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Percussion Box Beater EL


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The percussion Box Beater EL comes with built in mic, is lightweight and durable making performances possible anywhere. You can beat bass and snare sounds with your hands like a Cajon, or use drumsticks, nylon brushes or thimbles which cannot be used on a Cajon. You can also attach additional pieces to the Percussion Box Beater EL to make it your own unique instrument. Percussion Box Beater EL is ideal for any age, any skill level and is truly and instant success instrument. 13 More natural acoustics sounds at your fingertips Use your imagination and add your own unique sounds.

  • Product Dimensions: 14.5″D x 21″W x 6″H, Product Weight: 4 lbs. Color: Gray. Polyethylene.
  • Attach peripheral instruments. Dozens of unique new sounds. Weather proof.
  • Inexpensive. Signage. Lightweight. Built-in handle. Big bass sound.
  • Lots of fun. Ideal for any age or skill level. Percussion Box.
  • Play mobile. Storage space. Durable (30ft. drop rating).
  • Weight 27.11 oz