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Ships from Hong Kong. Cozy and soft, warm and comfortable pants for lounging or bedtime. These cozy pajama pants are perfect for hitting the sheets or kicking back at home on a lazy weekend. Whether youre snoozing away, watching the game, getting chores done around the house, or a cracking open a cold one with the boys out in the yard, these pajamas bottoms treat you to a taste of unmatched comfort. Waistline: 80-110cm(32-43 inches);hipline:116cm(45.6 inches);length:105cm(41 inches). Suitable for men whose weight is about 75-92 kg (165-202 lbs.) and height is about 170-185 cm (5.5-6 ft.). Material: fleece. Package: 1x pajama pants. These pajama bottoms are perfect as sleepwear and also great as casual loungewear. The pants will shrink 1-2cm(0.4-0.8 inches). There might be a slight error in manual measurement. The pajama pants for men with elastic waist to make for a custom fit.

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