YELLOW JACKET ManTooth Wireless Digital Pressure/Temperature Gauge Automotive Kit-RIT67007


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Features and Benefits:

  • Rechargable LiPo battery rated for eight hours of continuous use
  • Both R-134a and R-1234YF 5 in. couplers to minimize refrigerant loss
  • Works with iPhone, iPad or Android devices
  • ManTooth App available in Apple app and Google Play stores
  • Ability to log and e-mail results
  • Wireless connection to your smart device (iPhone, iPad, Android compatible)
  • Test system without losing refrigerant (no hoses and manifolds necessary)
  • Built-in Schrader ports to easily adjust refrigerant charge
  • Range up to 400′ (unobstructed)
  • YELLOW JACKET ManTooth app (free download)
  • Simplify and automate measurements
  • Wirelessly calculates and displays the system’s actual pressures, temperatures, superheat and subcooling in an easy-to-read color format on your smart phone device

    The YELLOW JACKET; ManTooth™ Wireless Digital Pressure/Temperature Gauge Automotive Kit uses Bluetooth technology and an app to provide service centers and technicians the ability to perform an accurate vehicle A/C system check in less than three minutes (on average). The Automotive ManTooth Kit utilizes a free downloadable app to calculate and display the system’s actual readings in an easy-to-read format on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Adding this to your current courtesy inspection or multipoint inspection process on every vehicle that rolls up to your shop is efficient and easy.

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