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Bathroom tissue is one of our most popular products. It is soft and strong. You get great value with our sheet size and sheet counts, which often exceed that of many leading traditional brands. All that, plus Green Forest delivers with one of the highest postconsumer recycled content of any brand a minimum of 90 percent Look for Green Forest bathroom tissue in the following sizes 4Double Roll Premium Bathroom Tissue, 2Ply, 352 sheets/roll 12Double Roll Premium Bathroom Tissue, 2Ply, 352 sheets/roll 4Roll Bathroom Tissue, 2Ply, 198 sheets/roll 12Roll Bathroom Tissue, 2Ply, 198 sheets/roll Green Forest premium double roll bathroom tissue items feature thicker and stronger paper nearly 14 percent heavier than our single roll bathroom tissue items. You can confidently use fewer sheets to get the job done.

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