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Ships from Hong Kong. Comfortable and breathable socks for your everyday active lifestyle. This socks will keep your feet comfortable when wearing any of your favorite shoes. Keeps your feet dry and comfortable. These art printed socks are also perfect Christmas present for family members, friends and anyone you love. No need to worry about deformation or fading. It’s great to hand wash or machine wash, and hang air dry. Perfect for everyday wear,you’re set for a more creative outfit. Bring more color to any outfit! Perfect for casual, work, or dress wear. One size fits most, fits women’s shoe size 5-9. Package: 5 pairs (the color may random). Main material: cotton. Perfect for casual, work, or dress wear. ultimate comfort and durability. Makes a great gift idea for the sock lover or collector in your life! Perfect for birthdays, get-wells, stocking stuffers and more.

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