Sharia (Shari’ah) Law is Islamic law

Sharia (Shari’ah – Shariah) law was created for the followers of Islam, the Muslims. We are not going to define the word. You can find the definition of Sharia in many websites: click here to google it. We are only going to discuss the main purpose of Sharia law.

Sharia guides the lives of all Muslims. In modern Islam one can’t be a Muslim without following Sharia Law. It is first and foremost a religious law created to help guide a muslim in his daily life and also help the Islamic government guide its people. An Islamic country or nation can’t exist without Sharia Law.

When a government has it own LAWS and keeps religious laws strictly separate from government laws, the law which dictates the “separation of church and state” is followed. But we now see some secular governments accepting sharia law into their judicial system. Once a form of government accepts sharia law into its judicial system, that government no longer follows the “separation of church and state”. It now embraces the religion of Islam. However, if a government takes any general religious rule and  makes it as its own but does not mention or relate to that specific religion or any religion at all, then it is still practicing the “separation of church and state”. E.G. “Thou shalt not kill”. Governments took this religious law and made it its own.

Last Updated on November 30, 2021

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