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Shipped from Hong Kong. One size fits most. High quality plush material is used in the product which is soft and comfortable, keeping your feet long time warm. Skin-friendly plush, warm and comfortable. And it is easy to clean with the detachable and washable design. It uses 5V power supply with USB interface, stable and quick heating. Multi functional travel buddy, great for home, office, outdoor etc. Very cute and collectible, a perfect gift for your friends or family. Please note that the temperature cannot be adjusted and the temperature is about 45 degrees Celsius. One size fit most. Size: 29cm / 11.4 inches. The foot warmer is washable, do not wash heating element. To prevent rust, please avoid water into the USB interface. Please be sure to dry completely before using. USB powered, no need battery, 5V2A low power use. You can connect power bank, computer, car charging adapter, etc. The Feet Warmer Cushion is great for watching TV, relaxing after a workout, soothing foot aches, easing arthritis pain, and of course keeping your feet warm during those chilly days!

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