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Yellow Collapsible Bucket Water Kit Foldable Sport Camp Sink Water Can, 20L-PS-SPO3400461-CHILLY00168


Contidion: new, Brand: Panda Superstore, Supplier: George & Jimmy Creative Ltd, 0

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SKU: PS-SPO3400461-CHILLY00168, item_id: 35000035, product_id: 17547677 Category:

Ship from Hongkong. This inflatable collapsible sink is in perfect size for camping, hiking, boating, fishing and more. Has a 20L capacity and it is durable. You can store it easily when you needn’t it. Easily washed by mild soap and water. It’s very convenient to carry water or any other things. 20L capacity. Watertight fabric. Perfect for hiking, camping, fishing and more. Easy to carry. You can fold it up and store in your bag.

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