANCE.

Sharia law is a great weapon of the Muslims. Sharia law allows men to practice polygamy and own women. Women are the possessions of men. Possessing submissive women is attractive to men. Islam is a religion invented for Men, for dominance over humanity. It is a men's club. Islam is very attractive to men.

What attracts women to Islam? What makes being the 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife attractive? What makes being a sex slave attractive? What makes being a possession and the property of men attractive? Yet there are over 800 million muslim women and all are the possessions of men. Mohammad preached that men should be dominant towards women and that women will submit. He was and still is correct to this day. Everyday more women are being converted into Islam. Submissive women (the majority of women) are the secret weapon of Islam.

Muslim hijab nijab burka.png

Why do Muslim women wear the hijab, nijab or burka?

The #1 reason for muslim women to wear the hijab, nijab or burka is for IDENTIFICATION. The hijab, nijab or burka identifies her as a Muslim. Walking down the street, in the park, in the mall, in a school campus, and in any private or public place, she wants to tell the world and be identified as a Muslim. She is a walking advertising billboard for Islam.

The #2 reason for muslim women to wear the hijab, nijab or burka is because they were told to do so. Those who were born into Islam were taught since childhood that women must be covered up, so as not to "tempt" men. They may define this with all sorts of different terms and one of them would be modesty. Nothing wrong with that. But it still boils down to this main reason as to why men make muslim women cover up, and that is to prevent men from being sexually aroused.

You will read all kinds of articles about all sorts of reasons for muslim women wearing the hijab. The favorite one is: "It is my right, my choice and it is my life". All these explanations are touching basic truths, but they are all trying to make you forget about the #1 and #2 reasons as to why muslim women wear the hijab, nijab or burka.

Hijabs worn by non-muslim women in christchurch new zealand to show solidarity towards islam after tragic incident last March 15, 2019.
This women can show their condolences and compassion without bowing down to the religion of Islam.

There is a "STUPID" trend going on and the majority of non-muslim women are bowing to this: Non-Muslim women must wear the Hijab in Muslim countries or in institutions run by Muslims. Only a few headstrong women refuse to bend to the will of Islam. Nazí Paikidze-Barnes, 2016 U.S. women's chess champion, boycotted the Women's World Chess Championship of 2017 in Tehran, Iran due to its hijab dress code. She said, "I will not wear a hijab and support women’s oppression. Even if it means missing one of the most important competitions of my career."

There are Muslim women who do not wear the head coverings. Does that mean that they are liberated? NO! They are still bound to the laws of Sharia. Bound to OBEY the "man". Bound to the words of the imam.

Islam is a religion invented for Men, for dominance over humanity. It is a men's club. Islam is very attractive to men.

What attracts women to Islam? What makes being the 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife attractive? What makes being a sex slave attractive? What makes being a possession and the property of men attractive? Yet there are over 800 million muslim women and all are the possessions of men. Mohammad preached that men should be dominant towards women and that women will submit. He was and still is correct to this day. Everyday more women are being converted into Islam. Submissive women (the majority of women) are the secret weapon of Islam.

The conformity of non-muslims will lead to their subjugation.

In most countries "Faith Schools" or "Religious Schools" have strict dress codes. Specially for girls. Most of these schools have strict uniform policy of no "head-wear or scarfs". Just as Muslim schools (madrasas) require girls to wear headscarves or hijabs.

Now the Philippines which is a country populated by over 80% Catholics have many religious schools and all the religious schools have strict uniform or dress code. "No head-wear or scarfs". Then starting in 2011 Muslim girls became bold and began wearing hijabs to school. They were told to remove them. They protested. Muslims leaders were angry claiming that the rule violates their religious rights. Mind you, before they enrolled, they were told about the rules and they agreed to abide by these rules. The protest went on for almost 3 years. The National Commission on Muslims Filipinos (a lobbying group for muslims only paid by the government) stepped in to protect the "rights" of the muslims. Since the ncmf is a government commission and financed by the government to only serve Muslims, the Catholic church and all other religions succumbed to the will of Islam. Now Muslim girls in the Philippines are allowed to wear the HIJAB in any school in the Philippines. However, non-muslims students who wear headgear, head-wear or headdress to school are still being reprimanded. That's the power of Islam over the government of the Philippines. No other religion has that kind of power or influence.

