Assimilation of Dearborn, Michigan by Islam

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All Muslims are taught to emulate their prophet Mohammad. They all do their best to accomplish what Mohammad accomplished.

The city of Dearborn, Michigan is a textbook example as to how they follow the genius of Mohammad in the assimilation of anything.

  1. Mohammad moved into Medina as a refugee when he was kicked out of Mecca. The people (jews) welcomed Mohammad with open arms.
    • The Muslims moved into Dearborn, Michigan as refugees and immigrants and were welcomed by the community with open arms.
  2. Mohammad became part of governance by becoming a military consultant for the leaders of Medina.
    • In the city of Dearborn, Michigan: Muslims joined politics and are now the majority of the city council. There are seven city councilors. Four of them are Muslims.
  3. Mohammad established his place of worship or prayer in Medina. Which then became the second holiest city of ISLAM.
    • The Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan built Mosques and because of political clout made public schools accomodate Muslim students with prayer areas and to leave early on Fridays for Jumu'ah prayers. One Public high school (Fordson High School), founded in 1928 had no Muslim students. By 1950 the Muslims started to enroll in this school. Now it is under the control of Islam. Over 90% of the students are Muslim. The majority of the administrators and teachers are Muslims.
    • The Islamic Center of America is now located in Dearborn, Michigan
  4. Mohammad established his law and order and prayer routines in Medina for his followers who left Mecca to join him.
    • Dearborn, Michigan is the first american city where Muslims openly practice their sharia law.
    • The Michigan Public School Board gave Muslim students special privileges not allowed to Christians. Muslim students are allowed daily "prayer accommodations". It remains to be illegal for Christians or other followers of religions except for Islam to pray in Michigan public school.
  5. Mohammad asked all his followers to join him in Medina. There they clustered..
    • The Muslims of Dearborn invited other Muslims to join their community. The population of Dearborn as of 2017 was 94,491. Now the population of Dearborn, Michigan is 39% Muslim, roughly 37,000.

The simple formula is to continue with the above process to establish roots and heritage, to build critical mass then take over. (Mohammad amassed his followers in Medina until finally he overcame them (jews) and the rest is history.) Wake up world!

Analyze this: “this nation, under God”, “government of the people, by the people, for the people” That is the american government. God first, government second, religion third. The Muslims do not like this idea of having their religion below the government. They want their religion of Islam to be above the government. They want their life to be in this order: God, religion, then government. So slowly but surely, they introduce sharia law into the communities they cluster into.

The United States of America must adhere and protect this section of the first amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,"...

Allowing Sharia law violates this section of the constitution. It respects the religion of Islam.