No more US aid without reciprocation

Foreign US aid without reciprocation must stop. The United States of America is not a charitable institution. Besides the aid does not come from the citizens of the USA. It comes from the political government, wasting the money of the people that should go towards alleviating the needs of the veterans, homeless, the sick, the unemployed and the farmers of america. We need to maintain and strengthen our security in order for us to continue to expand our prosperity.

Yes we do need to build alliances with other nations. Alliance does not mean that the USA must do the handouts. Alliance is about balance. Alliance is built by a give and take relationship with respect.

Here is an example:

John C. Law, Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in the Philippines, said aside from the security and military assistance, about $250 million worth of assistance is regularly given to the country in areas of security, military equipment, and exchange programs, “the US government is also providing the Philippines some $60 to $70 million a year mainly for the conduct of exchange programs”.

“For development-type programs, financial assistance was mostly associated with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), such as the aquatic resources research that amounts to $100 million a year, plus those activities which are in line with disaster relief and humanitarian assistance,” Law said.

“Another financial assistance that is given yearly is intended for law enforcement activities of the Philippine National Police (PNP), which are in line in fighting illegal drugs, smuggling, and strengthening the judicial sector,” Law said.

“For these activities, the US government is giving (more or less) $250 million a year,” he reiterated.

The Philippines does not reciprocate. Instead of gratitude, the president of the Philippines, Duterte, insults the USA and even accuses the USA of historical injustices and barbarism.