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About Carpenter Y.T. Arpa III

Schools Carpenter Arpa III attended

  • Elementary: Ateneo de Zamboanga - 1961-62
  • High School: University of San Carlos, Cebu - 1965-1966
  • College: Ateneo de Zamboanga -1966-1971; Universidad de Zamboanga - 1972-1976
    • Fraternity: Alpha Phi Omega - Beta Nu Chapter
      • APO Batch Year: 1969
      • APO Batch Name: The Pentagon
      • APO Baptismal Name: Tamerlane
      • APO Ritual Date: October 11, 1969
      • APO ID#: 4412
      • APO Beta Nu Chartered member #4

In 1972 Carpenter Arpa III of Beta Nu Alpha Phi Omega Chapter, Ateneo de Zamboanga, went to Zamboanga AE Colleges (now Universidad de Zamboanga)to study Law (1972-1976) and introduced the ideals of Alpha Phi Omega. With the invaluable help of Bro Oskar Enriquez of Southern City Colleges and Bro Nonoy Pajulas of Siliman, Gamma Zeta came to be what it is now today.

  • Profession: Lawyer

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Personal Blog of Carpenter Arpa III

Got into the website for APO Beta NU and Gamma Zeta Chapters. As additional info on Gamma Zeta's founding, it would be apt to mention I had the invaluable help of Bro Oskar Enriquez of Southern City Colleges and Bro. Nonoy Paulas of Siliman. There are some corrections on the names of some of its chartered members. Their names and surnames should be: Pacsymar Abubakar, Arolas Abdul, Bill Ali Abdulajim and Estanislao Eslao.
Although Bro Macmod Sangka is known as "Maxie", I recall his initiation name as "Ram" also. The initiation name of Valentino Suarez is "Kamagong". I can't recall yet the initiation names of the other chartered members. I cannot recall also Edgar Kunti which is not to say that he is not a member. But we should add Bro Noel Malana as one unless the latter is with APO in Southern City College.
Bro Valentino Suarez was the next Grand Chancellor after me. He signed into "law" the Initiation Code and Code of Conduct of APO Gamma Zeta in 1976. These handsomely bound code books were turned over to the Chapter's Historian for safekeeping, together with the gold and blue history book of the chapter. Like Beta Nu's history book, it is replete with pictures of chapter activities, frolics, initiations and the rituals. Gamma Zeta's rituals were done with black robes and capes with the trefoil on the forehead. The ritual team carried torches of course, hence APO's journalistic appellation, Torch and Trefoil!
Our brothers and sisters in Gamma Zeta should know about this and be proud. Gamma Zeta was organized just after martial law was declared and when assemblies of more than 5 persons were against the law. We prevailed to be what we are today.
So it was, and so may we always be!
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