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Ships from Hong Kong. This is a large size mask, a wider range of sunscreen UV protection face and neck, but also can reduce the pollution of the air and other physical damage. Fashion fresh and natural, flexible elastic design, more fit face, to prevent dust, breathing more natural, sunscreen more thoroughly, not easy to fall off. Perfect for spring, summer, autumn, travel, walking, cycling, shopping, hiking or daily use. Material: Polyester. Size: 24x30cm/9.4×11.8 inches. Design: The mouth mask adopts snap design, adjustable and easy to wear, can protect your face and neck from UV rays. Function: Anti-ultraviolet, prevent dust, sunscreen, anti-off-gas, protect the skin from sunburn, isolate contaminants, make the breath is fresh air. Application: Perfect for running, cycling, hiking or other outdoor activities or daily use.

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