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Shipped from Hongkong. This backpack use of cotton fabrics, feel comfortable, durable. Simple fresh flower pattern, fresh aesthetic feeling. Cotton inside, there is a zipper pocket and a small compartment, you can put 14-inch computer. There is a side pocket can turn on the water cup or umbrella, very practical Oh, this backpack easily and comfortably carries your gear for years to come. Great for travel and go to school. Size: Height : 41 cm( 16.14″) The bottom of the bag width: 31 cm (12.2″). Very soft and comfortable outdoor backpacks. Casual Easy style using for: School, Excursion, Going out, Window shopping etc. This backpack with a built-in computer interlayer, small dark bag, can place 14 inches of computer. Suitable for your outdoor exercise like cycling/hiking/climbing etc.

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