Portable Mini Self-portrait Stabilizer Holder Handheld Monopod GREEN-BC-SPO3209246011-ALAN00151


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Ships from Hong Kong. This lightweight Telescopic Monopod provides support and stabilization when using your cell phone. Allows you to easily shoot while you pole is high up in the air. Perfect for: Traveling,hiking/camping,weddings,parties,the beach,concerts,Aerial photos,sports events.Best Choice for Gift. 1 pcs, Length of extension: 13.4-70cm; The monopod can extend as long as 8cm Support system: android 4.3 or above; IOS 5.0 or above; doesn’t support Lenovo, HTC and Gionee phones Please note that it ONLY works for taking photos, NOT for recording videos Simple to use: to use, simply connect the 3.5mm audio line; Some android mobile phones need to be set, Steps: open camerasettingolume keyshutter Main material: aluminium alloy

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