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Respect – Give it, do not expect it.

Did preaching about love, kindness and the fear of God ever attain “Peace of Earth and Goodwill to men”?
Did praying for peace and harmony ever achieve peace?
Big NO to both questions.

Love is indeed the ultimate miracle word. It is the “cure-all”. This leads to inner peace and enlightenment. But this is a very elusive goal.

Most of us simply revolve around instinctive Love. Every soul embraces love. However, instinctive love is limited. Rarely does it go beyond self, a friend, a loved one or family.

Love for others (strangers, country, the environment, and the universe) is learned. It is philosophically embraced by most people but rarely acted upon. We all talk about it, and most of the time, that’s where it stops.

All over the world, you will hear great leaders, guardians, parents, pastors, priests, imams and wise-men preach about the fear of God, about love, about tolerance and about kindness to attain peace.

For thousands of years this same “routine” is laid out at homes, places of worship and institutions of learning. But the “routine” of preaching fear, love, tolerance and kindness hasn’t achieved the desired “peace on earth and goodwill to men”. Look around you.

Look at the past. Every single nation, country, society, empire, kingdom and/or organization that fell or crumbled from within had one common disease: It was the lack of respect.

Love is still the ultimate key. But as explained previously, instinctive love is limited. Guiding instinctive love towards universal love is a must but so few are taking the correct path towards it. The switch must be made universally.

Make Respect the priority in teaching: Not just towards HUMANITY but respect for mother earth and the universe. Respect for our natural resources. The problem that we all have and what mother earth is suffering from is not from the consumption of the products that we create. It is from the abuse of it. It is from the lack of respect or maybe none of it for others or mother earth. We abuse and we bully.

Three examples:

  1. Plastics: Plastic is a great and wonderful invention. The abuse of it is causing all the problems. We have no respect. We dump plastic everywhere. We do not recycle. Plastic is not the problem. Our lack of respect is the problem.
  2. Immigrants: Immigrating into a country is never a problem. Most countries NEED immigrants. They created special laws to attract immigrants. Every country wants LEGAL immigrants. Abusers and those with no respect, sneak in or break through the borders. They are ILLEGAL immigrants and they break the law and are not wanted. There is no excuse for this. In this scenario, it is simply the case of NO RESPECT.
  3. Hatred: Hate is a deep instinctive emotion, that is awakened by those who cheat, insult and deprive. Lack of respect prompts these people into insulting, cheating and depriving. An individual without prior training in respect and prudence, will respond to these negative actions by awakening their deep buried emotion of hate. Once awakened, it seldom becomes dormant again. Hatred is something learned and fed by the lack of respect.

So make the change. Start by teaching respect and emphasize on the GIVING of respect rather than on expecting respect or teaching that respect must be earned. From this juncture work towards kindness, universal love and enlightenment.

Many seem to think that “technology” is the answer to our problems. Given time technology will develop. Humans are very inventive. It will help in the development of the prosperity of humanity, but will it sustain that prosperity with accountability? Our prosperity must take into account the sustainability of Flora and fauna. Technology alone won’t. The abuse of technology is already destroying mother earth. We need respect. RESPECT managing technology and embedded into the educational system will be the only hope of humanity.

Invest in Respect.

The greatest force that keeps us in darkness is cheating. We lie. Then we begin to believe in our own lies. The first step to enlightenment is to stop lying to ourselves. By accepting our past, we accept the truth. Learn from the past(truth), this will allow us to know and respect ourselves and bring us closer to enlightenment. The enlightened person has inner peace. He is at peace with the universe.

The power of the universe can be tapped by every man through Qi (Chi or Ki). Train and prepare yourselves not to fear rejection but to be as one with the universe. Live your eternal life (corporeal and spiritual), love, share, prosper and be happy.

Last Updated on January 3, 2020

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