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Ships from Hong Kong. Great accessories for protecting your hands and arms in cold weather. Perfect for daily wearing, indoors and outdoors activities, especially for working in cold environment. Suitable for office worker and outdoor activities. Wear at home, shopping, date with friends, even on working. These arm warm warmers match well with your winter outfits, like sweaters, coat, hoodies, jacket. These cold weather warm gloves are great gifts for Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Holiday, New Year. One size fit most. Suitable for girls and adults. SIZE: full length 20cm (7.9 inches), one size fits most. Package: included 1 pair arm warmers gloves. These knit arm warmers are perfect for women. Several colors to choose, easy matching with your outfits. Fingerless style, not only for keeping your arms and hands warm but also practical accessory for using phone, computer, or other electrical tools during working. Perfect for daily wear, indoors and outdoors activities, especially for working in cold environment.

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