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Ship from Hong Kong. Aesthetic stickers to brighten your days: Unlimited creative uses for computer or notebook decoration! Made from premium material. These decorative stickers stick to almost any surface but easily remove. Beautiful and Impressive stickers will give you more color to your life. You can use this sticker adding charm to your items. It’s best choice for you! Unique design and Non-toxic, Glossy and Bright. Easy to stick or peel it off and there won’t be any residues. Size:About 3-10cm / 1.2-3.3 inches, Pack of 52 pieces (variation patterns). Use these unique stickers to decorate your personal belongings uniquely. Multifunctional creative sticker in a variety of paper surfaces such as diary, scrapbook, envelopes, postcards, invitations. Stiky and will hold well on smooth and dry surfaces.

Distributed by: Zamboanga Shopping for the propagation of the Chavacano Language of Zamboanga. Visit Zamboanga Shopping for all your Home, garden, living & collectible needs in Zamboanga.

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