Yellow Jackit Economy Bead Breaker Kit-ESC10821


Contidion: new, Brand: ESCO, Supplier: Quartz, Zamboanga Shopping – CATALOG

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Features and Benefits:

  • 10 Ton Ram – Stackable
  • Comes With 50mm 25 mm and A 10mm Stackable Extensions
  • Light Weight
  • Works With All Our 10,000 Lb PSI Pumps
  • Comes With A Carrying Case

Stroke -25.4 mm, Min Height 3.5", Max Height 1, Weight – 12 Lbs.

Distributed by: Zamboanga Shopping for the propagation of the Chavacano Language of Zamboanga. Visit Zamboanga Shopping for all your Automotive, tools and industrial needs in Zamboanga.

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