June 26, 2018 The Netherlands passed a law to ban face-covering veils in some public spaces. Making nijabs and burkas unlawful. The liberals (infidels - not muslims) have already found a way not to implement the law by simply saying that the police will not be able to respond to complaints within the 30 minute time as suggested by police procedures.

Precautions to be taken by the Immigration office

This should be part of the vetting questionnaire for all immigrants.

  1. Are you racially biased?
  2. Do you believe that your religious laws or ideologies are supreme over the laws of this country?
  3. Do you believe that man, woman or LGBT do not have the same human rights?
  • If you answer “YES” to any of the above, your application will be denied.
  • Once accepted, make them sign a contract to this effect, the immigrants must still be constantly monitored specially those that came from countries with the history of terrorism.
  • If later you were found out to have lied, you will be deported and never be allowed to return.

As long the individual stays in the country, whether as a resident immigrant, or as a citizen, those 3 questions will remain enforced.

What to do to help prevent the take over

Do what they do. They are experts at dominating communities, cities and countries. You can create a non-partisan lobbying group to fight any corrupt or detrimental laws, or to simply prevent a group of people to take over your city, state, or country with their ideology or culture. The Muslims create Islamic Councils to lobby and promote their Sharia Law in every country they move to. They don’t have this in Islamic countries. They create this only in Non-Islamic countries. If you only sit back and complain but don’t act, your community will soon enough be under the rule of Muslim leaders who will push for Sharia Law. They have CAIR in America, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils in Australia, the Islamic Council of Europe in Europe, the Islamic Organization of Latin America. What do they do? They LOBBY for Islamic laws. What do Non-Muslims have? Hmmm...Do you get the picture?

When confronted directly about terrorism and polygamy, Muslims avoid answering the question

Linda Sarsour is the Muslim woman who helped organize the women's march last January 21, 2017. She is the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. She managed to bamboozle the Women's rights movement to March for Islam. She was asked a question regarding "TERRORISM": Her answer is: "So I condemn terrorism. But I do it as human being, Not as a Muslim." There you go folks. As a Muslim, she can't condemn terrorism.

In an Islamic country where Sharia is law, women do not have rights as what "women's rights" want. Women are possessions in Sharia Law. They may own stuff with "permission" because they are owned by men. So why did the organizers of the women's march associated themselves with Linda Sarsour?

A Muslim told me once that he like many young Muslims, do not support or advocate polygamy. So I quipped back and asked him, doesn't Sharia law support polygamy? He agreed that Sharia supports polygamy in the religion of Islam. So I asked him, Doesn't Sharia dictate the guidelines of the life of Muslims. He said yes. So I asked him again, If you do not support polygamy and sharia advocates polygamy, will you DENY sharia law? He said NO.
So I called out his LIE to his face. I told him "You may not practice polygamy, but you advocate polygamy via sharia law." He got so pissed off.

The start of the assimilation of Countries by Islam

What and Who helps propagate the spread of Islam?

Weak minded women help propagate the religion of Islam. They hang on to men who advocate polygamy. These women want to be controlled, used and possessed by muslim men.

Women are supposed to be strong, loving, tolerant and compassionate. Are they also truly the weaker sex? Intelligent maybe but not strong willed as depicted by most controlling men? There is the organization for "women's rights". But why does this organization embrace the support of Islam? It is common knowledge that in Islam women are the possessions of men. Yet the women's rights activists are supportive of the religion of Islam and unknowingly (maybe) embraces Sharia law. Is this because they are submissive by nature and truly need someone to rule over them?

Does Islam know the secret on how to control women? Is this the reason why Islam is the fastest growing religion? Why is it so easy for Muslim men to convert non-muslim women into Islam? Is it because women inherently want to be dominated by men?

Every day more and more women are possessed by muslim men. Majority of women are submissive by nature that is why it is easy for Muslim men to marry non-muslim women. Hence Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam can't grow without women. Islam will stop growing if the majority of women will stop being submissive and stop allowing men to own and control them.

Could it be true that there are only a small minority of women who truly advocate freedom of choice? Could it be true that the majority women want to be controlled by men?

Islam preaches this to be so. Islam preaches this to be the truth. More and more men are leaning to this ideology and they are harvesting their women all over the world. Polygamy is law in Sharia. The women of Islam accept this. Inadvertently, non-muslim women also accept polygamy as soon as they become the mate (possession) of the muslim man.

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